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Jan 19, 2013

Honesty, Unselfishness, Purity, Love. 

These are the four absolutes as originally labeled as such by a religious group called the Oxford Group in the early 20th century, and then adopted on in the early years of Alcoholics Anonymous as part of their practice.  Many old-timers in the program, particularly in Akron, Ohio, where the organization was formed, have passed the message of the four absolutes on, although they are not so much an "official" part of the program today.  In the beginning they were said to be the basis for all, even before the 12 Steps, which are said to come out of them.

As most people realize, AA is a program which is extremely successful in helping people overcome their problems with drinking.  In fact, AA is more successful in this regard than any other organized effort to date.  I have a great deal of respect for their teachings.  In fact, I owe them my very life.  What many may or may not realize, however, is that AA teaches principles which are good for the recovery of all individuals who are locked into suffering of any kind.

So let's take a look at the four absolutes.  They are said to have been originally formulated by the Oxford Group as a summation of what Jesus taught.  Honesty, Unselfishness, Purity, Love.  Living in accordance with these four absolutes, we can conquer anything in our whole life!

At first these were called, "standards", but later the term was changed to "absolutes".  Yes they are standards, but the absolute adherence to these standards is what will bring absolute health.  These are imperative in any type of recovery program.  I am using the word, "recovery," to signify bringing our life...our body, mind and spirit...back into balance...the point where health is.  In the case of alcoholism, they are extremely imperative, because recovery from alcoholism requires total abstinence.  Half-measures are of no avail.  For most people, though, their life is not so much on the line, and so the absolute standards by which they seek to live have become watered down.  But don't we want absolute health?

Honesty.   Be totally honest!  With yourself as well as with others.  Don't let partial honesty be your standard of living, if you are looking for more than partial results.  Honesty will reward itself always.  If you aren't honest with yourself, you can't change.  If you aren't honest with others, then how can you really love or allow yourself to be loved?

Honesty requires constant vigilance.  We all think we are honest, but spend a day in your mind and see if you really are.  Look for little deceptions you tell yourself, such as, "I am anything less than perfect in my design," because you are perfect in how you are made!  Hmmm...never thought of honesty that way, I bet!  But rigorous honesty means looking the Truth (with a Capital "T") in the face! 

And yes, honesty requires being honest with yourself about your role in your condition.  Stop being a victim in your own mind.  Take responsibility for your own situation in life.  Freedom comes with this, for with taking responsibility, that gives you the opportunity for change.  The TRUTH is that ONLY you can change your health!  Healing comes from within!  Along with Honesty comes Open-Mindedness and Willingness.  This is the HOW part of how to apply the principle of honesty for success in your life.  You have to be open-minded to the truth and you have to be willing to apply the Truth to your life.  Simply knowing the Truth is not enough, it must be expressed.

Dishonesty creates a separation between you and God, or the Source of your Good, in your mind.  Dishonesty is an indication that you think you have to fix the game yourself, instead of relying on the divine natural order of Good in the Universe.  Dishonesty arises from fear.  Fear is always contrary to Truth, Love and Faith.

Be honest with yourself and with others and you will become who you were created to be!

So long as your motives are truly UNSELFISH, which brings us to the next absolute.

Unselfishness means to get out of yourself.  The world doesn't revolve around just only you!  We are all in this together, and there is plenty enough to go around.  We need to stop being afraid to share.  This, too, is contrary to Love and Faith, and it is counter-productive to us.

Unselfishness means to love others as we love ourselves.  It is only with the idea of separation that trouble with our brother begins.  And the Truth is that whatsoever we do to our brothers, we do to ourselves.  We are all connected.  We are all part of the same Universe.  We are all breathing the same air, drinking the same water, using the resources of the same earth.  We can't have peace overseas if we can't have it in our own hearts, and we can't have peace in our heart if there is war overseas.  Can we?  Really?  No, because it affects is all in one way or another when there is violence of any kind.

Unselfishness means giving our time.  Unselfishness means giving our attention to others.  Unselfishness means sharing our resources, our knowledge, our love.  Unselfishness means putting others on an equal level with us.  Unselfishness applies to sharing with the whole world...the people, the animals, the environment itself.  Unselfishness means giving.  We must give in order that we may receive.

Think about breathing.  We breathe in AND out.  If we don't breathe out, we will die as surely as if we do not breathe in.

Think about the way the blood circulates through the heart.  Blood flows in, and it flows out.  If it didn't flow out, our heart would surely burst!  It is the same way with the outflow of love.  Unselfishness is the expression of Love.

Purity.  All of these absolutes are related to one another.  Purity is the word we use to describe absolute adherence to the other three absolutes!  Purity of intention.  Purity of effort.  Purity means not to dilute the Truth, the Love, or the acts of Unselfishness with impure motives or feigned attempts.  Purity means to be true to oneself, and to the standards we set.  Purity means not to cheat.  Purity is represented by the color white, upon which stains easily show.

