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Jun 1, 2013

The principles of healing are the same from individual to individual, but everyone's needs are a little bit different.  This is YOUR life we're talking about!

What a person's heredity is indicates their tendency (not a forgone conclusion) to need added support in this area or that, as does their exposure to chemicals on a daily basis or in large amounts in the past, their lifestyle, their stress level, their particular eating and exercise habits, how much sleep they get, how much water they drink, what they tend to focus their attention on throughout the day, unresolved issues of grief or loss, accidents, surgeries organ removals, medications...these all have an effect on someone's health, and also what they are and aren't willing or able to do to improve their current level of health.  (You see, a lot of people want change but they don't want to do anything differently.  It usually doesn't work quite that way!)

It does no good to make a health plan if it will not be followed.   Things that might get in the way include inconvenience, cost, taste, time involved, addiction, not understanding the program or fear.

I have worked with hundreds of people in my work as a doctor of naturopathy.  Every single person was different!  Their needs and also what will work best for each one.  Like I said, though, certain principles do remain the same.  Some of these are:

  • The body knows how to heal. 
  • The body is working to heal itself now.
  • Nature supports natural healing.
  • Artificial substances and methods designed to overpower and control the body in an artificial manner to force specific reactions interfere with the body's natural healing response. 
  • The body will heal itself once the cause is removed and the basic elements of life are provided, i.e., adequate water, proper nourishment, air, exercise, rest.  The proper use of light, sound and color are extremely helpful, and a little prayer and love goes a very, very long way.
  • You can't fool Mother Nature.  Spiritual ignorance may be bliss and those who don't know any better are covered in grace, but physical consequences are not so forgiving and ignorance of the law is no excuse.  There are natural laws at play such as physiological laws, cause and effect, etc.

There are myths that need to be dispelled in order for healing to best occur, for it is very important to know what you believe.  Whatsoever ye ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.  So first, let's look at a few Truths vs. Myths.

Myth:  It costs a lot of money to take a natural healing approach.

Truth:  It can cost as little as going outside to pick a few dandelions before every meal, or learning to meditate upon awakening each day, or to substitute healthy foods for junk foods in your shopping cart.  (Yes, that means take the potato chips out and put in organic apples instead...pound per pound you'll get a lot more from the apples regardless of what the price tag says!)  Natural healing does not need to be expensive to work well for you.

Even when purchasing the highest quality herbs, an entire program is only $1-5 dollars or less a day.  No, insurance won't cover it, but that's because you're using health products instead of toxic drugs.  It's not at all the same thing, so using free drugs does not replace using herbs.  In other words, the drugs aren't necessarily a better choice economically, especially considering the costs of the side effects, deductibles and loss of health that frequently accompanies drugs.  The side effects from herbs are usually side benefits, not negative but positive effects in addition to what they were used for.  Any seemingly negative effects are most often a cleansing reaction, indicating the body is already overloaded with toxins which the herbs work to start clearing out.  Side effects are mild and short lasting with herbs.

Myth:  Vitamins and minerals are superior to herbs.

Truth:  Herbs contain more complete forms of vitamins and minerals and are more easily used by the body.  Herbs are food.  Real food.  It is always better to get direct from the source.  If using vitamins, however, it is very important they're natural and not synthetic.  Synthetic vitamins do more harm than good.  Inorganic minerals are the same way.  Minerals should come from the plant.  We're not meant to eat rocks and dirt.

Myth:  Modern medicines are more advanced in their effectiveness.

Truth:  Really?  Look at the numbers again, keeping in mind side effects, toxicities, nutrient depletion, addiction, medical or user error and hospital mistakes and infections.  Statistics show we're better off treating ourselves!  Of course, we have to know how, or else we're putting ourselves at risk when a response to the body's needs are required.  That's what this lesson is all about.  Making your OWN customized plan!  In other words, it's up to you to know what your body needs! 

Myth:  The doctors know best.

Truth:  God knows best!  (God IS Life!)  Medical doctors are trained in drug medicines, surgery and....and....hmmm....not very much else.  They have no or very little training in herbs, nutrition, breathing, meditation, exercise, addiction, exercise, spirituality, stress management and numerous other topics of interest to us in bringing about natural health.  It's simply not what they're trained to do!  They're trained to give drugs and perform surgery.  That's it.  Unless of course they take an interest themselves and delve into some of these other areas or specialize in something related.  Still, though, a medical doctor will take a medical approach, which is basically surgery or drugs.  So if you want to know about other things, you need to ask someone besides your M.D.  Your M.D. is the person to speak to regarding drugs, surgery, and anything that has to do with any medical program you might be considering or currently on. 

Myth:  Herbs are dangerous.

