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Jul 2, 2013

GMO or No GMO Chased with a Cesium Spritzer – Life in the Contamination Nation

me-and-murray 1So now everyone has their diapers in a bunch over GMO glow in the dark foods and the funny lumps they leave. But what about the biggest problem I have with GMO creatures, its flavor? Surely Dr. Johnny Protractor could have tossed in a few zesty & flavorful genetic mutations into that giant, but bitter, peach they engineered. GMO fruits and veggies just taste lousy. Like my 87 year old mother says, “It almost tastes like real food”, but like they say, ‘almost only counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades’. Then there is our alternative, Organic/Natural, but at $3.10 an orange you better be prepared to eat the skins, seeds and the organic grocery bag it came in.


We’ve been eating GMO victuals for as long as I can remember and I’m a crusty old buzzard native dude. I’m not a fan of GMO or any other forms of Franken-Food but I doubt I would stop eating something because I discovered it was non organic and just one molecule short of Plexiglas. Hmm, come to think of it, I never saw a ‘red soda’ in the wild before. Yup, it probably has all the ‘bad stuff’ in it but on a hot muggy evening I could give a flying crappola, I love my ice cold red soda. At least if everything were labeled I could regulate my toxin laden intake when I broke out a textured soy protein burrito and nuked it in the microwave. 


Like trying to boycott Chinese goods, the market is so saturated with Franken-Products it’s impossible to avoid it since at least 80% of all foods are GMO already. Organic/Natural has come to the rescue with a healthy alternative to plastic pizza. They claim the cost of growing organic crops is much cheaper and so does the GMO camp but both camps are lying their coveralls off. Franken-Veggies at the market are priced as high as meat before we even get to the fancy earth friendly organic isle. Might as well name each piece of organic fruit and vegetables and give the leftovers a proper funeral. At least it tasted good. It would appear greed has found another home in the organic food market. How far beyond stupid is that?


After all these ‘Organic Certifications’ get paid off for the humble little organic orange, it cost me $3.10. I should have checked to see if my orange had a name and date of birth. What happened to the deal about organics grown more cheaply without all that genetic engineering crap?  Sure, I’d love to eat more Non-Franken-Foods but buying organic from the mainstream market place is an epic financial undertaking.  Is this the price for flavor, an eye gouging $3.10 for an orange named Lester?  Why doesn’t the consumer EVER get a break? We are screwed, blued and tattooed no matter which way we go.


In comparison I bought a sack of 8 ‘evil’ oranges at the Food Barn for $2.35. They looked all big, nice and juicy, only problem was these oranges tasted sour and never sweetened up, but they did have an orange ‘smell’. You must add sugar to GMO fruit if you want any semblance of sweet deliciousness. Store bought Monsanto Franken-Corn is pale, bland and almost tasteless but at least it produces its own toxins. I should wear an ear of corn around my neck when I go hunting to ward off mosquitoes and ticks. Maybe I could make a corn flea & tick collar for ‘Bear the Wonder Dog’. Robo flour, robo cooking oil, even my humble fry-bread is toxic, holay! I’ll just drown my sorrows in a giant ice cold glass of red soda.


 If you can’t grow your own, local co-ops or farms are the best options for fresh produce. If you want other more erotic fair you’ll still need to run to the GMO Store anyway and get me a red soda and smokes while you’re at it. Many small farming and co-op operations don’t have storage facilities like the big boys so if you canned or other means of preservation you could stock up as the harvesting seasons permitted. Kind of like the olden days when food was grown locally and fresh, not centralized for greater corporate profits like today. Get it while the getting is good and mix it up a bit with GMO eh. Food contamination is a fact of life. At the very least the consumer has variety since different regions have different types of contamination, from radioactive soil & water to chemical laden soil for GMO Franken-Veggies. Be creative about your toxic meals and have fun with your tainted treats. Just remember that organic/natural does not mean radiation free for radiation is an equal opportunity toxic polluter. It’s the deadliest form of contamination on the planet and the mother of most designer cancers.