And, of course, there is Love.  God is Love, and Love is supreme over all!  Be honest in love.  Be unselfish and pure.  Love yourself as your neighbor, and Love God with all your heart.  To love God IS to Love Love!  LOVE LOVE!!!  Love love, live love, BE love!  Love is all that you need!  Love is all that you are.

So in relation to health, be honest about your role in your health.  Don't blame the weather, the season, what's going around.  Don't blame the doctor, the insurance company, or genetics for where you are at.  This is not to say that you should blame yourself, for blame never solved anything.  But it is to say to take responsibility for your own health.  Be honest with yourself about the impact you have, and what you can and can't do to improve the condition you are currently in.  We all can improve with effort when properly applied.

So be  honest and take a look at what you may be doing to aggravate the situation.  What are you eating?  Be honest!  Do you smoke?  What do you drink?  Alcohol?  Coffee?  How about water?  Are you getting enough?  Any vegetable juice?  Do you sit all day in a chair?   Do you get enough exercise?  How is your posture?  What chemicals are you exposed to on a given day?  What types of thoughts do you think?  Are they negative?  How about who you choose for your friends or how you spend your free time?  Are they good for you or dragging you down? 

Be honest about the choices you do have in your life, for when you start thinking about how your actions affect you from the time you get up until the time you go to bed, then you may get a few clues about what may need to be changed.  You have to be honest, though!  You're not kidding anyone but yourself, because your body, mind and spirit know the real truth!

And yes, your body, mind and spirit DO know the real Truth!  Stop lying to yourself and realize who you were created to be!  You were created with a purpose in life, and you were given the tools to succeed.  Stop telling yourself you can't do this or that, because if it's meant to be, then you CAN! 

In regards to your health, also look to who may be lying to you.  Who gives a message contrary to health?  Perhaps the ads on the TV?  Who else?  Anyone who says you can't get well is lying to you, and anyone who says that nature can't heal!  God heals through natural means.  It's in accordance with Perfect Design.

Unselfishness, too, applies to health.  In holistic healing we know that the body is a reflection of the mind and of action taken, and of the spirit, as well.  To be selfish will show in our health as will any ill-willed state of mind.  As within, so without, and if we are selfish with others it will show through our skin.  You can't be healthy if you hold back your good from the world.  This creates blocks to your health.  Puffy eyes, clogged colons, improper circulation, problems with kidneys, skin, breathing, even menstruation all can occur.  It is important to be unselfish to stay in the flow of life!  To hold back creates imbalances of every sort.  It is important to be give and receive.  Also be unselfish when it comes to giving to YOU! 

Purity.  Don't cheat yourself!  To thine own self be true.  Be pure in your motive, as well as in your diet.  Eat food that is pure, not adulterated with that which is not necessary and good for your health.  Drink pure water.  No fluoride, no impurities, no additives; just water that is pure for good health.  Breathe in pure air.  Don't pollute the air that you breathe with chemical cleaners, synthetic perfumes and other impurities, no matter how nice they may smell.  They aren't nice to your body!  Use pure aromas as nature intended for you.  Essential oils are great to replace in the house what you're missing by being outside in nature.  But also try going outside and breathe some fresh pure air! 

Again, look to your thoughts.  Are they also pure?  Are you sending yourself mixed messages?  Purity is a good check for honesty.  Purity indicates adherence to the other three absolutes.  Purity in all that you think, say and do.  This is equal to the word, "integrity."  With integrity comes strength, like a rock.  Strength is obviously good for our health!

And Love.  God is Love.  Love  yourself, your neighbor, God.  It cannot be said enough.  Love yourself enough to be well!  Love God enough to know there are ways.  Love yourself enough to learn what they are.  Love your neighbor enough to open the channels of healing in you.  Love to create peace of body, spirit and mind.  Love everyone and everything.   Hatred, resentment and unforgiveness create blocks to health.  Good health is very much about peace of mind.  When the conscience is clear and the mind is at peace.  When the mind is at peace there can be peace in the body.  The body cannot be at peace when the mind is unstilled.  What happens in the mind, is reflected in the spirit and body, and the same can be said all the way around for all three.  This is the holistic outlook on health.

So love!  Love will bring peace, and peace will bring health! 

These four absolutes seem almost as one.  It seems they all say the same thing!  And they do.  They say Love.  All is Love, always.  Love is God and God is all that there is.  There is nothing to do but to love!

Use these as standards to live by and health will naturally occur.  Many people, as stated, already use them in mind and spirit, and the results have been remarkable in body, as illustrated by the usefulness in recovery from the disease of alcoholism.  These absolutes have been used in other focused recovery programs, as well, such as Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, etc.  I am suggesting we all use them in life, and that we take it a step further and really look to how they apply to our health.  Honesty, Unselfishness, Purity and Love.  Live them for a healthier and richer life!

Vibraceous, ND
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