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Feb 12, 2013

NOTICE: The following statments are facts, they shall legaly remain hear on that basis.

Since i can not seem to find help in these matters properly, i am (Regretfully for seeing no other option,) placing the full matter hear with all due respect and prayers as it is currently;

I am not that great with grammar or spelling but will do my best hear, please understand this is a very traumatic situation and it is not something one tells or relives easily.

EVERYTHING HEAR CONTAINED IS FACT - i will NEVER stop pursuing this until it is properly resolved as god as my witness i swear to it.

I apologize for the length of this but people should know ALL the facts in this matter. I do not expect a speedy response or resolution from this if any and will be attempting to contact the A.C.L.U. to follow up on things while i await idias patiently. I am speaking up because i am left no choice to me and in the sincere effort to do this for ALL people. Thank you.

My child's Name is Brandy and was born 06/19/2009 with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. I am her advocate but have major difficulty going to Pittsburgh with her for various reasons when she go's there almost every month. I made a 200+ page book for her care that serves as a wonderful reference guide, history and instruction manual for her that C.H.P. was in the process of using for all of the most complex cases there as a general template to provide each case there own, i gave back many more way than this. All to often i am forced without choice to remain in home while my child is at C.H.P. with her mother and have made the best of it by being a strong advocate for both of them remotely. The ambulance only allows one person anyway and I do not have a drivers license.

Unfortunately, since all to often people at C.H.P. make excuses and do what they can to cover there tracks its difficult. Recent retaliation issues have become a concern so great i am concerned for my child's safety and my own. I know for a fact there have been many misdiagnosis, inappropriate labels and terminology put in her records simply to act as a means of covering up the truth and avoiding issues but make no mistake harm has been done, laws have been broke and civil rights violated to the point it must be properly addressed. I will be fighting to get my child completely out of Pittsburgh once and for all because of these issues and the requirement to pursue them for ALL OF US. Make no mistake, they will learn from this and use what they can agents many others if it is let to go unaddressed and lives will suffer greatly as i can discernibly foresee with good reason by there actions. Not mine.

What is happening hear is that C.H.P. has wanted to hold a meeting and use it as a Corporate Tribunal of sorts off the record, I have done nothing wrong to warrant there actions in any way, i am not being treated as innocent until proven guilty in fact its like a trial happened without my knowing it, i have no access to justice for the various things mentioned hear and have been repeatedly denied as much countless times.

I retain absolutely EVERY SINGLE communication i sent to C.H.P., i caught them doing things they know were wrong and as requested went to them to properly address the situation and was met with a situation i was left no other foreseeable choice but to protect myself and family's interests by simply and peacefully, law abidingly recording the situation responsibly only to get met with absolute resistance in doing exactly what i was asked and denied my parental rights without due or proper cause that lead to my having post traumatic stress disorder in a much worse than previous manor. I tried everything i could to find help, i maintained my demeanor as best i could while explaining my outrage in a respectable way stating nothing less than facts only to have all my words turned agents me in every way they can find without right to do so. My having post traumatic stress disorder and to the degree they caused it to be was the direct result of my attempt to explain just that and to also explain thoroughly that my intentions have always been good and respectable as much as present, i detailed what it was i was going threw and how it has affected me to be able to properly address the situation and not be received in less than a good manor and they used it entirely agents me to there own means and purposes and slandered my name and family. Some one who has P.S.T.D. can not always properly communicate how they want and no matter how they try it will fail one way or another, with them having known this at C.H.P. i feel adamantly this has also been a disability discrimination agents me that at there choosing so has lead to the barring of my involvement of my child's medical care and information to which i have very effectively enabled high capability's, better understanding, solid opportunity to progress, proven this and have made many positive examples out of the situation that has helped many and they know it. As much is easily proven by me. I will NEVER AGAIN be willing or able to work with C.H.P. in ANY capacity or trust them hence forth whatsoever. I have been scared emotionally, tormented by all this to the point i have no will or ability to do much of any existence or participation in anything outside of my own home out of great fear for my safety and security presently. NO ONE should be forced into this form of situation as i have who is innocent of the accusations brought agents them and further denied proper action as i have been in such an inhumane and uncivilized way.