Menu for Monday could be ‘cesium blue-fin tuna day’, Tuesday could be ‘heavy metals in the drinking water day’ and Wednesday could be cannibal day where we eat animals that are part human because of DNA splicing. The fun part about GMO science is the excitement of discovering new super bugs or hybrid human rodents that thrive on Franken-Crops and quality Canadian beer. Don’t laugh; remember the hullabaloo about horse DNA in beef products in Europe? Well, there was barely a peep from the corporate owned media about the human DNA in American meat products. That should have been a front page headline but the media was focused on more important breaking news about Kim Kardashian’s cellulite.


Though I doubt we are ‘Eating People’ there is a distinct possibility we are eating experimental lab animals tainted with human DNA that were cloned and used for science before being sent to the slaughter house. No one questioned why there was human DNA in US meat. The lame excuse for human DNA in meat was that butchers at the slaughter houses sliced their fingers to ribbons. TV talking head were not aware that de-boners and trimmers must wear stainless steel mittens in accordance to OHSA standards. And there is an army of federal inspectors at slaughter houses watching everything so butchering barehanded is not an option. Fortunately for corporatists the fluoride generation bought into the lie so all is nice and eating people is a non-issue. Bon Appetite’………………


Time for an Alpha and Beta Particle chewing gum since those are the ‘boring’ radiations. Should this new gum be spicy-hot to mimic radiation exposure or minty wintergreen to hale in the next Ice Age? Here we are pointing fingers at one another for a myriad of cancers, birth defects and other diseases. In the meantime we ingest all forms of radiation with wild abandon as we feast in Satan’s Kitchen. The levels of radiation we are exposed to on a 24/7 basis today would have sent everyone underground wearing radiation suites in the 60’s. Recently the government raised the level of ‘acceptable’ radiation in our drinking water again and no one raised an eyebrow. There is no such thing as an ‘acceptable level’ of radiation in the human body in reality and raising the levels only spells the birth of new and improved cancers.


To the president’s defense, he had no choice because radiation contamination is everywhere and increasing at an alarming rate. If we adhered to the safety standard of the last ‘adjusted’ radiation levels we would be forced to address some very inconvenient issues to stop the continued spread of transuranic trash. Guess that’s why the radio active contamination issue was ignored in the 50’s & 60’s, they chose to overlook all the red flags in favor of profits from a shamefully corrupt nuclear industry. It’s only coincidental that a butt load of politicians are invested in this deadly industry. The only things that did change over the years were the levels of ‘acceptable’ radioactive contamination in our food, water, the air we breathe. Fact is, nuclear contamination is the cause of more cancers than Uncle Wally’s cheap cigar. You can stop smoking but nuclear pollution is the gift that keeps on giving and lasts for centuries.


Nuclear energy may be a glimpse of the future but this pseudo civilization is way too stupid to handle a BIC Lighter without blowing themselves up or killing their neighbors over it. The nuclear industry has been a shadow supporter of anti-fossil fuel campaigns around the world for years. Not all environmental groups are dirty, not by any means but by the same token there are some very shady groups that are nothing more than shill organizations whose leadership takes their marching orders from the nuclear industry and/or Moscow & Beijing. They literally hijacked a noble cause for the purpose of anarchy with an army of unwitting participants who thought they were fighting for Ma Earth, not Vlad, Xi or even Westinghouse.


So what would be the alternative to that nasty oil and gas if we stopped right now eh? *Wind, solar, bio-energy and geothermal are still in their infancy producing 4% of the energy now. Projected output at best will double to 8% by 2018, 2018! So be aware that Nuclear will be the new green and safe alternative energy of choice to fill the void left by nasty ka ka fossil fuels. Follow the money boys and girls and you will discover that the hopelessly corrupt nuclear industry has some very strange bed fellows and some very deep pockets. They will play both sides to accomplish their goals, with the help of politician/investors that filled houses.


