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Jan 4, 2013

Most of the time, we humans don't think of God as being with us- being around us, and surrounding us.  If we think of God at all, we think of Him as some Being that made man and earth, then forgot about us and went on to better things.     What we fail to see is that everything in Nature- including the sky, was made that way not only for a practical intent and purpose. but also with the intentions of teaching mankind about God.    His Creation is His classroom. 

We take the sky for granted,  It's usually blue, it provides air for us to breath, and space for us move- even to fly!   It is endless, ever reaching upwards into Infinity and higher levels of atmosphere.  Our grounded bodies would need special preperation   if we were to reach up that far.  Every inch of Earth is covered with sky.  The sky is always with us.

God made the sky to represent His Presence surrounding every living thing.  Like the sky, His presence is always with us. Just as the air and sky allow for total freedom of movement, we are given freedom to move- God does not force His will on us.  We can choose to soar up to Him as though we had wings like Eagles, if we so choose.   The sky also represents our own spirits-- that part of us that was intended by God to be in control of our souls and bodies and elevated above the soul and body.    God's Spirit connects with our spirits--which then has an effect, even on our souls and bodies.

God made the sky to teach us about Himself, His Spirit.    Air represents God's Spirit. The Native American people all realized this truth, and in their worship ceremonies for the Great Spirit, they have traditionally used wind instruments, like flutes that use air to make music. Like the Sky, God's Spirit surrounds us, is around us and covers us just as it covers all Earth.

We can breathe in the sky --and the oxygen would heal and cleanse our bodies.  The deeper we breathe, the more sky we receive within us, and the healthier our lungs, and entire body becomes. The deeper we receive God's Spirit within us, the more we experience what it is like to live on Earth as in Heaven.  When we laugh, we take in more air into our bodies.  In Heaven, I would not be surprised that there is much laughter-- as there is also much joy there.  As the sky is limitless, so to is God's Presence. We cannot hide from God- as His Presence is everywhere.


God also made air currents called "wind" that move  through the sky cleansing , energizing and purifying the Sky.  God's Spirit, if we permit,  can also purify, energize and cleanse our spirits Winds knock down, break re-form and recreate  the sand, earth and snow and all the elements it touches upon the Earth.     Wind represents God's Spirit moving upon the Earth.   The Earth represents mankind- as our very DNA was actually made FROM the Earth by God.   Like the Earth,  God's spirit molds and shapes us--re-creates and perfects us just as the wind shapes and molds the sand, earth and snow.

On the day of Pentecost-- 80 days after Jesus' ressurection from death by the Holy Spirit,  those who travelled to Jerusalem for that special feast day experienced first hand, the Holy Spirit for the first time.    The disciples were still in the upper room when all heard what sounded like a "Mighty Wind" move through the city where the religious pilgrims were.   Jesus's disciples came down from the upper room to see what was going on.  They also heard this "Wind".  This Mighty Wind was the Holy Spirit, and  that day, the disciples and 120 pilgrims permitted the Holy Spirit- to enter them .     His presence was no longer just around them- but also IN them as well, and thus began their journey of God's Spirit knocking down, sifting, chiseling, remolding and perfecting them  within- just as the wind does to the elements upon this planet.     They not only knew about God from that point on, but they now enjoyed an intimate relationship WITH God - Whose Spirit now dwelled within them.

This is the relationship God deigns for all mankind to enjoy- and the Creative process He would like to do within each one of us.    It is our choice, however, because just as the sky and air provides freedom of movement, God also provides freedom of choice.-- Choice to crawl on the Earth and remain in our man-made pits, or to soar like Eagles up into the Heavens.

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Posted: Friday January 4, 2013, 7:58 am
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