Article numbers; 3,5,7,8,10,12,18,19,20 & 30 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights VIOLATED HEAR!

Article 3 of the U.S. Constitution, says i am entitled to justice but i can not find it.
Amendment 4 - Search and Seizure, there are those who are attempting to violate this as well without due cause.
Amendment 8, because no one will do anything to help and they simply chose to let the matter go this is EXACTLY what this is, cruel and unusual punishment for a person who committed no crime.
Amendment 14 - Citizenship Rights. nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. - I have received multiple threats of this.

The P.A. Constitution:
Inherent Rights of Mankind Section 1.
All men are born equally free and independent, and have certain inherent and indefeasible rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, of acquiring, possessing and protecting property and reputation, and of pursuing their own happiness.
Rights of Accused in Criminal Prosecutions Section 9. In all criminal prosecutions the accused hath a right to be heard by himself and his counsel, to demand the nature and cause of the accusation against him, to be confronted with the witnesses against him, to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and in prosecutions by indictment or information, a speedy public trial by an impartial jury of the vicinage; he cannot be compelled to give evidence against himself, nor can he be deprived of his life, liberty or property, unless by the judgment of his peers or the law of the land. The use of a suppressed voluntary admission or voluntary confession to impeach the credibility of a person may be permitted and shall not be construed as compelling a person to give evidence against himself.
Special Criminal Tribunals Section 15. No commission shall issue creating special temporary criminal tribunals to try particular individuals or particular classes of cases.

Many of the C.H.P. rights have been violated as well, some quite clearly. I could fill about 2 pages hear but will not for respect, simply by request i can elaborate on that.

ALL of the above in one way or another has been violated agents me in one way or another in these matters as of recent to my understanding and is horrific to me entirely as well.

(Documented Jan. 9th 2013: )
My child was repeatedly endangered neglectfully At C.H.P. by negligent bathing actions taken by the RN charged with my child's care that resulted in 2 lethal blood infections from knowingly spilling bath water onto a open smart port seal. This incident was reported in full without lasting resolution to C.H.P. administration at the Children's Hospital of U.P.M.C. of Pittsburgh PA. wear it is currently being covered up.

(Emailed as an update to Dr. Buchert and In Home Nursing Company; )
Hear is the update from our perspective in a time lined way and a very important question that must be answered by some one soon;
 Before Brandy was sent to C.H.P. by order of Dr. Urbach - She was at home and mildly to seriously ill, her hydration's well maintained and resting comfortably in the living room quarantined in a very comfortable environment for when this happens, her heart rate was in the 130's when awake and 110's when asleep as expected when ill, her o2 was ranging from 72 - 78% indicating respiratory causes to me. Her right upper lung sounded very congested by the nurse and was brought immediately to my attention. We called the situation in as always and had 2 antibiotics prescribed and did collect them from medicine shoppe and administer a few doses as prescribed before sent toC.H.P..
Brandy's arrival at M.M.C. E.R. before C.H.P. E.R. - They kept her for nearly 6 hours and stalled things as much as they could to the point i called there A.O.D. and told them to forward her to C.H.P. while she was still stable enough to make the trip and reminded them we both knew they are not able to care for her medically and need to and that they had no choice but to do so. This was thoroughly understood and not 10 minutes later they finally arranged transport and in a very rude angry way threw the papers for Shelly to sign at her. It is a problem when they are over loaded and do not have the staff or time to handle such issues like this in various places that i do constantly address and has been made to be a personal issue all to often.
Brandy's arrival at C.H.P. - Shelly noticed Brandy had vomited at least one time on the way but remained stable, i had pre-warned the Dr. who was in your place at the time about the C.H.P. E.R. doing what they always do to try to send her home without properly taking consideration into her overall condition, needs and properly considering those situation's so he sent in the head Dr. for the E.R. to look at her. The other E.R. Dr's was not as concerned with Brandy as the head E.R. Dr. was and he took the most thorough look at her overall situation and her and decided they should admit her for now. Shelly was told 3 hours prior to actually going upstairs she was about to soon and was waiting until about 4 am-ish and not doing well herself from it then and throughout the next day.
Yesterday - i got a call from Shelly, (i attached a copy of the voice mail regarding this matter hear,) she was upset about how Brandy was being treated there. I did speak with the Dr. that evening on this matter and told her that before i got mad about it i was going to give them a proper chance in explaining what was told to me in that voice mail. The Dr. made absolutely no excuses or explanations however did apologies for the matter. I am furious about it yet still as there is to date no logical or right reason for any of it. I also stressed the requirement via insurance company prerequisite that the Tobimiacin must come from C.H.P. for it to be obtained and covered or we will not be able to provide it when told she was on it.

