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Jan 6, 2013

Dear Elisa,  

I think in Brasov City the mayor wants to have no dogs in the street at any time. Outside the mayors stress because of elections, the European youth Olympic Festival, complains etc. - one reason after the other. And the worst is that I think that the dogcatchers arrange a certain kind of dog tourism. They catch in one place and release in another to have there then also the job. This I was told were often in the past. I am working in Brasov since 2006 and had close contact to the dogcatchers so I experienced myself a little their job and the way how the system works.

BMT works since 2006 with a local shelter in Brasov which retired in March 2012 from the community job and decided to continue only as private shelter. We have connections to private people helping dogs so in Predeal and close relations to the shelters in Sighisoara and Targu Mures. In the past 6 years we took over 3000 dogs to Germany for adoption but our main aim is to solve the problem in Romania. So we arranged castration campaigns but it is necessary that the dogs have the right to live after.

 Attached please find an interesting article of Codrut Feher. We have to fight this business then animal protection has a chance in Romania to succeed. Brasov is now the best chance to change things.

 Thank you for your help. The most videos on the homepage are done by Claudiu who is filming the situation in Stupin and also undercover the work of the dogcatchers. Don't hesitate to contact him for further questions.

Best wishes
Petra Zipp  -----------------------------

Betreff: R: Info about

Dear Petra,

 thank you so much for your kind reply! 

As I read, the situation is really complicated and I have a few questions, if you have time to reply me.  

How these two killing stations are involved in the European Youth Olympic Festival (if you think that it is connected)?

Do you think that independently from this event strays being killed before and after to clean up the streets?

My web translator does not work and I really cannot understand all the material on your website! I saw the videos but I cannot understand their description. By the way I am glad that now there is an organization that help the poor dogs of Brasov! 

Did you investigate on the situation in Brasov so you know all these detailed information? 

Kindest regards and thank you! Elisa Norelli   IRO - International Relation Office  OIPA International Campaigns Director

via Passerini 18 - 20162 Milano - Tel. +3902 6427882 Fax +3902 99980650   

Da: Petra Zipp: 

Dear Elisa,

 the situation is much worse because they do all behind the doors. We have two things. First of all the local so called shelter of Brasov Stupin, which was of course a killing station the years before (over 30.000 dogs were killed by the chief Flavius Barbulescu) since 2003. Flavius Barbulescu is accused in various cases because of cruelty to animals....  One process still ongoing from 2009 in Gheorgheny because of illegal and cruel catching and transporting.

Brasov Stupin was closed in November 2011 and reopened in March 2012 before the elections when the dogs in the street were again a point of discussion. The local private animal shelter which cared over 6 months for the dogs situation gave up officially to this job, so Barbulescu used this chance to start again the business. Brasov Stupin is an old pig stable where they put together 200 - 250 dogs which got no regular feeding (only some food Monday to Friday, nothing Saturday or Sunday), no medical treatment (there is a vet but doing nothing), at least no separation of size, sex and constitution of the dogs, no registering etc. - they are just crowded together in the hope that they starve and kill each other.

In the case of Brasov Stupin Claudiu Dumitriu and Codrut Feher from the organisation CombatereaAbuzurilor managed from end of November 2012 to force a regular feeding of the dogs every day - also by calling the police. Treatment situation could not be changed by now. Films can be seen on our homepage

The local council of Brasov now decided the 20th of december to create a commission to check the situation and hopefully close this place, dismiss Flavius Barbulescu - the most cruel person you can ever imagine in the uniform of a director - and create a normal humane shelter at a different place. I think pressure from outside to Brasov will be necessary because the mayor George Scripcaru hates dogs and protects Barbulescu. The former candidate for mayor Catalin Leonte who lost only with a few points is now in the local council and forced them to install this commission. He is a honest man wanting to help the dogs and spending the towns money not for cruelty but for a real good solution. There is enough money for a normal shelter in Brasov but until now there are no figures on the table.....  corruption....?? Catalin Leonte is working on this and checking the earnings of Barbulescu etc.... 

The second problem in this area is another pig stable arranged for dogs in Rasnov. The "dogkiller" Flavius Barbulescu created beside his job in Brasov a private organisation "Monitoring and animal protection !!!!!" with 10 smaller towns in the surrounding of Brasov and got from every town 25.000 Euros to take away the dogs. There is no monitoring, there is no animal protection - just catching and putting in the old stable in Rasnov - where for months have been always about 100 dogs. He has a vet in this association Filip Aillin who is also known as only dogkilling vet. We castrated some years before dogs in Rasnov which were healthy and only a few days after all killed by him. They have openly in their statutes that they will kill every dog until 3 months because not able to live without mother!!! The problem  in Rasnov is that you don't get numbers, of course they kill and put new dogs - but we have no facts. Until the 21st of December. This day there was an information about dissapearing dogs in a great number.

Claudiu Dumitriu and Codrut Feher urged the police to check the facility in Rasnov -  and there were only about 50 dogs left. Now it is up to the police and the prosecutor - but this takes time and time and time.

We have to stop this Flavius Barbulescu with his business. As long as the dogcatching is a profitable business we are not able to solve the situation of the dogs in Brasov and all Romania. Brasov at least has a regulation that owner dogs should be microchipped and registered but nobody really asks for this. This would be the first concrete step, then to urge people to castrate and to install a normal shelter according to the animal protection law in Romania.

 Just some number froms Brasov Stupin:

From 12.3  until  17.7.2012   they caught  387 dogs

back to owner   21      to the local shelter   71       killed or dead     113                               per 17.7.2012                             182  dogs                        now about 225 dogs    but no register - so for sure new dogs in and old dead  - this is the method 

 This is so fare the information. We would appreciate any help from outside to stop this profitable dog catching business with Flavius Barbulescu and to get the possibility for good solutions in Brasov and area.

You find in cc Claudiu and Codrut - the two main persons who keep the pressure. You can ask them more questions - please address first Claudiu because of language. Codrut is the expert in the Romanian law.

They are a very good team in this job and persons who are independent and honest. 

Best wishes
Petra Zipp
bmt-president  (you find here some films about the Stupin situation now and before)

Gesendet: Mittwoch, 02. Januar 2013 um 17:39 Uhr
Von: "OIPA International" <>
An:    betreff: Info about

Dear Petra of BMT,    

I am Elisa Norelli, International Campaigns Director of the UN affiliated OIPA (International Organization of Animal Protection) based in Italy but linked with about 200 member leagues in all world to share information and cooperate for the protection and the defense of animal rights all over the world.

 I am writing you because I would like to ask you more information regarding stray dogs in Brasov. Do you think that there will be a mass killing of strays to clean up the streets because of the European Youth Olympic Festival.  

Last year, OIPA followed the Ukrainian situation, where there was a massacre of strays because of EURO 2012 championship. We launched a big campaign, collecting funds for local animal organizations and speaking with politicians to ask real measures:

 I think we could make pressure on the authorities  to be animals friendly. For doing that, I need more information from local organizations and photo/video material of these killings.     Do you know something more? Who is involved?  Thank you so much for your kind cooperation.

 Elisa Norelli   IRO - International Relation Office   OIPA International Campaigns Director

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Posted: Sunday January 6, 2013, 6:10 am
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