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Jan 19, 2013

Create a foundation; give it a fancy name and people in naïve idealism; tribal mentality and desire to belong [hip and cool baby] will flock to it. It's what the Ford Foundation and every other foundation built by the likes of the Rockefellers et al count on. It's all a game wherein the lobbyists keep them rich; and these Luciferians acquire wealth and power. Everyone in the top ten percentile wins and the suffering and destitution of the common person is multiplied and magnified. Ask those activists from the sixties who sought to bring about change in the inner cities as to how the people at the top played them; kept them in poverty while reaping enormouse profits. Yes, the Obamas and many of their friends were involved in this and so were Republicans. The Control plays both sides of the partisan fence. To them we are nothing more than expendable assets.

It's very ugly people playing a sick game with other very ugly people and they think they are the chosen. Now that is not to say that there aren't a lot of good people working in the Foundations, in politics, other organizations or at the UN for that matter. Unfortunately for them they have to work and live in this corrupt environment which will bleed the life force out of them. Conform or else! Play the game by our rules if you want to succeed. Pere Rothschild said that he cared not who made a country's laws and decrees as long as he controlled the purse strings. He and his progeny have certainly turned grand larceny into high art.

Why else do we live in a world where covetousness that is the origin of every negative emotion and action is glorified? Why else is materialism; violence and every other perversion glorified on a daily basis? The message is the medium said Marshall McLuhan but what message are we sending our progeny and to those around the world? Ask yourself; "Who controls the media"? The same people behind the Foundations and other organizations do. The media glorifies the liberal proclivities of its stars and encourages it among our youth. A Jesuit once said give me the child and I will show you the man. The media is controlled by those behind the organizations to inculcate control of our youth and us if we let them.

I don't want to live in a theocracy either. The teachings gleaned from texts such as Proverbs and Ecclesiastes or Buddhism or other religions don't necessarily require a literal god. They are to teach us that if we desire to be divine in the sense of spiritual development, then we must refocus our priorities and behaviors. Superficially the people behind the foundations portray themselves as championing man. Nothing could be further from the truth. Their desire is to curtail man; to enslave and bind him/her in ignorance and servitude to a small percentile group comprised of 220 elite familes. The system is the same as it was in days of yore. It's just the faces of those who desire to practice the divine right of kings that have changed. We have to live in this world system created by those behind the Foundations and to whom the lobbyists curry favor. The descent of man is preferred by those behind the system and not the ascent - sort of negative trigonometry if you will.

Our essential needs are not met due to over industrialization; excessive world population; redistribution of others resources into and under the control of the few, IMF = Globalization = Mega Corps.; manufactured and sustained conflicts involving the world in perpetual undefined conflict. This is bad stewardship. This is Hegelian thesis, antithesis and synthesis, the parameters of which are defined by people such as Rockefeller, Kissinger et al. who see themselves as the privileged few and some of them actually claim descent from the "gods". Now that's an ego trip to use a sixties expression; bordering on megalomania.

This is exactly what Maslow had in mind when he documented this in his Hierarchy of Needs which for most people are barely being met if at all in today's world. Monkey see, monkey do; meaning that the covetous desires of the needy if given the chance will by any means acquire the necessary materialistic items to emulate those in the media; or sitting on large estates or in positions of power for example - by any and all means necessary; in order for primary survival; then to acquire the material means necessary to be accepted at the top while perpetuating the vicious cycle as they lord it over those below them. This is human nature at its all too common frequency. Our civilizations have become entropic. I will not tell you smooth things.

All conflicts and wars are economic in nature. Who has what; who wants it badly enough and who is willing to acquire the material possession by any means necessary. This has been human nature for at least the last 6,000+ years. It was certainly the root cause behind such actions as the Peloponnesian Wars and many others. "God" may not play dice with the universe; but we certainly love to think we do. The foundations; the politicians and the lobbyists certainly do. Let's not excuse our religious leaders either. Our history is full of many tribal conflicts with humans behaving as our common anscestors the chimp and bonobos do; often in the guise of this religious or that political mask. The real source of conflict is always covetousness.

Those behind such organizations such as the various foundations have created a world in which the needs of 2/3s of the global population are barely getting by. They certainly created an indentured servant class through globalization; ruined countries; pillaged resources; practiced environmental genocide and a host of other practices that keep us enslaved. Globalization has morphed into its bastard frankenchild - Corporatism.

These foundations may talk a good fight but action is only taken if and only when it suits their needs. If they had followed people like Tesla and Dr. Ride back in 1932 the world we inhabit would certainly be a different place today and so would our place in the universe. We most certainly wouldn't be on the brink of global collapse. Then again perhaps that is the design of those behind the Foundations and the system. Maybe they do want a one world government ruling over ten reorganized economic sectors. The idea in principle is a good one but being manipulated and run by these corrupt individuals will profit only the upper ten percentile leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves. The UN itself declared in 2002 that it was a desired goal to achieve 85-90% population reduction globally by 2025 or earlier. Bill Gates recently publicly suported that very idea. The Gates Foundation that is so touted by the media darlings is rather suspect wouldn't you think?
That would result in a controlled servile class at the beck and call and draconian discretion of the few. We will have gone from a democracy to a plutocracy to an autocracy within two hundred + years. The UN was created just as the IMF and the World Bank were, by American interests - specifically the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. In fact the land the UN sits on in New York is owned by the Rockefellers. America's current POTUS's mother worked for the Ford Foundation which is affiliated with the Trilateral Commission. Do you see how it all interconnects?