Today - Brandy is on Tobamiacin and one other antibiotic presently, everyone already knew about the book i sent with her and the emergency bag however in addition to all of this Brandy yet still has a range of 30 - 40 % o2 requirement when awake and her feeds have been turned up  to 42 Ml. per hr and well tolerated presently. She seems almost ready to come home.

1-12-2013 A nurse intentionally misrepresented medical record facts, gave her a trach infection, negligently administered suctioning catheter agents orders, refused to relocate from too many issues having happened out of reasonable fear, nurse insisted on highly unsanitary conditions for hours, refused necessary oxygen supply and required/Dr. Ordered monitoring and refused to address this issue, neglected proper smart port access procedure and care knowingly/willingly, Prolonged hospital stay and further caused illness that lead to my child "Coding" two times so far that was avoidable, the Administrator proved as inconsiderate and careless. We live about 108 miles away from C.H.P..

Reported to the Dept of Health on 1-12-2013;
  *Food spewing out of Brandy's trach after being fed? - never happened once ever! Even when she pukes nothing comes out of her trach!

*The aria around the stoma was found to be irritated and red and they are blaming the parents after my child has been there, admitted and in there care for well over a week now - we have various professionals to confirm they never saw a better cared for stoma!
*They are to correct whatever has been documented on the 2 previous maters now without delay, they know what they doing clearly and you know its wrong and
misinformation that will lead to malpractice and lack of proper treatment!

*What is going on with the trach culture / staph infection? Clearly because of the other mentioned facts hear they gave it to her AGAIN and she did not come in with it.

*They suctioned brandy at 10 and she had tears in her eyes and gagging from it - very angry about this, she is supposed to be suctioned at 6.5 or 7 as is the
current order for this!

*I want Brandy off that floor asap - tonight! (I was refused even though my child is in very stable condition presently.)

*Brandy pooped and it went every wear in her bed and they refused to change the bed and help Shelly, (Brandy's Mother,) clean it up. It actually takes two people to do and is agents hospital policy to do without a nurse for documentation purposes.
*They refused to to turn her o2 up for 2 days when Brandy was desaturating o2%'s. My child has orders for such monitoring and it is state regulation when a child who is listed as a "Guarded" status be guarded accordingly, this due to having very complex heart and pulmonary conditions presently and they know it.
*They shut the alarms and monitors off completely when Shelly left for a half hour to go to the grocery store for food and we had to fight to have it turn back on, its necessary and illegal for them to do!
*Smart Port Dressing was changed after a bath because it got wet, they did not do it right in the day shift and left open all day and no one knew then night shift fixed it, the whole time it was accessed!

"Lisa" is the nurse for today, yesterday and the day before. She is NOT supposed to still be involved in Brand'ys care after multiple complaints and as much told to them and still is!

It is because of things like the above mentioned that Brandy is STILL there and sick! Its an outrage and should NOT be tolerated! What will you do when/if this is your child being treated like this? You tell me! How about a sense of direction at least for some support, its not asking much just help in finding some one who can deal with this stuff on an ongoing basis and point me in the right place as an advocate because this is way to ongoing even after i don't know how many of these complaints i filed without resolution to an ever snowballing situation still! I also spoke to several doctors and nurses regarding these matters and attempted to speak with the charge nurse last night two times only to be forwarded immediately to the nurse on my child case there and then without being allowed to speak at all. Since my child has been there, there has been a large 135+ page book i put together for my child to prevent these things from happening and have told them of it and told them to go take a look to know what it is and why its there as a easy/quick reference for them complete with all current orders, instructions, past medical history and all other categorically sorted and tabbed information they could ever need available for such a complex case to help them. Clearly they refuse to take it as serious as it should be as its there own documentation also!