Whether you want to believe it or not, it is these investor/politicians within our government who gave our nation to corporations they are invested in, coincidentally. Follow the money before all the info disappears from the libraries, old news papers are destroyed, the web is erased then read it and weep. It is high treason in the real world. Other nations share this shameful political unscrupularity perpetrated by investor/politicians so we are not alone by any means but the players are still the same corporations. It’s all about the money Paisan, it’s all about the money and it’s all orchestrated by a hand full of global oligarchists. Earth has become a board game for elitists who’ve hijacked religions many centuries ago and killed in the name of G*D ever since. Now they took the final step and infected nations with their cancer of greed.


Today it’s more a matter of surviving all the dire consequences of long term exposure to a wide variety of toxins including radiation. Cancer abounds but the connection with nuclear radiation is completely ignored. Radiologically speaking, the damage is done, our goose is cooked and so are generations to come. It’s going to get much worse before it gets better. According to both my visions and that of my elders, Ma Earth has only begun to clean the slate and in the process there will be many more Chernobyl’s and Fukushima’s in the years to come and basically, we are toast, lock stock and tomahawk.


Just think of the commercial possibilities though; Tyvek could team with Armani; ‘La décontamination Collection’, a rich blend of lama and Tyvek fabric, cool, light weight and gamma burst resistant. PG&E and Exclon could go to elementary schools handing out pink and blue bunny rabbit clip-on dosimeters. Designer mutations would be in vogue and you could decorate the parasitic twin growing on your neck. A Tyvek tipi would be bitchen to have. But I doubt my cousin Antonio would care for Tyvek as opposed to more traditional tipi fabrics and lead would be too heavy for our lodge poles anyway. But we would be the first natives in our neighborhood to have a ‘Fall-Out Tipi’.


At the very least, give us common folks a fighting chance to survive toxic GMOs with a label or two, as futile is it may be. Rather than lie their pseudo politico/investor asses off and deny the existence of widespread radioactive and chemical contamination the fed should have given us a heads-up, dosimeter and a pair of Tyvek boxers. The blame game has come to pass and the lemmings said barely a word. And as we hold vigil on the GMO labeling issue it is unfortunate to note that we are becoming genetically modified from both radiation and the chemicals we ingest daily as we speak. On the bright side, chemo therapy will be as simple as a walk in the park and when we die there would not be a need for embalming our carcasses because we would already be irradiated with a shelf life of 20,000 years. Just make sure to die with clean underwear on.


As for the GMO verses Organic, they both are contaminated with radiation and we will be plagued with digestive and other internal diseases but organic would taste better. The key to survival is awareness because you don’t want to go to a gun fight with a pocket knife and fortunately there are people waking up and people are beginning to open their eyes to the harsh realities of our toxic planet. Though there is little we can do about radioactive contamination we still can regulate the other toxins we are ingesting through GMO foods. The high cost of labeling is a fabricated lie so there is no excuse for not labeling, period. But really boys and girls, who was the greedy butthead who invented a zillion dollar duty to certify crops are organically grown in the first place? Hope the guy was not a Monsanto stooge. The consumer is between a rock and a hard place either way.


In any event I am including the web site of a group who is aware and doing something about our contaminated food stuffs or GMO. They are called **’Moms Across America’ and they are promoting the labeling of GMOs in our food chain. I stand behind labeling 100% since that is the only way I can know what I am eating and like I said before, labels will not stop me from eating GMO but at least I can regulate my toxic intake. I would also beseech these moms to address the exorbitant eye gouging duties that are paid to certify crops are organic because it is ridiculous to shell out so much money for an orange named Lester. Well, it’s time for an ice cold red soda but this time I will eat an organic creature I murdered in cold blood; cute, fuzzy and great with Bannock Bread.






Your Devil’s Advocate




© 2013, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.

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