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May 6, 2013

"Give Folk Medicine Back to the Folks!"  This is one of our favorite slogans here at the Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center.  It's more than a slogan, in fact; it's one of our primary goals!

The classes we teach here are practical.  We teach how to use natural elements, such as plants, water, air, and natural abilities like laughter, love, touch, creativity and more, to assist us in our healing journey, bringing about the natural health we were created to have.  We were made to live and live well!  We were created in the image and likeness of God, and the planet we're on is perfectly designed to support life on this planet.  Otherwise we'd all be extinct!

Modern medicine has only been around for a very short time in the big scheme of things, but we've somehow, as a society, come to the conclusion that it's an integral part of our survival.  Then how did we survive so many years before it all came around?

The history of medicine is a quite interesting study.  When considering the idea that history repeats itself, some areas are well worth the time, and I should think anything dealing with health and survival would be somewhere near the top of the list.  But sadly and strangely enough, the history of sports or of wars or of automobiles, or even sewing machines, seems to be higher on a lot of folks' minds. 

I'm not talking about the history of modern medicine, as presented by interested parties to the mega-billion dollar industry that modern medicine has recently become.  I'm talking about the history of medicine as it goes way back in time, to where the first time chemical medicine entered the scene, and exactly how it came into the power that it has today.  Money is power, they say.  But they also say that the love of it is the root of all evil.  Let's put that question aside for a moment, but we will examine it more before we are through.

In the beginning, when all was created, we are told through many sources that all was created as good.  Do we believe this?  No matter what else you may believe, ask yourself if you believe this  basic premise or not.  Do you believe that the earth, the universe, and everything in it has a basic design of perfection, in that each part is perfectly designed to function in a manner which is inherently beneficial to the the good of all?  This is the basic premise of the continuation of life.  Do you believe life is random or do you believe that there is a Higher Order in place?

Or how about this...Do you believe that the laws of nature apply to you in your life?  To believe that they don't is like believing that the planets just magically don't routinely bang into each other.  Surely we all know there is some sort of reason, call it scientific or call it Divine, but there is SOME sort of reason they don't!  Just as there is some sort of reason why when a sperm and an egg join together a whole entire human is born, or another creature like to it's own kind.  There is order in the world of nature, and we are a part of all that.  So why when we think of our health do we think it is somehow strange to look to nature for the answers to the secrets of life?  This defies neither science nor God!  God is seen as Creator, and science verifies that life is GOOD!!

So, to look at the history, let's start with the idea of all being good.  Then something happened.  What was it?  The knowledge of good AND evil was chosen through our free will, and that's when sickness began.  We were given perfection and we thought we could do better than that.  We defied the laws of nature and God and sickness began and has continued since then.

Well, God being the Good that God is gave us a perfect world in which to live.  We messed a lot of it up, and we're messing it up in recent times worse than it's ever been messed.  We've polluted it, stripped it of many natural resources, and we've all but destroyed natural balance on this marvelous, perfectly designed planet of ours. 

We, as the human race, have collectively turned love into hate in so many instances, as well as plentiful and bountiful supply for us all into unadulterated greed, throwing so many into an utter state of poverty and lack.  We've learned to steal, lie, cheat, kill, rape, adulterate, betray, torture, embezzle, enslave, batter, deprive, imprison and otherwise mistreat ourselves, our fellow humans and fellow creatures on a daily basis, to one degree or the next.  Is there anyone of us who has not lied to ourselves at least a little today?  We may think that we haven't, but if we've told ourselves that we're anything less than a Perfect and Whole expression of God, then we have.  That's where the trouble begins.  The knowledge of good and evil.  We would do so much better to simple accept all as Good!

So, back to the history lesson, people began getting sick, but there was still goodness in us, and the inherent gifts of healing available to use.  We had the gifts of the earth and sky, such as the plants, the air, the sunshine, the rain and the magnetic force.  We had other gifts, too, such as the power of love, and of laughter, and the ability to respond in a creative manner to what comes our way.  We were created in the image of the Creative Force of all Life!  Creativity comes naturally to us.