Spoke to A.O.D. on 8:02 PM 1/12/2013 for Fl 9 unit A. - She was a bit rude, interrupting, to quick to want to go deal with the issue rather than taking time to hear the whole issue in full and i don't put any faith into people when they are like that typically no matter what and usually report these things to the state when this happens like i am now. My blood is an inferno of rage over this currently and has been for some time, wear is my rights to justice in this country as an American already!?!?!? All of the information contained in this complaint happened entirely while my child was admitted to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh PA entirely and presently is there while i am writing this.

Can YOU imagine not having post traumatic stress disorder after these same issues for over 3 years some how? It is NOT normal or Acceptable for any explainable reason for my child, her mother and myself to be forced to suffer traumatically this way by being mistreated by Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh PA clearly intentionally.

Jan. 17th 2013 C.H.P. refused to properly forward medical record info to another facility over 6 weeks after proper request sent via certified mail, U.P.M.C. insurance company made personal attack on me and violated numerous rights including H.I.P.P.A..

Brandy is a 3 year old with hypoplastia of the left heart who dose not receive proper medical treatment almost regularly now for her whole life by Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh PA of U.P.M.C. and has been neglected by them on an ongoing basis in various ways including but not limited to intentionally misrepresenting medical record documentation facts, simply being ignored while in the hospital and in a critical care/state situation, they refuse to properly forward records and do edit them before each time they send them nearly to another place for second opinion, they refuse to follow there own orders and since i have been trying to go threw what i understand is a complex chain of command to address issues we have experienced multiple retaliations for doing so and i find addressing such serious issues with such a company only protects them and denies proper justice to be had. We now was forced without choice due to coverage requirement's in PA regarding our situation to have U.P.M.C. for You health care plan also who i not only despise but will never trust whatsoever, there is supposed to be a choice in PA so wear is ours? This so called "Insurance Company" has now began a personal attack not only to my child's well being but my own life as well but not my child's mother because she chooses to be the good guy in the situation while i choose to be the bad guy in order to address the various issues responsibly. U.P.M.C. has recently been going behind my back without consent to do anything of the sort whatsoever and digging into my own history and background however they can.

They are trying to refuse in home nursing services for my child who desperately needs it, they are trying to ask around for my medical records and i will not consent to this, they are trying to start an illegal and harassing investigation into the reasons i am on S.S.I. and having the county i live in send me all new tax forms to fill out in the effort to dig for information without my consent. I will not reply to these mailings and will not send any information without a lawyer involved as is my right to do so and now am terrified if i do not i will have some form of law broke or collection on me i still to realize even exists! I am not letting that happen over my dead lifeless corpse first! I have had all i can humanly take of U.P.M.C. and there antics. I have been refused this justice on countless times already because i am a low income American and because of that do not appear to have any rights whatsoever... well if its like that i would rather die! Because of the actions of these so called health care professionals, they have sentenced my child to death by there own ignorant negligence and those who are letting them get away with it presently and past are as undoubtedly responsible for as much. Its beyond an outrage and i will not let this go ever until it is handled properly one way or another! Ours is not only a case clearly of income/disability discrimination but a very clear violation of our rights to privacy and proper health care and it must be put to an end properly and not allowed to continue!

What i am going threw by being denied my proper right to justice from being below poverty level is intolerable, outrageous and purely insane and i sincerely question if i am truly an  American because of it! Its very, very personal now.

Jan 19th 2013 was told planned P.I.C. line placement for administering necessary treatment set for Monday, my child suffered with two blood infections during this wait, (Presently it is 1-22 and no proper treatment provided yet. They never did.)

