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Jan 15, 2013

Have you ever been looking for guidance and said to God, "Please just give me a sign if it's right?"  I think probably most of us have.  It's human nature to look for direction.  I'd even venture to say that it's within the nature of all creatures to look for signs as to the right way to go, just as surely as a fox looks for signs as to which way to follow the rabbit.  (Lucky for the rabbit, he zig-zags!)

But the fox is sly, and we must be, too.  For life often zig-zags this way and that as the rabbit does.  If we are to obtain our objectives we must quickly recognize and follow the signs.

What kinds of signs does God give?  Well, first off, the answers to all the questions are already inside of us.  The wisdom of the ages is buried in us!  Our body knows itself perfectly, and deep in our heart we know our own mind.  In fact, we can access the collective consciousness of the whole world with our mind.  We can consciously connect to the Mind of God through meditation and prayer.

Signs are everywhere.  The Truth is anxious to be discovered!  We can access this Truth in many ways.  Through direct observation, such as looking at symptoms and making proper associations between cause and effect.  We can look to the effects that behaviors in question will have on ourselves or others...stretching our mind out to the whole world.  Will anyone be negatively effected at all?  If so, then this is our sign that there is a better answer for us.

We can tap into the intelligence of our inner-consciousness through meditation, as stated.  We can go to that place within which Jesus described as the kingdom of God.  If we ask, and then listen, we will hear the answers we seek.  The more we practice sitting the presence of God through meditation, the more able we will be able to recognize this Still Small Voice for Good.  This Voice is there for us in the Silence, and it is also there for us during the busy times of the day.  All we have to do is to learn to tune in...and then do it.  To try this out, ask a question, and then see if an answer immediately comes to your mind.  Test it out.  See if it's a good answer.  Is it for the Good of all concerned?  Chances are this is the answer for you.  Learn to Trust the Wisdom within.

Another way that the Truth can be revealed to us through signs is through dreams.  Dreams are often God's way of speaking to us.  We recognize symbols in our ancient mind.  Man has been communicating through symbols since long before any language we use today.  Symbols are universal in nature, and everyone understands deep down what they mean.  That's the language of dreams.

Our subconscious mind knows how to interpret the symbols given to us in dreams.  Sometimes dreams are just spinning of the excess energy left from the day, but the deeper into stages of sleep that we go, the deeper the meaning of dreams.

People look to dreams to tell of the future, and sometimes that works, but mostly what dreams do is tell us about today, and what's going on inside of us.  When there are characters in the dream, they may or may not have anything to do with the person they are portraying, but always they will represent a part of ourselves.  The dream is about us and everyone in it is us, no matter how they appear.  This is the first thing to consider when interpreting your dreams.

It's easier to understand your own dreams if you start writing them down.  Keep a pen and paper by the bed and jot them down first thing upon awakening.  The longer you wait, the less clear they usually become.  Write down all the details you can remember, and if you only remember a few, that's okay.  Even if you only write down an impression, or how you felt when you woke up.  Over time you will start remembering more of your dreams if you begin with this simple practice right here.

Most importantly, pray before you go to sleep.  Set the intention to remember your dream and give thanks for God's guidance through dreams.  Give thanks for protection, as well, and surround yourself in God's Light.

Some dreams can be very obvious in meaning, others can be a bit tricky.  Your inner mind knows what they mean.  You just have to learn to connect.

Cards are read in much the same way.  Some people are afraid to use cards, thinking they have evil power or are governed by an evil force.  I don't believe in any Power other than God.  That means I believe in the Power of Good, not the power of any evil when using the cards, or looking for signs in any other way, such as through reading the stars or the lines on someone's hands or their face.  I am turning to the Power of God...of Good...of Love...for the answers.  How can that be anything other than good?  Now if someone had evil intentions, that would be different.  But that has nothing to do with the cards, and my intentions are set to good.  Set your intentions and you'll always be fine.  Cards are not dangerous things!   I believe in the Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence of God...of Goodness...of Love.

So in reading the cards, be they tarot or angel or whatever type, again, your mind knows what symbols mean.  It is your own inner guidance...your connection to the All-Knowing Universal Source of All Wisdom and Power (aka God)...which directs which way the cards fall.  (It's an energy thing.)  If you don't believe, it won't work.  If you're not looking for signs, you won't see them.  But take another look at how the cards fall, and you'll see there is meaning in them for you.  Only for you.  They're your cards.  They can be used to see where your energy is blocked, and whether you need to lighten up or forge more strongly ahead, for instance.  You can gain much insight through them.  Again, remember, these are but a tool.  A kind of game to play with God to help you see more of the Truth.

I-Ching is another game people have been playing for years to tap into answers.  When I say years, I mean thousands of years.  People have always been looking for signs!  Astrology is probably the oldest method of looking for signs.  Consider the following:
"And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years." (Genesis 1:14)
So, as you can see, people have been indeed looking for signs since the beginning of time!

Another way I like to use is to ask for guidance and then open a book at random and, without looking to see where my finger falls, point to a passage and then read what it says.  I've had some very profound results.  Once, when my back was in terrible pain, I did this (not even using a book on health!) and the passage actually said that if you are experience pain in your lower back you are most likely relying too much on your own strength!  I used this information as a reminder to rely more on God's strength than on merely my own.  This was of great help, and I believe that this was an answer to the prayer in my heart at that moment in time.

One time I played the "book game" with God, and the results were even more dramatic than that.  It was at a time when I was very concerned about something going on with my health.  I had received very serious news from the doctor regarding a test, and I was very afraid I was going to die.  My children's father had just recently died, and I didn't want to leave them with no parent at all. 

I was in a hotel room at the time, crying my eyes out, and I reached for the Gideon's Bible.  The passage I turned to read,  "Fear not.  Peace be with you.  Ye shall not die."  WOW!  What a wonderful sign that was to receive!  To top it off, it was God speaking to Gideon...I figure that was an underscore meaning that yes, God was talking to me with the Gideon's Bible! 

I worried no more about dying after reading that, and the condition miraculously disappeared, to the doctor's amazement!  To my amazement, as well, but not to my surprise.  I used my faith to lift my spirits and I put faith into action by using the proper God-given herbs to clear my body.  It worked as it always will when you take appropriate action with faith.

So however you ask God a question, the answer will come to you.  If you look to nature, that's good.  You don't have to carry cards, books, or anything else around to get answers that way!  Even better is just look directly within.  God is there.  In you, in me, in everyone.  Knock and the door shall be opened to you.  Take time in silence to learn how to listen, and then act on the guidance you get! 
"Be still and know I am God."  (Psalm 46:10)
Have a wonderful week!
"Vibraceous, ND"

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Posted: Tuesday January 15, 2013, 6:08 am
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