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Jan 27, 2013

Well, it's been quite a while since I've updated my skin condition, so I thought I would do that now.

From October 22nd until January 8th, NOTHING changed at all, with the exception of a relapse in December. Three (3) days after Christmas, the sores started to get worse again, but I concluded it was because I was on a schedule to wean off of the steroids I was on. I had been on 40 mgs. of Prednisone to start with and by Dec. 27th, I was down to 20 mgs. On Dec. 28th, I was to start 15 mgs. and I did. Within 24 hrs, I could see a BIG change! The sores started to become inflamed and painful to the point that I couldn't sleep, sit right, stand, etc. to get comfortable. Of course, this was a weekend and a Holiday, to boot! Needless to say, my Dr. was NOT IN and I didn't expect her to be.

I don't self medicate, but I did figure out it was the drop in the steroids that was the culprit and knew I had to call my Dr. Monday morning, first thing! OF COURSE, being in the middle of the Christmas Holidays, she wouldn't be back until AFTER the 1st of the New Year! GREAT! I explained it to the front desk receptionist (maybe she was a nurse?), and she said she would tell my Dr. and maybe she would get back to me before then. RIGHT!!!! DID NOT HAPPEN, so I went back up to 20 mgs. on my own! Again, within 24 hrs., there was a noticable difference! 

By the time I received a call back, 3 days later, they told me to go back up to the 20 mgs. REALLY? OK, but I already did!

So....on Jan. 7th I had an appointment with my Pain Specialist and I got a prescription for my pain meds., one of which was MS Contin. I've had to change from Oxycontin to MS Contin when I lost my Medical Insurance in August, 2012. I was ok with it, I had taken it years ago and never had a problem with it. And I still didn't for Aug., and Sept. 

In October, however, when I got the script filled, I noticed it was a different color. I called the pharmacy immediately when I saw them and they said it was the same thing, just a different Manufacturer. They "ASSURED" me it was EXACTLY the same. OK, I took it. 2 weeks later is when this rotten condition started! I was taking dark purple pills and these were light violet pills. As soon as I started to break out, I thought of them right away and even STOPPED taking them for 10 days, to see if there was a difference. Now...10 days may not sound like a long time, but PLEASE...believe me, when you've taken pain medication for as long as I have, there is WITHDRAWAL from it! 

And, to no avail, there was no difference when stopping the meds. Or was there? Because this month, Jan. 7th, I couldn't get them filled from my regular pharacy, they were out of them. I had to go to a different one who, very luckily, would match the price. They had the original dark purple ones,, also! Needless to say....Within 2 weeks, my body is healing almost to the point where you wouldn't even be able to tell anything had been wrong with me.

I am NOT a Dr., which you know, but I've seen at least 10-12 of them now and NOT ONE OF THEM can tell me or even hint at what is wrong with me. But I think I know what it is and always have known. I'm pretty sure it's the "DYE" in the light violet pill! JUST THE DYE! THAT'S IT, NOTHING ELSE! I think if the Dr.'s would just look at the Zebra's when they hear them, instead of insisting they're horses, they could figure things out more quickly. 

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Posted: Sunday January 27, 2013, 11:07 pm
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AniMae Chi (428)
Tuesday May 7, 2013, 10:17 pm
Sending you warm Cosmic Oceans of Healing Light
my friend.

linda newman (3269)
Sunday December 8, 2013, 10:00 pm
sissy i feel sorry for are right about doctors
husband took 21pilllsa day he was always out of it~everytime
they didnt know another pill~prayers for you sissy Barbara


Barbara Y.
female, age 62, single, 4 children
Galloway, NJ, USA
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