Jan. 21st 2013 i explained my concerns to a trusted Dr who forwarded them to the Patient rep., Explained very logically why/how i see no other explanation than hospital staff retaliation, provided same Dr with requested updates, incident with nurse refusal to help change heavily soiled bed space - put needlessly at further risk for further infections. In the same evening: An administrator had called to help address some of the issues who i was requested to call by patient rep if occurred as instructed, gave notice i was recording the call in an official/law abiding manor and she proceeds to personal attack me out completely prohibit my right's to my own child's status for information regarding my child without proper right or reason to do so illegally violating my rights willfully, attempted to address the issue was futile and infuriating. I do not feel safe being present at C.H.P. of Pitt. due to there threats, disregard, retaliation, targeted discrimination, attempts at humiliation and intimidation over the past 3 years and have thus been mentally attacked into being unable to be by my child's bedside and affected her dramatically and my relationship with her. Presently in addition to this, i now do not believe reasonably i will be able to allow myself to speak with them as this has been a very traumatic situation yet again in so many ways and fail to see any good in doing so, in fact its doing far more harm presently agents my will respectfully. There is a long and atrocious history between myself and them for properly standing up for my child's right to live as any parent would do the same and because of that i have been targeted by the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh for any reason they can find to start and pursue any problem in any way they can and now am terrified for my child's safety in that environment with strong probable cause supporting this. There are witnesses, documentation, video, photo, notes, names, dates, audio and much more supporting evidence i can provide upon request. We desperately need legal

help as soon as possible and the media to hear this story to put public pressure on the situation for all of us. The overall experience has personally left me extremely traumatized needlessly and has done its damage to me now also. They know all of this already as it was given my very best and most sincere effort to do everything i humanly can to properly address these issues, in the most law abiding ways i know how to the best of my knowledge and ability as in the past however they are likely trying to cover up any wrong doing again currently. Please be advised!

(Wrote to Dr. Buchert; )
I am seriously concerned for my daughter's life at the moment. As you may have heard, Brandy has 2 life threatening blood infections, that were caused by Chop's neglect, while giving her a bath during her last admission, the nurse left her med port open, which contaminated it and caused the 2 blood infections. As far as I am concerned, this hospital should be doing everything in their power to make up for their negligence and correct this horrible life threatening situation immediately that they have done to poor little Brandy, but instead they just continue to exasperate the situation even worse, while she lays in ICU getting worse. We were told on Saturday that they were going to put a pic line in Brandy, and fill the med port up with anti-biotic and close it off and not use it, until infection was gone and that there was a 50/50 chance of it having to be replaced. This was supposed to be done right away, we wee told it was going to be done Sunday, then yesterday we were told it was supposed to get done today, which never got done. After making a few phone calls, i find out they do not have a doctor working in the radiology department until tomorrow (if I am not being lied to again!) The ICU doctor called the radiologist, who was on-call and refuses to come in to do the pic line and replace her G-J tube that came out this morning! He said it was not a life threatening situation. He either did not get the full story from the ICU doctor, or simply just doesn't give a damn. How much life threatening does it have to be?? Brandy has coded at least 2 times since she has been there and had to be bagged at least once, her O2 has dropped, her heart rate dangerously high and she has had a very high fever. She has been crying all day in pain. All of us that know Brandy, knows that she is not a crier, even when she is sick, the only time she cries, is if she is being hurt with needles, or in some other pain. They did nothing for her pain. Now she can't even have her formula or med's through her G-J tube when she needs them the most.

Another incident also occurred today with a nurse. Brandy had soaked through her diaper, all over her bed and the nurse refused to change her bedding, again putting Brandy at risk for more infections! This is unacceptable. Shelly attempted to change Brandy and the bedding by herself, which is very difficult to do for one person.

1/21/2013 around 7 pm:
Involved persons by order and name:
A.O.D.: Mallissa
Brandy's Day Nurse: Jenna
Attending Dr.: Dr. Velkataraman
H.u.c.: Jeniva
Brandy's Night Nurse: Ressa
Charge Nurse: Amanda
Unit Director: Marsha

Administrator on duty for the date of 1/21/2013 around 7 pm by the name of  “Melissa” began the following issue:

1: ABOVE ALL ELSE: the actions of said A.O.D./C.H.P. Staff member was wrong and proper actions demand be taken to remove said person from there employment at C.H.P. of Pittsburgh PA IMMEDIATELY.

