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Apr 13, 2013

Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.  It starts with my own peace of mind, with recognizing and appreciating the peace which lies still in us all, and with expressing love to the world, because with love, there we find peace.

Peace implies a sense of "all-rightness."  It happens when we release our idea of what we think ought to be and embrace the idea of what is.  Acceptance and gratitude are integral parts of the experience of peace.  It occurs not only when we stop fighting, but when we actually realize that we are blessed.

Peace comes with honesty.  When we feel the need to lie to ourselves or to others, acceptance of the TRUTH is not in place, and we are still fighting the reality of whatever it is that we cannot honestly face.

Peace comes with treating each other with love and respect.  This also goes for ourselves.  We have to love and respect ourselves first before we can give it to somebody else.  That's a lot of why peace always must begin first with me.  If we are fighting with our own thoughts and feelings and are unable to forgive ourselves for the mistakes that we make, then how can we forgive someone else?

Peace comes in stillness.  Meditation is one way to bring inner peace to our mind.  Just "be" in this moment in time.  Go out into nature and just listen to the sound of the birds, the insects, the frogs, the leaves and grasses as they blow in the breeze.  Feel the sun on your face.  Relax and know you are a part of it all.  You are the same as the bug on the blade of grass next to together in this environment we all call our home.

Make choices in your life that will bring you peace.  If you know something's not right, then don't do it!  To act against what you know is the right thing to do is to bring guilt and remorse to your soul.  These are in congruent with peace.

Think peaceful thoughts of acceptance towards others.  Stop yourself when you start to criticize others (and of course yourself) and send a blessing instead.  Forgiveness goes a long way to creating peace in the world.  Forgiveness doesn't imply that someone who has wronged you is right.  It means that you are "giving for."

Find peace in your breathing.  Take time to notice your breathing pattern.  Do you breathe slowly and deeply, exhaling completely?  To focus on your breathing will help you learn peace.  When your body and brain do not get the proper oxygen balance a slight panic occurs all through your system.  Breathing techniques have been used in meditation since the beginning of time.  Through conscious effort to focus on breathing, we can bring other bodily functions back into balance and we can also give our body its proper rest. 

Good health is the natural result of peace in our body, with everything working together the way that it should.  Peaceful living, eating, sleeping, thinking, loving, breathing...these things bring harmony and balance about.  Forcing the body with drugs creates conflict inside.  Drugs force the body to behave in a particular way, taking control of the natural bodily functions instead of supporting the body in healing itself.  Offering support to the body in the way of nourishment, herbs, exercise, rest, etc., restores natural balance and health instead of just fighting the symptoms. 

Are we peaceful in our outlook towards politics?  It's easy to get very enraged when we are controlled as a nation by influences acting in a manner contrary to what we believe in.  Peace does not mean to lie down and take it, but it does mean to not just continue bickering on and on with each other.  To do so is to allow those influences to further control us.  Becoming peacefully engaged in social change is not contrary to peace.  Hating, blaming and resenting is.  Pray for those in power to become enlightened, give thanks for whatever role for good they are playing, and work peacefully toward the end of helping others to see the truth in a non-threatening way. 

Making peace with our environment is also important.  How can we have peace in our mind and body if we are fighting against our own nature?  Yes, OUR nature!  We are a part of all of nature, so to hurt any of it, is to hurt us.  When we squander our resources, we waste that which is there to support us.  "RE-sources" implies that we should be able to RE-turn to the source again and again, but if we have squandered them, then where are we to turn?  Frantically searching for a replacement for that which was created perfect for us then destroyed does not bring images of peace to my mind!  Knowing our needs are abundantly fulfilled, on the other hand, does.  The earth was created to support life on earth.  Otherwise we'd have been extinct long ago!  Find peace in trusting the earth.

Make peace with life.  ALL life!  Make peace with your fellow-creatures and think about how they are treated and your part in it all.  Are you a participant in the torture that is being inflicted on many of them?  Would you consider yourself a peaceful person if you routinely killed dogs or cats?  Then what makes it different with chickens, cows, pigs, lambs, fish, rabbits, monkeys, minks, foxes, elephants, seals, deer, mice and others who are routinely tortured and/or killed for our....pleasure?  What else would you call it? 

We certainly can find ways to eat without killing.  That has been proven time and again by the millions of vegans worldwide.  As a matter of fact, it is known to be the healthier way for us to eat.  So the violence displayed routinely on dinner plates is nothing but violence to please the senses.  That's all.  And what of furs?  Leather jackets?  Wool?  Are we not warm without them?  They are purely for vanity's sake.  How can this be justified in a world of peace?  It cannot.  Neither can it be justified to use animals in laboratories, testing cosmetics...and yes...even drug testing is an unnecessary cruelty inflicted on them.  Natural cures are superior and do not need animals to die in order for us to live, and also there are superior ways for medical testing to be performed.  Animal testing performed today is to avoid the cost of implementing a new system.  It has nothing to do with efficacy, just monetary investment, that's all. 

Choices we make every day affect lives.  For us to ignore this and cry out for peace does not make any sense.  Are will willing to pay the price for peace?  The price is that we, ourselves, must stop being selfish and cruel.  It is not enough that we expect the government to set standards which promote peace in our everyday lives.  It's up to us.  Face it.  There's a lot of ugly, horrible, violent, cruel things going on in the world, and the government and most of the people turn a blind eye.  There will never truly be peace anywhere as long as there is violence being ignored.  There are many, many cultural practices which involve cruelty.  For instance, how was your morning cup of coffee produced?  Was it fair trade?  If not, then most likely, the equivalent of child slavery was involved in that cup.  I ask you, do you think that child is at peace knowing you paid a little bit less?  Peace comes with doing the absolute best that you can.  Otherwise you can't sleep at night, unless you ignore it all and then live in a state of unawareness.  Afterall, ignorance is bliss, so they say.  But there is a much greater bliss in true peace.

Peace occurs when we think of the bigger picture to that which is beyond our senses and our desire for more than our share.  Peace comes with the contentment of knowing all our needs are fulfilled without harming each other.  It's when we get into stealing, hurting, lying, cheating, arrogance, avoidance and worrying that we lose our peace.  Peace is based in faith, not in fear.   It is based in love, not in indifference or hate.  Ignoring the truth will not bring it about, but rather living in the Truth of our Oneness with All.

This may sound hard to the human mind, but in the mind of God, Love is ALL that there is.  You will find the peace  that passes all understanding when you focus on the goodness and love, within and without, all around, running through all of life.

How are you creating peace in your life today?  Take this one day to examine your thoughts...are they loving?  Are they based in faith?  Are they forgiving?  Take time today to relax and reflect upon the goodness and plenty of life.  Just for today.  Live in just this one day, today.  Take this opportunity today, as well, to think about the choices you make on your dinner plate, in your closet, in your medicine chest...are they reflective of peace?  Look, too, at your relationship with the person you see in the mirror.  Make peace with that person first!  Now, look to those whom you fear, despise, resent, or just plain don't like.  Can you say a prayer for them, too?  Anything less will only take away from the peace of the world.  Peace only will come through lifting each other and ourselves up into the Light of Love.  It's up to each of us now.

"Vibraceous, ND"


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Posted: Saturday April 13, 2013, 10:08 pm
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