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Jan 16, 2013

We The People believe you should work on an Amendment which should solve all the issues regard voting at one time. Just imagine if Amendments 15, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 were all in one amendment.


rev. 9/12/12 EQUAL ACCESS AMENDMENT (The Right to Vote)


Whereas we the people are created equal, and

whereas we the people are endowed with certain inalienable rights, and

whereas we the people instituted a government to secure these rights, and

whereas we the people lay the foundation on such principles, and organize its power in such form, as to us shall seem most likely to effect the above objective, do require the following amendment to the constitution.



SECTION 1. Right To Vote:

All citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, shall have the right to vote in any public election held in the jurisdiction in which the citizen resides. The right to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States, any State, or any other public or private person or entity.


SECTION 2. Right to Vote (prior conditions):

The right of adult citizens of the United States to vote and to participate in elections on an equal basis shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State on account of political-party affiliation or condition of incarceration.


SECTION 3. Washington DC:

The District constituting the seat of Government of the United States shall elect Senators and Representatives in the Congress in such number and such manner as it would be entitled if it were a State.


SECTION 4. Representation:

The representatives shall be increased 100%. The first seating of these new representatives will be all women. Thereafter Congress shall vote on every census whether more representatives are needed. (reading material


SECTION 5. The Board of Elections:

It shall be established as the agency of all election activity. It shall establish National and State regulations narrowly tailored to produce efficient and honest elections. Representation from every party registered with the United States shall be represented in the Board wherever possible. The B.O.E. shall reconsider such election performance standards at least once every year to determine if higher standards should be established to reflect improvements in methods and practices regarding the administration of elections.

The NATIONAL requirements will be as follows:

a) It shall provide information on all election laws, and bills up for vote; the explanations of offices and their duties, and inform the public when elections are taking place.

b) It shall provide classes on civics and the constitution, and provide meeting rooms for political parties.

c) It shall arbitrate all disputes and have the authority to settle disputes except for areas of illegality and unconstitutionality.

d) It shall determine rules for disputes, which are to be uniform throughout the states.

e) It shall survey the public for questions to ask during the debates.

f) It shall determine the amount and location of the debates and invite the media to attend.

g) It shall confirm all candidates for access to the debates. All candidates that meet the qualifications and deadlines WILL attend the debates.

h) It shall be responsible for all advertising for the candidates.  

i) It shall post equal sized voting records for all candidates in print media.

j) It shall provide voting records to all citizens on all candidates, by mail.

k) It shall ensure that all citizens in all states have equal hours at the polling place.

l) Federal property shall be made available for campaign meetings/conventions

m) The votes shall be counted by hand.

n) It shall ensure that all election activity will be televised on C-Span/National Public Radio and Live Stream


No advertising for campaigns on television or radio, because it can not be distributed equally. Candidates may soapbox on any street corner.


Congress shall provide funds to accomplish this task.




 SECTION 6. Campaign Financing:

The Elected Bodies of the United States are public office. They are not for Private gain. Neither bribery nor the appearance of bribery will be tolerated. Private money may not be used for public elections. No profit or favors shall be made by a candidate in the activity of elections. No profit or favor shall be made by an elected official in conducting their elected duties. No profit or favor shall be received by an elected official while conducting their duties.

Corporate and other private entities shall be prohibited from making contributions or expenditures in any election of any candidate for public office or the vote upon any ballot measure submitted to the people.




Congress will allocate funds to the Board of Election, to disperse candidate information to the public. Public locations will be provided by the taxpayer for large meetings and conventioneering. The Board of Elections will post billboard advertisements for all candidates equally. The Board of Elections will purchase newspaper space for all candidates equally. The Board of Elections will mail copies of an informational brochure to every citizen. There will be no "air" time of the candidates except the debates because it can not be divided equally. All advertising for candidates shall be in print. The debates will be aired on PUBLIC television/radio/Live stream.T

No profit or favors shall be made by a candidate in the activity of elections


The Board of Elections shall consist of members from every political party.