2: PA. Law has been followed fully in the matter / grievance this communication describes in the part of its sender Michael a. White on this date.

3: Proper respect was provided during the communication with the A.O.D. in question hear and it is understood a recorded call was reasonably necessary to ensure proper handling of the situation that was attempted to be handled by said A.O.D. mentioned hear.

4: PA. State Law requires a written / provided copy upon request of ANY/ALL Policies. Rules, Regulation’s, Guidelines, or other such expected and enforced guide line’s to be maintained as publicly available for legal enforcement regardless of an established basis for attempt at forceful / discriminative practice there of; for them to be considered as such in any public facility. I have requested this and will be allowed it. It is fully respected that she chose to not be recorded and was given approximately 20 or less seconds to decide how she wished to proceed before i chose to hang up what is not respected is how she handed down an order for reasons unknown and not logically provided to ALL of the staff under her to refuse any and all communication with me from this one situation and slanderize my name without just cause and denie me my legal and natural right and responsibility to maintain status information of my child in every way for the sake and safety of my child and her well being. Her provocative attitude i kindly did not feed into and her disregard for the situation has clearly shown to me irresponsible and intentionally reckless actions they chose to take entirely of there own. No call is EVER recorded without consent and it is widely known amongst them out of respect, she simply had only to hang up and not make this such an issue. I get emails all the time to and from medical professionals for my child and at times it is even accepted and requested with there recorded permission to record a call if it means they have either nothing to hide or such situations like recording a "Verbal Order" for our in home nurses to use if they are not present to receive it and they know i do not provide more than the ability to hear it out of kind respect commonly at C.H.P. full well. Considering the whole of this document, knowing it is supported by further documentation, pictures, video's, audio, witnesses and past reports should be enough to support probable cause for defensively recording a call in the proper law abiding manor described hear to the best of my knowledge and ability, i foresee no alternatives accordingly. This Administrator “Malissa” was not treated rudely, she was given proper respect and was heard. The point of recording began as described, with proper notice in respect to PA law and “Malissa was given the proper chance to decide her own action accordingly and hang up if she wished with no more than a necessary moment of about 20 seconds for her to do so considerately and openly as she so chose how to handle the situation in respect to her own personal choice.

I have repeatedly asked various people from various levels of employment throughout the Children’s Hospital of U.P.M.C. of Pittsburgh PA countless times for a printed copy of any and all pertaining Policies. Rules, Regulation’s, Guidelines, or other such expected and enforced guide line’s to be maintained as publicly available for legal enforcement regardless of an established basis for attempt at forceful / discriminative practice there of; for them to be considered as such in any public facility. I have requested this and will be allowed it. Thus, the A.O.D. “Malissa” mentioned hear is willingly enforcing the violation of my civil rights in such a public access environment at her own choice. They consider such Rule’s/Policy’s Malissa wants to make accusation of my having violated agents my better knowing by not having the knowledge shared responsibly or officially as “Proprietary” and refuse to provide it in any standard and official manor or capacity. This is not legal actions by enforcing imaginary or impossible rule under the conditions of people in an extreme environment or reasonable to expect it to be possibility. At this time i will no longer be in contact with Ms. Rommes or A.O.D. or Social work, instead i AM contacting media and acquiring legal counsel. I have provided every opportunity for this situation to be corrected and they refuse, i have made this CRYSTAL CLEAR in the past and now it will be a 24/7 project if i have to call every legal counsel in this country to do it! This has already  been set in motion and can not be stopped, in such a way that they will either contact me or me to them at this point. I will be refusing to speak with the hospital officials in ANY capacity at this point in the above mentioned capacity's with good reason as described valid reasons do exist.

