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Mar 30, 2013

flower 2 connection line79Foods high in fat and refined sugar will affect your mind, your will power and your ability dealing with fat loss successfully. Recent research is showing that obese people's minds are affected by the foods they eat. Foods high in sugar, fats and additives or preservatives. Makes it difficult to control the ravishing eating habits while trying  to lose weight through fat loss effectively.

It is not impossible to successfully have weight loss while being obese. There are obese people who have successfully lost weight, but weight loss will be a life long struggle that will require them to change their eating habits permanently.

In a recent research the hippo-campus of the brain was studied on rats, the hippo-campus deals with learning, memory and suppression of memory. The trained rats were given limited access to low-fat foods and others were given diets of the highest fat level. In one part of the study, the obese rats did not perform well. Another part of the study dealt with "blood-brain barrier." This test showed what entered the brain through a dye. Again the obese rats had impaired "blood-brain barrier."

The researchers also observed that the non-obese rats when given a high-fat, high calorie food would eat less of this food. But what is really interesting about this research was that from this study researchers observed a connection between whatever assists the non-obese rats to choose a healthy diet also assisted the non-obese rats' brain to stay healthy cognitively.

The researchers' conclusion from this study was that if a person has a high-fat and high-sugar diet they would not be able to suppress unwanted thoughts of food because the hippo-campus appears to be weakened by such a diet. Somehow the high-fat and high-sugar diets adversely affects the hippo-campus. A person placed in the same situation would be constantly struggling to keep their weight under control. But do not give up on hope. There has been obese people who have successfully lost weight through fat loss naturally.

In the Science of Behavioral Neuroscience studies are showing that refined sugars and saturated fat can change the brain, according to Rob Poulos , a fitness author. Lack of will power has nothing to do with being obese. And knowledge of a problem is more than half the battle to solving the problem. So if eating a fat-laden and a sugar-saturated diet will impair our brains then how much more beneficial will a fat burning diet be for our brains.

In a totally different study, the hormone, adiponection, at low levels makes weight loss close to impossible. Adiponections' job is to shrink fat cells thus releasing energy for our bodies. The heavier you are the lower the level of this hormone, losing weight through fat loss becomes a vicious cycle. Adiponection is ,also, a natural anti-inflammatory. Inflammation causes leptin resistance. Leptin resistance is when the "feeling of satisfaction" in between meals becomes difficult to achieve making fat loss difficult.

But our hope is in our diet, by eating fat burning foods, no processed or fast food (there is, yet, another study on these type foods). Magnesium will increase Adiponection, and pumpkin seeds are loaded with magnesium, also consuming high levels of fish oils, omega 3 & 6 are  good fish oils, will raise adiponection.

Eating fruits, vegetables, fish and eggs will help with fat loss and help keep it off. Eggs are the best, because of their high level of protein, 7 grams. And eggs gives you the felling of satisfaction.

There is hope. Knowing the problem is half the battle. These studies affirm eating a healthy diet is important.


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Posted: Saturday March 30, 2013, 6:08 pm
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Rita Johnston
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Booneville, AR, USA
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