ALL of healing comes naturally to us!  It is our nature to heal!  Our bodies have an amazing power to regenerate.  Have you ever noticed how a cut heals on its own?  The body KNOWS how to heal.  We were created in the image of God, and God is Life.  We were created in the image of LIFE, therefore we know how to heal.  What does a flower bulb do when you take a shovel and cut into it?  It causes the tree to flower more, or the roots to spread, because it has a natural healing response.  So do we.

No, we can't overcome everything.  Not with the limits we have placed on our own minds, anyway.  We could if we realized the Power given to us for healing, but we have to overcome the sins of our fathers, so as to speak, and overcome all the lies through the years.  Where did they start?  They started with wanted to do better than that which was already perfect and good.  We wanted to know what the knowledge of evil would bring.

So what is evil?  Evil to my way of thinking is greed.  As mentioned before, it is said that the love of money is the root of all evil.  Well, money hasn't always existed, but the idea of wanting more than our share has been around for a very long time.  Someone wants someone's wife, or their land, or their mule, or their car, and it's on.  People with tons of money have been in power for ages and ages and many have been much less than kind in their desire to rule the whole world.  The money is not the problem, the problem is the love of money over the love of God.  God is Life.  God is Love.  God is Good.  Placing personal wealth over the Love of Life, Love and Goodness is where the evil begins.

So, why are we talking about evil and the love of money and all of this when the topic at hand is Giving Folk Medicine Back to the Folks?  Well, we saw where sickness started, and then after that there were good-hearted people who shared love, prayer, and healing knowledge freely with one another, and this is what Folk Medicine is!  It's when professionalism and trying to monopolize and profit from the practice of healing for personal gain rather than the common good that medicine became expensive and out of reach in the first place.  It's also where the side effects began to appear, and the suppression of our healing heritage and right to practice healing each other without license by state government authorities and such.

At first it was the Church that controlled medical practice.  The Church, in fact, was actually one with the State.  Separation of Church and State are very important to freedom, and at Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center, we're very grateful for that.   May we all work together to preserve this freedom, and not take for granted that it can be taken away. 

But back to the message at hand, the Church, the State, the local powers that be, began dictating who could and could not engage in the practice of medicine, upon threat of imprisonment or even death.  In the early days, the penalty of death was often imposed for such a crime.  In fact, Galileo himself is said to have come up against the threat of death on this issue, but his life was bargained for, and that's where the birth of chemical medicine began.  The men of medicine (not women at that time!  Women were commonly burned at the stake as witches if they practiced the healing arts!) were permitted to practice medicine so long as they left the Spirit out of the picture and treated the body instead like a machine with no regard to the Life Force at all.  So the goal of medicine became one of over-powering the body through artificial means, rather than working with the Life Force and the body's natural inclination to heal.

To add to this scenario, there was also the motivation for profit.  As mentioned above, so-called "witches" were burned at the stake, and nature was put underground, if you'll pardon the pun.  Medical schools were very expensive, and medical terminology was quite complex, being based in Latin and over-complicating the idea of health.   They took the goodness of whole herbs and chemically extracted only the components they wanted, and then they concentrated the doses of such and added artificial ingredients in, all of which created side-effects which were not originally there for the sake of a patent and big profit and monopolization and greed. 

What I have come to realize is that God, through nature, made the medicine like it should have been in the first place, perfect and whole, for our good with no side effects.  The only problem with herbs is we don't know how to use them.  That's what we're talking about!  Herbs and the other plants were put here as our food and medicine, and we've forgotten completely how to use them it seems!  Same thing with other healing elements, such as laughter, love, air, aroma, sound, color, fresh air and lots of clean water!!!

Why on earth do we, as a society, leave the concept of healing and the practice of medicine to those only trained in what they are trained in, and why do we not realize the power to heal is within us all?  There is example after example throughout ALL of history of the practice of healing being suppressed...even to the point of death.  Are many not dying today?  Maybe no one is being put to death, but many are dying at the hands of those who claim to know what is best.  What if we choose something else?  Are we allowed?  We better not take it for granted, because we can easily lose this right once again.  History does indeed tend to repeat.

