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May 23, 2013

We all know that we're expected to be on our best behavior at church, but do we really know why that is?  Shouldn't we be on our best behavior all of the time?  Is behaving as if we're something we're not when we're not being a hypocrite when we walk through those doors?

Well, sure, we should be behaving our best all the time, and that's what we're learning to do.  By behaving our best at church, it sets a pattern.  It gives us a chance to see how it feels, to practice, and to be supported by others in realizing a better way of presenting ourselves.

We all make mistakes.  Everyone is perfect in God's eyes and in our creation, but let's face it, we fall short in carrying that out.  We all make mistakes.  We all "sin."  (A sin is simply missing the mark.)

But it's important to think about how we would act if we were living in the perfection we were created to be.  We would be kind, loving, healthy, fair, honest, strong, secure, positive, compassionate, generous, optimistic, even-tempered, light-hearted, happy, fulfilled! 

Let's practice together!  What would be so bad about portraying these qualities each day? everyone and everything, including ourselves.  Same thing for loving.  This includes sending love to people we hate or resent.  Healthy?  Is that something we can control?  Well, we can certainly start where we are, and imagine ourselves to be!  We can fake it until we make it, so as to speak.  We can look at our behaviours like eating, etc., and ask ourselves if this is how a healthy person stays healthy or not.  We can give thanks because we're healing right now.  Fairness and honesty, again with ourselves and others.  REALLY honest, not just what you think others might like to hear, but become honest at a gut level and develop imtegrity and strength in this way.  Strength, next on the list.  Doing the right things makes you strong.  Security will also come, but foster it by reaffirming and stepping out in your faith.  Positive.  There's always Good you can focus your attention on instead of apparent lack that may be fooling you into thinking that all is not right in your world.  Give thanks and you'll see there is always a reason to be grateful you are alive!  Compassion to all, even the animals who go through so much at the hands of humans.  Generous, realizing and giving thanks that your own needs are always supplied.  Optimism reminds us that we are continually progressing on our spiritual path and that things will continually get better for us and the world as we grow in our understanding of Love.    To be even-tempered, light-hearted, happy and fulfilled will be the result of all this.  Allow yourself to start feeling those feelings now!

We don't expect people to not make mistakes at Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center,  but we do hope to offer a place to celebrate the best we can be. 

We talk a lot about healing and how simple it is.  Yes it is simple to heal the way God intended, but we know it is not always easy, and we all have hurts and imbalances that we need to heal.  We're here to help you learn how and to encourage you in your quest for health.  If we seem unsympathetic, we're not.  What we are doing is reprogramming our minds for good health, and giving our body what is required to heal on its own. the whole time acknowledging God's perfect presence in us.  The True Spirit of God can't be sick, and it lives in us.  The more we focus on this, the more we bring it to the forefront of who we are.  This is why we look for solutions, knowing they're there, rather than allowing ourselves to stay stuck in sickness and pain by focusing on the problem instead of on health. 

We have to start believing we can be well before it will manifest for us in our life.  We also have to focus on finding solutions and on doing whatever we can.  We have no time to complain, and to do so pulls us further into the false-belief that we are truly ill.  Illness is an's an experience we're going through, not WHO we are.  Our true identity lies in the fact that we're created in the Perfect image of God.  We realize this can be hard, but until we see our true nature we will continue to think we "are" sick.  Sickness is an experience we're meant to grow through, not cling to.  Don't put negative words on your "I am!"  Instead, try affirmations, such as "I am healing right now!"

At church we don't smoke, we don't drink, we don't curse, we don't gossip...and hopefully we don't do those things either, at home.  At our church, we also do not eat meat or use products created through violence.  We're not saying everyone has to be vegan to be part of our group, but we're holding a standard out that this is the most compassionate way you can eat, and also the healthiest way.  We do not use animal products in our soaps, ointments, foods, herbal tinctures, etc., that we make and use here in our groups.  In the instance of coffee, we do have a coffee maker, but only fair trade coffee at church, to help us become aware of the slave trade that's going on in the name of regular coffee production.  In other words, we work to increase our awareness and hold ourselves as a church to the highest standards that we know how to do.

So, yes, people who come to our church are fallible, and we accept that.  We, as ministers, are fallible, too.  Please do not put me or any of us on a pedestal, or imagine that we're trying to say that we've overcome all adversity, temptation and challenge, for this is not at all the case.  We're simply asking that while we are gathered together that we do our best to take a good look at what we could be doing to increase our awareness of God's perfection in us and in our everyday lives.

So, everyone IS welcome here!  YES!  We don't care what you believe insofar as the particulars of religion, politics, lifestyle, etc., or what your background, race, sexual orientation or anything else is concerned.  You will not be thrown out of the church for breaking laws, man-made or God-made, and you will not be judged for your choices in what you eat, what you drink, what medical choices you make or anything else.  We wish to view everyone with respect, without judgment, gossip or blame.  We will, however, ask that while you are here, you refrain from certain behaviors, such as lying, cheating, stealing, smoking, engaging in illegal behavior, gossiping, cursing and having a general overall negative attitude.  We ask that a respect for life be shown and a willingness to increase our group awareness of the Presence of God. 

Isn't this what we want when we ask for others to give us support?  Don't we want support in being lifted to God?  So when we pray, we see the best in the person we're praying for, and when we are together, we see the best in ourselves and each other, as well.  Our relationships with each other become in this way as a prayer.  That's what we want as a church!

We are creating a sacred space here with each other.  A space where we can become more acquainted with our Higher Selves...with God...with Oneness, Peace, Harmony, Love.   Create a sacred space, too, in your home, in your body, in your heart.  Wherever we are, God IS.

Have a wonder-filled week!
"Vibraceous, ND"
Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

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Posted: Thursday May 23, 2013, 4:08 am
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