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Apr 10, 2013

When the next war commences, threatening all of egocentric civilization, will your life have been in vain? Will all your symbolic goals, dreams and aspirations have been for naught? Will all your objects and possessions completely lose their symbolic value?

Egocentricity could be defined, quite simply, as a perpetual state of repressing death by constructing an elaborate symbolic world from which to contrive fictional meanings that only result in a spectrum of cognitive-behavioral symptoms and compulsions sporadically erupting from the chronic denial of death.

Death is a a fact that makes all symbols utterly meaningless. But has your symbolically meaningful life ever resulted in “happiness"? How can a symbolic reality, or that which is not real, ever have any meaning whatsoever?

Yet, due to the ever constant fear of death, egocentric mammalia had to imagine the means to avoid reality, minimizing abject terror into a numbing sense of persistent anxiety. Why would you ever be anxious or nervous about anything? Could it be that your anxiety is merely a result of the ongoing repression of realizing a destiny that will only end in death?

Egocentric mammalia constructs fictions to avoid facts, whimsically weaving more complex and complicated symbols of grandeur. Since birth, the idea of death gradually linked-up with developing circuitry and the consistency of childhood awe and wonder slowly dissipated over time as the real context of your existence became more undeniable.

However, to avoid a complete shut-down, neuro-circuits were formatted to repress of this fear. This repression has resulted in a myriad of symptomatic eruptions, but never the full abject terror that would arise if a loaded gun was pressed against your forehead. This is evident in those who have been fortuitously released from the reapers embrace only to experience the dissociative numbness of PTSD, when the meaning of life has been short-circuited or re-routed and many electro-chemical currents, that once gave life symbolic meaning, have simply shut down for good.

Prior to all this, we mindlessly ate, shit, slept, copulated and died, without even a thought that things should be any different. But as neuro-circuits increased, egocentric mammalia needed to struggle mightily against the confinement of its own brief and meaningless existence, requiring perpetual embellishment of normal functioning by adding a whole host of trivial features to aggrandize and fluff up its life through avoiding, at all costs, the moment-to-moment omnipresence of death.

Nature has no reason to construct symbolic fictions to avoid fact and exposes the patent absurdity of egocentric symbolism. This requires egocentrica mammalia to totally and completely divorce itself from nature, as a means of protecting its symbolic existence, thereby, minimizing the natural world as an absurd anomaly of existence.  This is why so many feel a magnetic pull to return to the natural reality. Alas, it is now simply too late…

Egocentrics have developed miles of cranial neuro-circuitry providing an array of complicated, but needless, impulses and electro-chemical currents, useful in detracting from the fact that death could strike at any moment and no amount of preparation or prediction can avert that event. But to consider this fact on a daily basis would be to live in mortal terror. Hence, terror is minimized through billions of useless brain circuits that serve to modulate the terror into a dull throbbing state of perpetual anxiety. This requires egocentrics scurry about performing "important" symbolic functions to maintain the miles of synaptical distractions.

This is a bargain egocentrica mammalia had to make, since it is cursed with the realization of its own destiny, knowing that all are destined for the same outcome. The terror of death required egocentrica to fully develop an aspect of its neural network we refer to as “imagination.” Tightly compacted neuro-circuits within a calcium shell, every dendrite essentially useless to eating, shitting, sleeping and copulating, but absolutely crucial to hiding from death.

egocentrica mammalia imagined into existence a symbolic world for the sole purpose of denying the black abyss of total nothingness that is the certain outcome of all its projects, since ALL its symbolic projects were made up purely from the emptiness of “imagination.”

Now all egocentric mammalia need do is retrieve from the imagination all manner of conceptual abstractions to make life more meaningful by extracting “life” from reality itself. This entire project evolved simply to avoid considering its finite existence. The fear of death was hidden away and folded neatly within conceptual abstractions such as “God,” “heaven,” “karma,” etc. Millions of imaginary concepts resulting in a million more complex ideological circuits, firing randomly, allowed egocentric mammalia to believe itself master of the universe, as opposed to being slave to death.

Yet… alas…it was all imaginary and he is master of nothing, because he has yet to master the meaningless networks of nothingness tangled up in his brain. Empty circuits serving useless causes leading to a deep, abiding sense of nothingness that anxiously hums and throbs right up to his terminal breathe. 
It was all conjured up, shaped out of a vacuum of total nothingness and completely contrived out of thin air. Your entire world was invented out of fluffy clouds of imaginary concepts as a means to protect yourself from the egocentric curse of realizing the stark reality of death and the meaninglessness of everything that precedes it.