We have, right now, the right to learn, and we should, if we are to survive as individuals and as a race.  To me, survival means moving ahead.  To stay stuck in one spot in my mind is to die.  We need to move forward but not forget the past.  We are doomed to repeat that which we do not recall and use for our common good.  We're here together to learn. 

Life is tough.  There are many obstacles and seeming disruptions to good.  Our challenge is to use everything we have for good, and to thereby recognize the worth in all.  We are all on the same team, sharing the same planet together.  This is the attitude we all need to embrace.

Meanwhile, people cheat in the game and some try to take the whole playing board for themselves.  Some people quit, some drop out for awhile and come back, and some people just plain don't follow the rules.  All you can do is to play the absolute best that you can if you want your team to win, and winning is survival for all.  Remember, there's only one team.

That being said, we need to put all of the fear and the advertising that plays on our fear to the side.  Forget the diagnoses, the prognoses, the statistics, and everything scary for just a minute and think for yourself for a minute.  Look at what the modern medical system has become.  Is it simple?  Does it seem Godly to you?  Have we perhaps given our God-given power away?

People standing in lines for medical treatment.
People stuck in waiting rooms for hours and hours, being asked the same questions again and again.
People losing their homes to pay medical bills.
Insurance dictating medical treatment available.
People being told they have to do this or that.
People being told they have so long to live.
People dying from side effects.
People dying from medical error.
People dying from infections contracted in medical institutions.
People being told they have to take certain medications for the rest of their lives.
People having organs cut out routinely.
Animals being maimed, tortured and killed by the millions in order that research be done.
Underpaid aides, understaffed nursing homes, and children on mind-altering drugs. 
More and worse things than these.

In the beginning, all was created as good.  What have we done?  Shouldn't we get back to all that?ee

Today the common idea of healing is that Vitamin C comes in a pack of artificially colored and flavored packet of refined sugar or else chemically formulated artificial sweetening agent...all of which are very suspect by the own horrific animal experiments of being extremely detrimental to mind chemistry and other bodily functions for our well-being and good.  The fact that it contains a synthetic version of Vitamin C is only of worse consequence, because it lies to the common folks who believe what they read and who blindly also believe that if it were bad for you it couldn't be sold.  The fact is that Vitamin C and all the other vitamins come best directly from FOOD, with plants and herbs being our food.

Healing is natural.  Healing is free.  Healing is built into our cells.  We were placed in an environment perfectly suited to meet our healing needs.  We intuitive know how to heal.  Healing occurs for millions and millions and millions of people each day without chemical drugs.  These are not included in the statitistics.  The statistics are slanted to show different things for the purpose of showing what is profitable to show.  Keep in mind, they want us dependent on them.  The medical industry is the #1 money manking industry in the U.S. and most likely in the whole world.  If not medicine, then surely war.  Are the two so different and apart?  The cancer industry, specifically, is the top dollar industry in the U.S.  How badly do you think they want a cure?  The cures exist as close as right under our feet.  There are countless cures, and they're all within our own reach.

It's time to Give Folk Medicine Back to the Folks.  That's what we're trying to do at Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center.  We believe God meant for healing to be free and available to all.  We can heal with the plants, with the food, with the aromas, with laughter, with tears, with love, with prayer, with touch, with creativity, with color, with sound, with movement, with rest, with water and sooooooooooo many things!  God is the Source of all Life!  God IS Life!  God is Love!  God is Good!  So why would God not want us to heal?  Healing is natural to us!  We were created in the image and likeness of God. 

This modern day reliance on chemical medicine and medical doctors with their big words is just astounding when you step back and look.  It was only as far back as 1938 when the last botanical medical school was shut down in the U.S.  It was in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The botanical schools used to exist and the only reason that today they do not is because choice was taken away by big dollars and a monopoly was created.  That's all.  It had nothing to do with what works, but with profit.  The history is rich if you pursue the true facts of the story.  It is a story which has repeated itself again and again.  Yet how do you forever subdue the natural gifts of healing granted to us since the beginning of time?  The methods of doing such are quite intense, more so than perhaps we might think.