The biggest reason i am not there as i want to be with Brandy at the moment is because i HAVE been threatened by admin staff in the past in private and have been making a decent stand for my child's life and by doing so FACTUALLY know i have been targeted by hospital staff and they do and will cause me any problem they can for this in retaliation and this is consistently the case, therefore i do not personally feel safe within the hospital there whatsoever and wish to leave my presence there for when it is of the most important moments as necessary due to this fact. I will NEVER do ANYTHING off the record or in private with the mentioned staff EVER again for fear of my child’s safety, Shelly’s and my own as a result of there actions toward me. The circumstances prove the situation as described hear and correlate with there respective concern's addressed at those times and dates like a domino effect.

3:24 PM 2/5/2013I just got word that i have been banned from all UPMC and all children’s hospitals flat out from an attempt to address the issues recently entirely. I have been barred from all UPMC communications, Called "Insane" presently and not allowed to go to any of my child's Dr appointments. Flat out nothing at all to do with my child's care without notice or any consideration whatsoever, and was just told this by my child's mother Shelly on the phone. They claim: That there was some kind of threats - i
NEVER threatened anything or anyone in ANY way EVER. Not allowed to go to any of her appointments. Not allowed to talk to any one there. Not allowed to even be on upmc property of any kind. They claim they showed a letter allegedly from me to some kind of police - i never wrote a "Letter" at this time. They had security review a letter allegedly from me. I am so beyond any reasonable capacity to explain how furious i am with them!

Last night, 2/8/2013,
I get word my child is having heart issues only to find out several hours later that she has become dehydrated while in the hospital the entire time. I am also hearing her heart is becoming weaker, i think its a combination of whats expectable and repetitive negligent care. I have done all i can do to work with these people and address the issue but at the moment i refuse all communications with them, any and all consent and do not want my child in that facility ever again. This failure came from there actions and my having exhausted every effort to work with them.

The following is a summery of the past 3 years of issues as condensed as it can be made as documented:

*Brandy got a staff infection because a care provider used an unsterilized i.v. and it is affecting her to the point it has became life threatening. (So i was originally told, as the records read she got it from 3 bacteria that can only have come from the human colon in the combination shown. This shows a lack of hand washing as likely cause for this. -Found this out on 7-07-2011 after reading records i fought hard to obtain.)

*The lack of necessary staff in necessary places, I.e.; nurses, H.u.c. and others has made it a constant issue with watching what they are supposed to.

*I have video, photo's and audio captured all pertaining solely to brandy and no other patient whatsoever and got threatened that i wouldn't be allowed to see my daughter if i took any more pictures. Above all else the clear and present threat of not being able to see my daughter and make sure she is ok and they are doing there job and the ability to prove as much. [would be extremely willing to share what i have but only with you as it is personal and pertains to my daughter.] The "clinical leader" or head r.n. for the c.i.c.u. namely "Don" was in the room and just outside on several occasions before during and after taking such video, photo and audio recordings. He claims no such case. No review of this in any way has ever been made to my knowledge or offered. Allegations made in front of his manege at 6:35 pm August 26th 2009, he lied repeatedly about this in her presence and i told her this too. -Video proof of permission retained.

*they may be looking for an excuse to do whatever they can to get rid of me/us due to the large number of complaints about everything mentioned hear i have made.

*I am concerned they may be hiding information pertaining to my daughter and her condition without right or reason.

*they also tried to threaten me with the "well if you don't cooperate we can always make it so you cant be hear. but were more than happy to bend a few rules for you and work together." i said i broke no rules and don't want any rules bended for me and would meet Shelly in the car and walked out.

*Children's hospital has put me threw an unnecessary and large amount of stress, torment and anguish that i don't eat, sleep and have become reclusive almost entirely at this point and undoubtedly have post traumatic stress disorder presently from it.

"She wont live past 3 months old." -Dr. Morel C.I.C.U. heart surgeon. (Same was said at 6 months by the same doctor who also refuses to treat Brandy after a series of preventable incidences;

*numerous infections mostly from a lack of hand washing or regard at all for policy, procedure or patient care,(over 23 and counting.) One was found to have had Ecoli and staff that resulted in partial sternum bone removal because of this. Failure to comply with state and federal regulations on hand washing, moral regard and sanitary care.

