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May 4, 2013

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From the video above; "the gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill. They claimed that it would create some sort of big brother gun registry, even though the bill did the opposite. This legislation in fact outlawed any registry, plain and simple, right there in the text."

It seems that it is no longer about debating bills. It seems that it is no longer about saving kids lives. It seems that it is no longer about weighing the pros and cons of any particular issue that affects our communities, our families and our children. It is no longer about freedom and democracy.  90% of the public wanted this law passed. But that did not matter.

It seems to be all about getting money to be re-elected, because enough money seems to be all it takes to create a fake reality in the two weeks before an election, so that people will vote for the 'chosen' one that huge corporations back with huge $$$'s. 

It seems to be all about saving the fake reality created by 30 gun manufacturers, so that they can keep selling mass shooters as many guns, as much ammo and and as many bullets as they want.  

Of course, these senators will more than likely claim that they never read the bill, so they cannot be held responsible for understanding it, or even for their vote.. They say that a lot these days. 

Many politicians will actually come right out and say in public that most bills coming before them are never read before being voted on. So what are these legislators actually doing, other than trolling for money, like some street hooker?

90% of legislators pass legislation with no debate, while not even reading the bills that they are voting on. 

Who is telling them to vote on these bills that they do not read? What kind of money is behind the scenes, pulling the strings to buy off the votes of these political prostitutes, who sell votes for blood money? 

The support for lone super SWAT style armed assassins bent on taking out people in kindergardens, theatres, and colleges seems to be almost unlimited in the halls of Congress. 

Guess what? These 30 gun manufacturers and those that support them got their wish. The mass killers are still on the prowl. Any crazy loon can still go out and buy a military assault rifle, arm himself to the teeth and go assassinate a bunch of people with absolutely no background check at all. 

The hounds of death and suffering are loosed. Human blood sport is what they want, and human blood spurting at the rate of 30,000 people a year is what they will continue to get. Congratulations.  Enjoy the blood stained money. Good luck with that.

When law makers just rubber stamp whatever the huge corporations and their lobbyists say they want, without reading the bills, what do we call that? Is that democracy? 

If only corporations get what they want, but taxpayers get reamed, shafted and get more of the bill for the messes that these corporations create, what does that say about not just democracy, but also capitalism in general? 

Fascism is a form of government where corporations control the government and daily life. Ordinary citizens have little or no role. Are we heading there? Are we there already? What do you think?

If this does not get you mad and willing to do something, like voting for someone who does not take corporate money, then the US is basically just a corporate colony, controlled by the 1%. Voting for the Dualopoly is voting for corporate speak.

All that is left is the vote and freedom of speech. Use it or lose it. Guess what? Only the Green Party does not take corporate money.  

Gun Lobby and Paid Off Political Allies Willfully Lied While Voting Down Universal Background Check Bill; via @AGreenRoad

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Posted: Saturday May 4, 2013, 12:27 pm
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