Quite frankly, we brainwashed and drugged.  We're drugged from the first time we're given a sip of fluoridated water, or when they put refined sugar into our bottle in some form or another, or inoculate u with substances foreign to us.  We're brainwashed from the first time we turn on the TV, or look at a magazine ad.  That might seem extreme, but add to that the idea that our parents have all been brainwashed for years, so it takes easy to us.

I encourage you all to think for yourself, and ask yourself, as a believer in the very first question I made at the beginning of this whole rant...which you must be, or else you would not be reading still...whether or not this makes any sense?  They read the side effects aloud in the ads, but people just seem to ignore them and then not even consider they have a choice when the side effects indeed do occur.  What they don't read is crammed in tiny letters onto a paper all folded up a mile long into a little box that gets thrown away when the package is opened, most times.  Then warnings aren't heeded, and natural methods such as drinking more water, eating more quality whole living plant foods and getting proper exercise and rest just fall to the side.

Think of this, too, when thinking of your independence and freedom to be who you were created to be...What if the system fails?  The system fails all the time, to this person or that.  I know many, many people personally, including myself, whom it has failed at one time or another.  Otentimes this failure results in death, but sometimes only minor problems occur.  The question is, though, more to the point, what if the whole system fails?  What if the worst thing imaginable happens and there is an emergency situation at hand.  What if you couldn't get to where there was medical treatment available, or what if the supplies all ran out?  How independent would you be at that moment in time?  What would be your ability to survive?

Learn to use the plants, I implore you.  They can accomplish so much!  The right plant can stop you from bleeding to death.  Yarrow is such an herb.  I've used yarrow before to save my own life.  Soldiers lives have even been saved by the use of this herb on the battlefield.  It can help with everything from gunshots to nosebleeds.  Why would anyone not want to know of this herb?

That is only just one example.  There are millions and millions and millions more examples of herbs and other natural elements that can save your life.  I don't know anywhere near as much about this as I want to know, and I've been studying for years!  The one thing through all my studies I've learned, though, is that the answer is always there, and it is always readily at hand.  Prayer, for instance, when properly applied, can most certainly save someone's life.  When I say properly applied, I say that, because prayer is not meant to change the will of God, for the will of God is always Good, but rather it is to change our awareness of this and our level of willingness to comply.  It is like this in all healing  We need to be aware of our innate ability to heal and then be willing to apply this inner awareness in practical ways in our life.

Practicality is at the heart of healing.  If it's not practical, then what good is any of it?  Healing is meant to be simple, practical and available to all.  The most practical healing is that we can do for ourselves and our loved ones.  The kindest thing we can do is to help others in achieving this goal.  Healing is as simple as knowing where to place your hand on your body and how to direct the Healing Energy of God through the mind.  This is the proper use of the will,m in aligning our will with the Will of God, which is healing of the mind, body and spirit of all. 

Healing happens in so many ways when we open ourselves to the Healing Energy present in all of Life.  It's in our body, our mind and our heart, and it's in every living atom of life.  Cling to life, and it will cling to you.  Natural healing is Life Medicine.  It cannot be conveyed through that which does not promote life.  There is no life in artificial medicine.  That's why it's artificial.  It's fake.  It is so easy to see even by definition, that natural is natural and fake is fake!  Common sense doesn't seem so common these days. 


Let's share traditions and knowledge with one another, and let's work together, as One, in healing the world!  God's will for the world is to LIVE in Goodness and Love!

If you're in the area, please RSVP to come to any of our events we've got going on, or suggest a relevant program to us!  We'd love to have you add your energy in!  If you're not in the area, feel free to join in with our energy from far away.  You're welcome to write anytime!  The easiest way to do that right now is through our Facebook Page at  You can also find our events there, along with photos and lots of great things that we've shared.  Please take a scroll down our page. 

Blessings in your healing pursuit,
"Vibraceous, ND"
Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

Please reference our website as source of all quotes, and please quote in context. Thanks!

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