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May 4, 2013

This is my intro to Care2!  I'm really looking for some place to share ideas, have heated discussions and try to make a difference in the world. 

Here it is the 21st century and we seem to be farther apart than ever.  Divided by crap like politics (which is just designed to divide us), imaginary boders, the color of our skin, sexual preferances, weight, football team, pet preference and more.  This isn't us, folks, we really just want to love and be loved and share love and have a good life.  Everyone.  No one wants killing and war and violence and scarity and pollution and greed and hunger or thirst.  Except for maybe the elite, the powers that be. 

I feel it's time for the people to take the world back and make it what it should be, paradise for all!  We don't need another cell phone just becaues it's the latest and greatest, another car because it has heated seats,  bling and other crap to fill what is missing in our lives.  All the cyclical consumption won't fill that space, love is the only thing that will.  Love and connectedness.  It is all vibration, energy and I'm looking for good vibrations. 

If you have something to say about something I post, and it is a negative toward ordinary people you better have evidence, because I back my opinions and beliefs with evidence, not with fables, hersay or intolerance.  In fact when it comes to intolerance, I'm a hypocrit, I have no tolerance for it.  

I am everything:

liberal  - people first - I don't believe that we can not help the less fortunate, you never know when it may be you.  To walk by a person, human being, on the street that is asking for help, well, I'd rather err on the side of helping someone that dosen't need it or is just going blow it on crap, than to take the chance of not helping someone who is hungry, cold, thristy . . .  Give them a blanket, buy them a sandwhich a cup of coffee, but don't ignore them.  It's a human being that may truely need your help.

conservative - government is too big - I own a gun - I don't know when life starts, but I knew I had a life growning inside me. That doesn't give me the right to tell you what to do with your body.  The answer to unwanted pregnancy is education and that is how we will end abortion.

spiritual not religious - we are all made of star stuff. God experiencing life through all of us and everything.  There is no one god, we are all god, but make no mistake, the book of books was written by men documenting the times.  I identify with no religion and I hate dogma.  Organized religion is just a way to control the masses, in my educated opinion.

Golden Rule - the law I try to live by on a daily basis, I fail at times, blew up just today at ignorance and intolerance that just didn't want to be enlightened, just wanted to put others down, call names and change the subject. My intolerance took on an ugly beast of a persona, it was horrific and yet I couldn't stop.  For that I'm sorry, and I try to learn from these situations when they crop up. 

I believe in not following laws that infringe on peoples individual rights.  If it effects no one else it should be my choice and no one elses business.   

I believe that for the most part, we the ordinary people of the world have all the power and I want to help others find theirs.  I'm willing to go to jail for my beliefs.  Are you?

The last thing you need to know, I smoke pot on a daily basis and am working to let it grow.  I would love to grow my own for general health purposes and so I could stop smoking it.  There are healthier ways to consume it, some with the high some without.  It is an amaizng plant and that is the bottom line, it's a plant, let it grow!  I really don't want it legalized and controled by government, look what they are doing to us?  Chemtrails, GMO, fluoride and numerous other experiments or ways to slowly kill us (I wear my tin foil hat proudly).

Wars have only ever been fought over greed, not terrorist attacks, not democracy which America is not, America is a constitutional Republic the difference is night and day.

Thing are the way they are in the world because the powers that be want it that way.  We, the citizens of the world, need to take the power back.  There are more of us than there are of them.  We can do it peacefully!  We just have to stop being divided by the bs and see our humanity.  I'll share with you and the world anything and everything that is in my power to share, will you?

That's me in a nut shell, you will learn more as the days go by and we start to get to really know each other.


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Posted: Saturday May 4, 2013, 12:38 pm
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Vezza Rose
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