Hence, everything egocentrics do to increase "self-esteem" by perpetual activities, does nothing to thwart his eventual demise, and means nothing after it. This anxiety is nothing more than a perpetual state of managing the stark terror undeniably associated with the fact that you could drop dead one minute after reading this very sentence and not one of your fictions could do a damn thing to avert that fact.

The blatant narcissism, endemic within egocentric neuro-circuits, demand life have meaning above and beyond simple mammalian bodily functioning and so more and more circuits are packed into an already overloaded motherboard, with the only objective being to avoid death.

What difference does it make what you do or who you think yourself to be when the outcome is the same for all, no matter what they have or have not done, while existing? Whether serial killer or savior, cop or criminal, saint or sinner, what difference is there in any role when only one factual outcome is assured for all roles?

Thus, egocentric mammalia constructed imaginary religions, with symbolic rituals, rites, ideologies. It imagined exotic spiritual theories with symbolic practices, like yoga, prayer, meditation, etc, and a myriad of other fictions to appease the underlying terror of total and complete nothingness that death demands. It insured centuries of devout and revered personalities to coach the players in these repression games. It imagined sciences for which to apply useless symbols to sensory data to fabricate a comfortable existence with greater potential to deny death. A science that tells us how to prolong life, while those following such guidelines die as often as those who do not. Cigarettes will kill you, unless of course, you’re one of those smokers who live to a hundred.

Is it ever a good day to die?

Nevertheless, you will die and that is certain. In fact, it is more certain than your symbolic existence.

To keep the dream alive, by avoiding the reality of the dream, everybody must play his part as expected and every imaginary part played, is played to avoid death and has no other purpose but that. The grand significance of your entire life trajectory merely serves to hide from the reaper who walks with you everywhere you go, and will one day take your hand.

Nevertheless, once egocentric mammalia comes face-to-face with its own death, all the imaginary roles required for life’s games, dissolve back into the thin air from which they were imagined. All games lose their value and the rules no longer matter. In the moment of death, life passes before your eyes simply because it is receding back into the empty nothingness from which it was symbolically extracted and shaped.

Thus, everything you have done or will ever do, has exclusively served one purpose only and that is to avoid looking into the abyss of your own factual nothingness that only death can show. Everything the world has taught you has served to keep you from the only Teacher that knows the truth. But you really don't want the truth.

Your beloved teachers claim that you are inhabited by some cosmic energetic spirit or divine soul, which lives on interminably. They explain that you are a well of infinite love and this makes you able to forget asking, “what difference does it make, since I could drop dead at any moment.”

So in what way has your life drastically and radically improved by knowing that everything around you is pure quantum energy derived from the cosmos? Does this help you levitate above the traffic on the interstate? Do you pass through walls on your way to the toilet? Or does it simply help you avoid the inescapable fact that you’re merely passing the time while death patiently waits around the corner.

"Play your games my children, for soon you will be mine to take at my choosing and all your games will be like sandcastles at high tide”

Any spiritual ideology that does not bring you face to face with your utter insignificance, is nothing more than a tool of repression to aid in keeping you in the dream of death. This is why the Buddha must be disemboweled.

The main problem with egocentrics is that they stink of the fear of death and that stench permeates their lives, giving death value through destruction, murder, war, greed, corruption, etc. If not for the socially programmed fear of death, what value could war ever have? If not for the abject terror of death, what value could life have? The only reason you seek to aggrandize life is because of death and you are terrified of this fact.

Die to your symbolic existence and SEE the dream.

This is what every true “Enlightened Master” has proclaimed. Why has this content been so distorted over the centuries? Look at what you value and disembowel it.

This begs the question, if death has so much to teach, why are there so few students?

Simply because the “master” you wish to learn from will hopefully keep you from knowing that you are really nothing at all, a fiction, a meaningless story, a useless fable, a trite composite of imaginary symbols that minimize fear while producing a perpetual state of numbed anxiety leading to an array of symptoms we call “mental illness.”

Nevertheless, eventually, everyone arrives in the classroom and passing the final exam is completely assured.

Artwork by Nefandus Nafsee - "Kirilll"

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Posted: Wednesday April 10, 2013, 6:21 am
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