Blake's decree of the road to enlightenment being achieved through excess for many has lead to a life of despair; sadness and destruction. Very few make it and for many who do they have sold their soul to the highest bidder in doing so. Perhaps Y'shua summed it up best when he allegedly said, "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but forfeits his soul? Look at where we are today as a civilization. If you are honest with yourself you have to admit that the daily news is extremely troubling.
Take a good look at the eyes of those of our leaders at the top and those who aspire to it. What do you see when you look closely? I see emptiness; shock; disbelief and pain - dead eyes.  A poet once said, "Heavy is the head that wears the crown." I think he was right but the folks like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds still think it's a game. They want everyone to buy into their game. I wouldn't want to be either one of them with their karmic debt.

To many physicists this world is an illusion just as it was to the Buddha. If so it is our belief; practice and participation in it that sustains it. Our real nature is sold for a handful of nothing in the end which someone else ends up spending and perpetuating the lie. One certainly needs a certain amount of material things to sustain our journey here and to have a little enjoyment after a hard effort; but it is the excesses of the few perpetuated and glorified by media and by our adulation and covetousness of them that creates the illusion of Mammon being the desired goal. The one with the most toys doesn't win.
Of course then there's Crowley's admission of Do What Thou Wilt which should come with the proviso that if you get caught, you're on your own. Many types of organizations practice this. By whatever means we the people choose the people at the top are served. This is what the Foundations count on. The Foundations and the Lobbyists are part and parcel of the process or system if you will. We the people need to change the course of direction mankind is headed in. It begins with each of us taking that first step and then another and yes we will make mistakes but we will learn by them and grow.

I will give you an example. Say it is discovered that a product isn't good for you. For years you have used this product and the manufacturer and the people behind the manufacturer have reaped enormous profits. That's called business. Let's be clear; true capitalism is not Corporatism as we see it today. There is a big difference but they are not about to slay the golden goose; at least not until public opinion and action dictates that they must. Politicians may drag their feet introducing legislation to correct this but you the public can by taking a simple action.
You start by refusing to buy the product. No sales = no profit = no market sustainabilty. Refuse to buy and they will correct the problem. Your purchasing power in this case has become a powerful, decisive weapon. This can be used to change the system too.

I wonder what would happen if 300 million Americans joined together and said they were not paying any more taxes? What would happen if 300 million Americans demanded the return of Glass-Steagall; the repeal and closure of tax laws such as those in Delaware employed by the foundations; investment bankers; politicians in order to pay little or no taxes? What would happen if 300 million Americans demanded the curtailment and subsumation of the Fed into the US Treasury and stopped paying the 17% issuance tax to foreign controllers on every dollar issued? Do you think the Foundations and their system controllers would sit up and take notice? What would happen if 300 million Americans demanded the redefinement of the capital gains structure wherein all income after deductions is taxed at a set rate per applicable tax bracket? What would happen if 300 million Americans demanded accountability; transparency from politicians and the cessation of influence peddling by foundations; foreign governments and lobby groups? It would be an earthquake of mega proportions that would reverberate around the world - as goes America so goes the rest of the world including China.

 Instead of waiting for an avatar who our religious leaders tell us will descend; defeat the hordes of non-believers and make the world a paradise again; ushering in a utopia that never existed in the first place - We The People need to take responsbility for our actions. We have a responsibility to ourselves; to each other and to the planet as well to invoke and evoke good stewardship and responsible personal behavior. There are things in the religious texts that can be used to achieve a healthy, moral and ethical standard for every day living and behavior but not at the expense of putting our necks under some mythical god's foot or yoke.
The problem is ours and the solution must come from and through our dedicated struggle to save ourselves and our world. What stands in our way is a corrupt political; religious and financial system.
Obama may have been portrayed as the new messiah; Kennedy may have been portrayed as King Arthur in Camelot but politicians are after all just people who are corruptible and influenced by popular opinion; controlled by those behind the six mega Multi Corporations and their global subsidiaries such as the Foundations. Yes they may do good works and are publicly rewarded for their efforts. Thus, they have their reward.
Ronald McDonald House may be a good charity but what if Ray Kroc, an admitted satanist hadn't given us the modern version of McDonald's, the premier purveyor of fast food poisons that in my opinion are the cause of many illnesses today or at least a major contributor? Would there be any need of a Ronald Mcdonald House? How about the abolition of all factory farmed food and GMOs?
Here again it goes back to Hegel's thesis, antithesis and synthesis or what I call divisionism. You create the problem; you find a solution to the created problem; you support both the problem and the solution and reap enormous benefits. Most of the world's problems are engineered on this paradigm and most of the organizations and Foundations practice it whether they be religious; political or financial.

All religious, political and other systems have been co-opted and corrupted by the process. Most organizations and foundations are no different. Of course real change will only come when human nature finally evolves and the needs of the "All" instead of the "One" are served. Let's begin the sequence for positive, proactive change instead of depending on foundations and other parts of a corrupt system to care for us.

The photograph is by Marc Frederickson  

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Posted: Saturday January 19, 2013, 8:46 am
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