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Feb 17, 2013

MRSA Treatment ; New Home Remedies
As the problem of antibiotic resistant MRSA continues to grow, many people find their doctors and antibiotics to be of limited help in treating MRSA. Standard treatments can be accompanied by negative side effects but home remedies help.
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Staph Infection outbreaks are on the rise and antibiotic resistant MRSA is getting tougher to treat.  People need solutions that work and sometimes the best of them are remedies that you can do at home.

Let's first take a look at the bigger picture.  According to Microbiologist, Michelle Moore of "the standard MRSA treatment options that people receive from their doctors are limited to antibiotics and basic wound care. As the problem of antibiotic resistance continues to grow, many people find their doctors and antibiotics to be of limited help in treating MRSA. Standard treatments are also accompanied by negative side effects that can lead to other health challenges".

With the growing popularity of natural remedies, more people with infections are seeking MRSA home remedy options, either along with or as alternatives to antibiotic drugs. More people are also looking for relief from recurring infections, where standard treatments for MRSA fall short.

Fortunately, there are several MRSA home remedy options with a good track record of success. Natural MRSA relief methods based on essential oils, colloidal silver, vitamin therapy and herbal remedies are commonly used by Naturopathic Doctors instead of antibiotics. Nutritional therapy, diet modification and immune system support are among other alternatives that prove pivotal to successfully treat MRSA, especially recurring infections. An added benefit of most natural methods is the lack of negative side effects.
A more recent focus of MRSA home treatment has been bacterial biofilms. Antibiotics have limited effect against biofilms, which bacteria create to act as shields to protect themselves. However, some home MRSA remedies, including Manuka honey and essential oils, have shown effectiveness against biofilms.

Effective MRSA home remedy options and what you need to know about them:

As with most natural products, the quality, effectiveness and even the safety of the product can vary significantly from brand to brand. Best results will usually be obtained with potent medicinal strength products of the highest quality and purity.

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts from medicinal plants. Several essential oils are strongly antibacterial, including tea tree, oregano, thyme, rosemary and eucalyptus. These potent plant extracts contain hundreds of diverse chemical components that work together in complex ways. Unlike antibiotics, which are chemically very simple, the complex makeup of essential oils makes them less susceptible to the problem of antibiotic resistance. Oregano oil, tea tree oil and some other have also shown effectiveness at both preventing and attacking bacterial biofilms.

Essential oils are most often used as a MRSA skin remedy.  In particular, tea tree oil is quite mild and easy to use full strength directly on the skin, though dilution in a carrier oil such as grape seed oil, is advised for sensitive skin areas. Oregano oil, though strongly antibacterial, is not commonly used for MRSA on skin because it is irritating and sensitizing to the skin, even when diluted. Oregano, thyme and other irritating oils are usually used internally or by other methods.

Manuka honey is another common MRSA skin remedy that is very mild, safe and easy to use. This unique medicinal honey is very different than the processed, generic honey sold in supermarkets. It contains unique antibacterial compounds and also help dry out open wounds. Raw Manuka honey with a potency rating of UMF 10 or higher is best suited for MRSA treatment skin application. This honey is commonly placed under wound dressings and has been proven to inhibit biofilms.

Herbal MRSA home remedies, such as garlic, turmeric, grapefruit seed extract (GSE) and olive leaf extract have broad activity against infections and also provide immune system support. Garlic is perhaps the best known infection-fighting herb. Some stabilized extracts of garlic show excellent clinical results against highly resistant MRSA infections. Olive leaf extract contains the active compound oleuropein that helps the body resist attack from infections. Combining more than one herbal extract together in a blend can provide the benefits of many different herbs in a single product. For example, herbs that have antibacterial, immune support, detoxification and tissue regeneration properties are frequently found into a single product for support on multiple levels.
An important part of any MRSA home treatment program is immune system support. Of equal importance is taking steps to counteract the negative effects of antibiotic drugs. The immune system is the body’s first and best line of defense against any invading bacteria, including MRSA.

Addressing the body’s immune system can help MRSA natural remedies to work better and is the most important factor affecting recurring infections.
As helpful as MRSA home remedies may be, it is still important to be under the care of a doctor or other health care professional while using home remedies. MRSA is a contagious infection, it can worsen quickly and even become life threatening. A health care professional can help monitor your progress while you use home remedies. Some doctors,  including Naturopathic Doctors and doctors certified in Functional Medicine, can even assist you with using MRSA home treatment methods.

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Posted: Sunday February 17, 2013, 1:08 pm
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Sedona C. (0)
Sunday February 17, 2013, 4:58 pm
This is great information, and I could not agree more, regarding natural solutions and continuing to be monitored by a health practitioner. These days, there are often a host of natural solutions, and it's sometimes hard to weed out which are viable, and not. Microbiologist, Michelle Moore, has some excellent natural treatment (and prevention) information that has proven to be very effective, based on all the testimonials. Great information and resources. Thanks for sharing it!!


Valerie D.
female, age 29, single
Williams, OR, USA
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