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Jan 10, 2013


Something happens here, this perpetual—the Earth.  Call it God-seeds, seeds of light, the miracle of life; call it love or call it magic.  It fills our veins, yet teems beyond us.

The squid, the jellyfish, the sea lion, the orca, the elegant ray, the humpback whale; dove, raven, hummingbird, robin, the heron, eagle and the jay; butterfly, dragonfly, fire ant and bee; the wolf, the fox, white tiger, black panther, tree toad, desert tortoise, the panda and the polar bear.  Then there is us.  Human.  Question mark.

The unanswered asking that snakes through everything; screams terror, dreams in ecstasy.  The ones who boast of speaking with God—God interpreters—who cast thick shadows of destruction and amplified death.  Listen now.                            

Say with me: Roundness all around.  This perpetual—the Earth.  Scurrying in the grass, humming on the wind, whispering melodies along motive water; sun on the colors of flowers, the carnival benign of pollen down flanks of praying mountains, out over meadows, into the humility of valleys.  The swish of frogs and fishes among rushes, rattling reeds.

The reverent are amazed and will forego explanation.  Goodness is to abide.  Thanks, an antidote to violence, gladly given.  Wisdom is to be still at certain intervals along this pilgrimage and observe with godlike laughter gutting, though yet demure.  Look now.  Listen.

Say with me: Behold the interplay intimate of angels and trees!

Prophet, what will you tell your lover when asked to recite the psalms of creation?  And as you were held tenderly in dreamtime of childhood, how do you forget the children of the Earth?

from LIFE IN THE AGE OF EXTINCTIONS, Volume One, available as a free ebook download from OVI: . Please download a copy and pay the link forward.

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Posted: Thursday January 10, 2013, 11:45 am
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Crown Hill, WA, USA
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