SECTION 7. Ballot Access:

All citizens of the United States, residing in all states, shall have equal access, (the same requirements), to creating a political party and achieving a ballot line. The Board of Elections shall accept applications for political party status requiring only proof of actual conduct as a political party.  These proofs shall be:

a) Party Platform

b) 12 meetings per year

c) 12 agendas

d) 12 minutes

e) 12 attendance sheets  


These proofs may be from anywhere within the state. Each state must achieve it's party's own ballot line.


The Board of Elections will institute a national deadline for parties to secure a ballot line. The Board of Elections will institute a national deadline for parties to chose their candidates. Non party candidates shall have the same deadline to become a write in candidate. The deadlines shall be the same for every state.




SECTION 8. Ballot Access/non party:

Citizens wishing to run without a  party affiliation, must register at the B.O.E. in each state in which they wish to run. After meeting candidacy requirements. They must use a petition to collect 500 signatures from other citizens. Then they must convince people to write in their names on election day. Spelling errors will be attributed to the candidate, as long as two candidates with the same name are not present. In such cases, a symbol shall be given to each candidate to further identify them.


SECTION 9. Debates:

a) The Board of Elections will schedule a number of debates (perhaps 12) for all persons who have achieved status by the deadline and all citizens who have registered without a party.

b) Location of the debates will be determined by the B.O.E.  Only media personnel will be in attendance of the debates.

c) Any media may attend. 

d) Citizens will not be allowed to attend the debates.

e) Public Television, Public Radio, and Public Internet will air the debates.

f) Each candidate must be given equal time to be used as they see fit.




SECTION 10. Instant Runoff Voting:


Each State shall conduct general elections for Federal using an instant runoff voting system, and shall ensure that the voting equipment and technology used to conduct the elections is compatible with such a system. 


The term `instant runoff voting system' means a system for the election of candidates under which-- 


(A) runoff counts of candidates are conducted in rounds; 

( voters may rank candidates on the ballot according to the order of preference; 

(C) if in any round no candidate receives a majority of the votes cast, the candidate with the fewest number of votes is eliminated and the remaining candidates advance to the next round; 

(D) in each round, a voter shall be considered to have cast one vote for the candidate the voter ranked highest on the ballot who has not been eliminated; and 

(E) the runoff counts are carried out automatically at the time the votes are cast and tabulated. 


SECTION 11. Verifiable Votes:

All ballots are to be counted by hand. The counting will be observed. Efforts to air as many locations as possible will be made.


SECTION 12.   National Popular Vote

The candidate who receives the most votes in all 50 states, but only if states with a combined total of 270 electoral votes join the agreement. Just as in every other election, every citizen’s vote would count then equally. The election will be counted by individual votes. Using IRV the candidate with the most votes after all rounds will be President.


SECTION 13. Gerrymandering:

A non-partisan committee shall be created to draw the district lines. independent redistricting commissions will be created to draw legislative district lines.


SECTION 14. Media:

News must reflect all points of view on an issue. Journalists will be protected under the whistle blower statutes.


SECTION 15. Protesting:

Citizen's will be provided an area proportional to the area of the establishment by 1/8th and beginning 25 feet from the entrance, for controversial expression.


SECTION 16. Bills:

All legislative bills shall be single issue.  Citizen's have the right to expect a "speedy trial" for their laws. To do this bills shall be addressed in the numerical order as presented. Bills shall not be set aside on a partisan basis.  Bills will not wait to be addressed until the party in power supports it enough to bring it out to committee. Bills may be set aside ONLY for more information and for a specified period of time not exceed one week without a vote on the circumstances.


SECTION 17. Initiatives and Referendums:  

Citizens may add a proposition or referendum to the national elections to amend the constitution. Citizens must collect signatures from ten percent of the population that voted in the previous national election in their state. This petition must be accepted by a congressional representative, who must submit the petition to congress to vote on whether to put the request for an amendment on the next national ballot.


  SECTION 18. Voter ID:

Citizens will show a valid state identification when voting. One month in each year, not less than 180 days to an election, vital statistic documents will be free to the citizen


SECTION 19. Election day shall be a National Holiday


SECTION 20. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation and funding.


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Posted: Wednesday January 16, 2013, 7:40 am

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