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Jan 17, 2013

Senior shirt identification

Then, the net is no longer trendy clothing <a href="">custom suits</a> , this type of hassle-free and brief, the value is cost-effective shopping encounter by a lot of customers. Primarily the standardization level of relatively higher men's shirts, let a group of e-commerce clothes brand swiftly develop up and PPG, VANCL, BONO, MasaMaso, HANY - explained his shirt, you listen to who?

Senior shirt will depend on fabric

Firstly, cotton fabric is made of cotton textile and turn into, so a large extent, the stand or fall of cotton determines the stand or fall of fabrics.


At present the cotton is divided into coarse wool cotton, staple cotton (also known as sea island cotton), upland cotton, and so on., excellent two cotton fabrics, must be use staple cotton textile and become. And staple Cotton in Egypt staple Cotton (Egyptian Cotton) plus the U.s. Pima Cotton (Pima Cotton) inner ideal excellent.

Egyptian long-staple cotton fiber diameter ratio silk also fine 25%, right after the yarn created practically no cotton knot, fiber power is large, the fiber tidy uniform, a particular mercerized effect, thus the Egyptian long-staple cotton fabrics created of silk and feel specific, the burnish like feeling and good quality sense, garment repeated washing will even now continue to keep vibrant grey, and Egyptian long-staple cotton pure manual choosing, natural pollution-free, cost nature would be the most high priced in the globe.

Say once more the Pima cotton, it is very pinter staple cotton (EL referred to, to the American southwest Pima Indian planting and handpick cotton tradition of naming. Pima cotton toughness is incredibly powerful, robust than the average 45% cotton, cotton dyeing and finishing ability, material color and luster is vibrant and shining, excellent of a material is purely natural soft, really feel smooth suspension, and only 3% on the world's complete output, could be the ideal of cotton.

The global brand of a gleam of all make use of the above two very valuable cotton as raw materials. And network sales brand use these treasured cotton or unusual. The so-called "a penny a factors goods", 68 yuan, 99 yuan no matter how to buy high-priced staple cotton fabrics, expense and reduced marketing and advertising also hard to do.

Additionally, have to mention is Oxford spinning fabrics, it's comfortable, hygroscopic quick dry positive aspects. But at present domestic multi level marketing Oxford spinning shirt, and yarn fabrics is offered priority to, uncomplicated sense is shown somewhat rough, truly feel like cowboy cloth, manufacturing cost is relatively very low, plus the upper class existence fashion and you can find still a particular gap concerning the mainstream small business concepts. So some businessmen propaganda "royal Oxford spinning" idea remains to get talked about.


Recognize senior shirt operate

A shirt is very good or terrible, moreover to your fabric, but additionally from the particulars and top quality judgment. Shirt workmanship, products, and so forth, it's decided to a shirt stand or fall with the important factors.

The very first get the job done, suture density not simply represent the procedure degree, also represents the level of fabrics. From British coats line, fastness is higher, high elasticity, and advanced fabrics with bring out the most beneficial in one another. It is actually reported MasaMaso brand shirt all adopt this kind of sewing thread, sewing stitch following smooth and lovely, won't wrinkle. Additionally, at present the worldwide high-end suture needle distance for every 3 cm and needle, that is also the European high-grade shirt mark of process.

For the keyhole thread processing, senior shirt will even invest a great deal of time to deal with. Sewing line to tidy, company, smooth; Up and down the line elastic is proper, no select line, break off, landing needle location is due back stitch, and so forth, these details should be over the lookout for.

Senior shirt are outfitted with removable collar point brace (plug of bamboo), collar stage support part should be to maintain collar form straight, and simultaneously, take out the quick, practical cleansing and maintenance, this is the sign of high-grade shirt. High-grade shirt are outfitted with two pairs of hardness diverse collar stage support, the comfort of our customers in various occasions in use.

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Posted: Thursday January 17, 2013, 10:32 pm
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