Truth:  You need to have a basic understanding of herbs before you go picking and eating things you don't know about, but eating what rabbits eat is generally safe.  Take a guidebook alo  ng to accurately identify anything you may pick and eat, but overall, herbs are meant to be food.  Also, when purchasing herbs, make sure you are buying from a reputable dealer.  Know your source.  Poisonous herbs are not on the medicinal market.  It is generally safe to use herbs at 2-3 times the recommended dose when dealing with a current issue, so you can feel completely safe at the regular dose.  The danger is in using them with conventional drugs, because too much of the drugs in your system may be the result of herbs getting your body healthy again.  Also, herbs cleanse toxins out and may see the drug as a toxin and cleanse it out without it's having had the desired effect. 

So it is not the herb that is dangerous, but the dependence on pharmaceutical drugs.  To rely on drugs for basic bodily functions is to artificially operate the body and become dependent on the drugs to do the body's work, rather than supporting the body in doing it's own work as it was Designed to do.  In a sense, it's over-riding the will of God.  Food was designed as our medicine and herbs were designed to be food.  It's our ignorance of their use which has become unsafe, both in neglecting to practice natural ways and also in turning to dangerous drugs with their side effects.

"And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat."  (Genesis 1:29)

Myth:  There are no cures for many diseases.

Truth:  God has a cure.  It is there.  For every incurable disease, there have been people who have beat the odds.  Statistics fail to take this into account.  Every time someone lives, a cure was enacted for them.  Cures come in many forms, and sometimes in different forms for different individuals, but there is always a cure possible for every condition of health which exists.  Throughout history there have even been reports of those who were raised from the dead.  The blind, the lepers, the lame...these are no different than people today.  A root, a berry, a sip of elixir, a hug, a prayer, an energy healing, water, exercise, rest...there are many, many ways that we can heal.

Myth:  Natural cures are unorthodox.

Truth:  Natural cures have been around since the very beginning of time.  They are why we are not now extinct.

Hopefully this has helped erase a few fears.  There's really nothing to be afraid of.  We all day someday, this much is true.  But what kind of life do we wish to live?  I wish to live a vital life full of energy, wellness and hope.  This is God's best plan for us all.

I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything.  I just want to share what I've learned over the years to try and help ease others' pain.  I care about others, but it is my own life and those close to me who matter the most.  I think everyone can probably say the same thing.  Your life is your life, and so you do what you think is best for you.

And along the same lines, also remember it's your life and not your doctor's life.  Your doctor has your best interest at heart, I am sure, but it isn't his or her life on the line.  It is yours.

Medical doctors know what they're taught, and like the rest of us, they also know whatever else they've learned along the way.  What is taught in medical school is primarily based on disease rather than wellness.  Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies are the major funding source for medical schools, and pharmaceutical drug education is mostly what is being taught, along with surgical intervention, early screening, and diagnosis and prognosis of disease.  It is an entirely different approach than the naturopathic approach.

So if you're going to a medical doctor thinking that you're getting the whole picture, you're not.  Naturopathy tends to be much more holistic in viewpoint, but even then, you are not assured of getting the whole picture unless you specifically seek holistic care.  (The term holistic implies to look at the totally of an individual rather than bits and parts.)  Even then, though, do you really see the whole picture?  No one knows your circumstances better than you, so be sure you add your input in.

It's YOUR life.  If you get sick, then YOU get sick.  And if YOU're to get well, then YOU have to be the one to put the effort in.  YOU are the one who needs to make the decisions.  YOU are the responsible party.  It's up to YOU to do your own research, and it's up to YOU to carry out what it is that you decide to do.  There's no use in blaming, because in the end, YOU are the one who will reap the consequences of whatever course of action you decide to pursue.

Along those same lines, are you letting the grocery store product placement specialists or advertising executives make your food buying decisions for you?  It's YOUR life, not theirs.  They're trying to sell while all you're doing is trying to buy breakfast cereal that will give you what you need to carry you throughout the day!  It may sound silly what I'm saying here, but do you buy what's been placed strategically to draw your interest...and your  Do you make your food decisions, similarly, based on what the commercials say on TV?  Don't let others decide such important matters for you if you want to live a fuller and longer life!  If yoiu're eating for health, which is the best reason for eating and the best approach to good health, then you need to eat healthy foods!  It seems quite simple, but this seems to elude many folks.  It matters to your health what's on your plate!  Make it natural and pure.  Make your food choices a vital part of your plan for optimal health!

So, in designing a plan, the first thing to decide is how much time and money are you willing to put into the project of becoming as well as you can become.  Let's go down a short list of some choices to make...

Supplements and herbal remedies.  These need d to be staples if you want to make a noticeable difference in improving your level of health.  Not as drugs, designed to regulate the body, but as food, designed to support the body in its natural functions.  Herbs work to nourish, cleanse and balance the body so that it can better do the job it's meant to do, which is to THRIVE!

So, do you want to get products to supplement your diet that you can just take on the way out the door every morning, again at lunchtime and then in the evening?  If so, you have to realize these are not covered by insurance, and going with a cheap company will get you cheap results.  I would suggest going with a company you can count on.  Pick a good one.  There are numerous, but be sure you reseach the company you choose.  Don't just look at ingredients in products they use, although this is extremely important, but look for signs of high quality ingredients.  Does the company have a quality statement?  Do they manufacture their own products?  What are their standards like?  What is their reputation in the natural health industry? Many herbs get passed over by the better companies only to be purchased by cheaper companies and used.  These may include herbs which have been damaged, are less potent, have not had stringent tests for microbes or cannot adequately be identified.  If you're going to use herbs for your health, use the best herbs that you can.  Do your research.  Contact us at if you'd like suggestions from us.