*Premature discharge on numerous occasions.

*Refusal to cooperate with parents, in home nursing company or outside hospitals.

*Refusal to adjust medications and other essential needs according to development and growth.

*Neglect to document records accurately, (misdiagnosed over 14 times and counting - even has her listed as a boy.)

*They have constantly told us she is not going to live and over dramatized the whole situation from day one when she in fact has done better than most with her condition.(Typically, every 3 months she is said to only have 3 months to live and is 2 years 5 months old at the moment.)

*They have denied access to beneficial care and tests that are a requirement to do, as well as continuously discouraging another facility to assist in any way at all by all means able.

*They have denied access to beneficial care and tests that are a requirement to do.

*They constantly refuse, stall and when they do give me a copy of the records charge hundreds of dollars at a time for a short stack of them, Mostly edited and containing a large number of non-record related materials and filler page's.

*They have refused us a copy on numerous occasions of the patient/parent bill of rights, policy's and procedures until recently and its unique in disturbing ways.

*I was told they put the med-port in the left side of her heart, i was told they couldn't do a heart surgery at all and that it was going into a vein not an artery.

*They have emotionally scared me in such a way after the threats by them, hostility, retaliation, attempted corsion, attempted intimidation, discrimination, personal attacks and general hostility i have no capacity of being safe factually there without fear of such issues recurring and have no ability to be with my sick child when she is there so often and support her mentally and help her and am traumatized by this continuing issue.

Jan. 26th 2013 After numerous attempts at resolving the issue they created in retaliation for standing up for my child's rights and interests having this far failed, i received a UPS envelope at my door today that was left there and contained a set of "Patient/Parent Bill of Right's and Responsibility for visitors conduct" and a letter with yet more threat's. I have not broke a single rule that was printed and made available to my knowledge after again carefully reviewing the material sent to me however noticed a major document wide difference in what is posted on there web sight and past supplied leaving me more sure than ever of there actions as stated.

3:24 PM 2/5/2013 Got word i have been banned from all UPMC from an attempt to address the issues recently entirely law abidingly. I have been barred from all UPMC communications, Called "Insane" presently and not allowed to go to any of my child's Dr appointments. Flat out nothing at all to do with my child's care without notice or any consideration whatsoever, and was just told this by my child's mother Shelly on the phone.

2/8/2013 I got word my child is having heart issues only to find out several hours later that she has become dehydrated while in the hospital the entire time. I am also hearing her heart is becoming weaker, i think its a combination of whats respectable and repetitive negligent care. I have done all i can do to work with these people and address the issue but at the moment i refuse all communications with them, any and all consent and do not want my child in that facility ever again. This failure came from there actions and my having exhausted every effort to work with them.

2/9/2013 "You have every right to pursue legal recourse but there is no right to have representation provided to you in this matter." -Pennsylvania Bar Association. I am low income, i have no legal background experience and need help am i not American or what?!?! WE DESPERATELY NEED HELP!!!!

The Attorney General is looking into the Medical Record Issues right now and do not appear to be happy with the findings as for the Dept. of Health we found out hear from experience presently that we are told one thing by C.H.P., they do another, document an entirely different thing and say yet another to places like the Dept. of Health and this is what i have come to expect from them. Because of the epic failure of C.H.P. as is there own choice to do so in such ways i will be hence forth left no other choice but to send any and all further issues to such places as the Dept. of health, Dept. of State, Attorney General and those alike unless by some miracle this situation can be corrected. I used to be a very serious and very proud patriot but now days i find myself ashamed and grief stricken to be American and this to be happening allowably. I am well aware of how Democracy has been abused by corporations that enable situations like this to be perpetuated and how money seems to be all that matters to so many people, its horrific and a crime agents humanity by its very definition to be allowed to go on. I swear on everything i hold dear, to god himself and at great risk to myself what is hear is 100% and true entirely.

date: Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 5:13 PM

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Posted: Tuesday February 12, 2013, 6:41 pm
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