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Mar 29, 2013

It's  typical for us to wake up each morning and not feel God gives us a second thought - much less is aware of us.  This is especially true when we are experiencing alot of chaos in our lives-  wether stressed out at our jobs or families- or just stressed in general.   

I sometimes go through heavy stress at my job where I am so absorbed with my work that I forget to keep my focus on Him.    Recently I had such a day and while driving home from work, I tried to seek Christ's presence within me-- feeling so isolated from Him.   After seeking Him He did let Himself be found and I felt His familiar peaceful presence . 

  He reminded me of several things.  One especially was the Sun.  I was reminded that the Sun represents Him- with It's Light, it's Energy and Warmth- and how without it, all life would die on this planet.  Then I was made to realize that wherever I drove my car, the Sun was still in view in the sky.   I could not get away from the Sun's presence if I tried-  unless I buried myself underground or pretended the sun wasnt there by wearing dark glasses and hiding inside a windowless building    

This is how God is-   His presence is with us continually yet many of us who do not want to be in His presence have that choice to hide from Him by burying ourselves or hiding in an enclosure with no windows.    If we come out from the dark and open our eyes, we see that we are surrounded by God- and His Light , His Presence is constantly with us. 

The other thing the Lord showed me was that even though we as humans , feel that our lives have no significance-- that we are nothing but "birth accidents" or some sperm mistake that occurred at the womb-  that each of our lives is known before Him- and each of us was planned and intended to be born- regardless of the circumstances.    Once we take our head out of the sand and look to God- we are shown just how much He really loves each of us .   By looking to Him as the plants look to the Sun, we grow spiritually and find ourselves producing the fruit we were intended and pre-destined to grow.   If even a homeless person seeks out God,  that person will soon discover that they also are recognized by God- and they too can keep looking to Him and growing to what He wants to make of them.  

If all people on Earth begin looking to God and seeking Him out- as the trees and plants do with the Sun,  even the choices we will begin to make will be in harmony with God's Kingdom.  The more we focus on Him, the more we will receive His Divine Light and enlightment on every single thing in our lives--even for this planet as well--like  how to heat our homes or produce food without depleting this Earth.       The key to a healthy Earth and society is a population that focuses it's eyes on the spiritual Sun-   Jesus Christ.   

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Posted: Friday March 29, 2013, 1:51 pm
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