You can also grow many herbs yourself, and also focus more on food for your health.  Food for your health should be a good part of any wellness plan.  Herbs are concentrated food, providing plant substances the body recognizes and needs.  You can also learn to make herb medicines yourself.  They are easy once the proper procedure is learned, and quite inexpensive, as well.  We have classes at Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center if you're in the area.  We're happy to serve!  Eventually we'll be offering video tapes.  In the meanwhile, hit YouTube.  There are many good videos there.

Make YouTube your friend!  You can learn how to make raw vegan foods, how to make herbal tinctures, how to identify and cultivate herbs, and so much more.  You can even do Yoga to YouTube!  You can find healing sound frequencies and music and so many wonderful things. 

This is your LIFE we're talking about!  Spend time learning what it takes to live well!  The answers are certainly there.  You can be your own expert.  It's up to you how well you want to live and how much you're willing to trust yourself.  Check out the facts.  Don't be a cynic, but it's okay to be a skeptic and do your own research.  A cynic tends to have a closed mind, and that's not going to bring any change into your life.  There's a lot of information out there, some good, some incorrect.  Look at the source and consider what perspective they're coming from. 

In addition to herbal supplements and food therapy...(by the way, raw foodism and juicing are awesome for health!), also consider things like exercise.  How much do you get?  Really?  Be honest because there's no fooling your body on this.  Exercise is for much more than just losing weight.  it's for keeping your body flexible and strong with endurance to carry you through!  Exercise also plays a part in organ health, endocrine health, brain function, and many things we don't commonly think of.  What kind of exercise are you willing to do to optimize your current level of health?  If you won't do it, don't waste the time to put it into your plan.  Think of some for of exercise you really are willing to do and then start with that, gradually increasing the amount and types of exercise you regularly take part in for health.

Water is so important to health and so neglected by many.  Don't drug your thirst!  Water has to do with every function of the body, from brain to joints to every malfunction and disease under the sun.  DRINK LOTS OF WATER!  We are roughly 70% water.  Each of our 70-100 TRILLION cells need water to carry nutrients in and waste out.  Nothing can take its place.  Drink water evenly throughout the day for best results.  Take your body weight, divide it by half, and drink that many ounces a day as a good rule of thumb.  (And use a filter or be a filter...your choice!)

Rest.  Get some.  Regular rest.  Sleep when it's dark and get up when it's light.  This is the very best way and you'd be surprised how much good it will do!  During the day, if you are tired, honor your body and rest.  Over time, energy will return as you work to rebuild your health.  The body repairs itself during rest.

Chemical exposure.  Examine what you are breathing!  Synthetic fragrances are extremely toxic to use!  Air fresheners...get ones with essential oils instead of synthetic fragrance.  These will not only give you reduced exposure to toxins but will actually benefit you.  Same thing with all cleaning products and beauty products.  Go through the house and replace them all!  Synthetic fragrances have countless toxic chemicals as ingredients that affect the brain, the nervous system, the endocrine system and the respiratory system.  It is shocking this information is not more widely known.  The research is vast in verifying the detrimental effects.  Use pure therapeutic grade essential oils in making your own products or buy products only using essential oils or other natural fragrances. 

Stress.  What's yours?  How can you reduce it?  Eliminate unnecessary sources of negative stress.  Too much stress is a killer for sure.

Take your health into your own hands...It's yours.  You are created in the image and likeness of God, in perfection, perfectly capable of healing yourself.  Your body is Divinely designed, as is the earth which gives it support.  Planet Earth was Perfectly Designed to support life on earth!  Take some of the fear out of having a body.  It's the experience we were given on earth to enjoy!  Trust God.  Trust the process.  Trust nature.  Trust yourself!  You are meant to be a healer.  It's part of who you ARE.

Healing is a spiritual matter.  Complete healing only occurs holistically.  If the mind and the spirit are out of balance, the body cannot be well!  Spirit will lead the way, because it is in touch with the Truth of our being and the Source of our strength.  If you cannot wrap your head around the idea of God, use the concept of Love as present throughout all of Nature...and you!

If you need help in designing a program, that's what Certified Traditional Naturopaths are trained to do.  That is the certification I am very happy to have.  But all I or anyone else can do is to guide you.  This is YOUR journey!  Become your own doctor, your own minister, your own very best friend.  The answers are all within YOU.  There is nothing more valuable in life you can learn than how to access these answers and put them to use!  Enjoy the journey and please let us know if there is some way we can help.    

Blessings of Joy, Peace and Good Health (God's Health!) in Your Life!

"Vibraceous, ND"

Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

Founding Minister, Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

Please reference our website as source of all quotes, and please quote in context. Thanks!

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