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Jul 1, 2013

In the video above, Mike welcomes Dr. Chris Busby, a scientific consultant to the Low Level Radiation Campaign and director of the independent environmental consultancy Green Audit, to examine the tsunami-battered Fukushima nuclear reactor's persisting radiation threat.

The nuclear industry and pro nuclear apologists (most often hired by or receiving pay from the nuclear industry in some form or fashion) keep claiming that low level radiation has no effect on health, whether the radiation is coming from  the nuclear disasters such as Fukushima, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, depleted uranium weapons or any of the 400+ nuclear power plants globally that are constantly releasing radiation in the form of radioactive Tritium 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

So let us examine this rather preposterous claim, that low dose radiation causes no harm. The pro nuclear apologists keep comparing eating bananas or flying in an airplane to the human produced radiation contaminants that have never been seen before on Earth, so let's take a closer look, shall we?

Low Dose Radiation Dangers/Symptoms For Children And Adults

Do you notice how the symptoms of radiation poisoning match what is being reported by people around Fukushima; bleeding noses, hair loss, nausea, flu like symptoms,  plus exhaustion?

A new research paper published in Conflict and Health shows high levels of Uranium were found in the hair of Iraqi parents  who had children born with deformities. This follows earlier research showing very high rates of cancer and congenital deformity in Fallujah after US attacks in 2004 believed to have involved Uranium (DU) depleted uranium weapons. The doctors in Fallujah are telling the women who live there NOT TO HAVE CHILDREN, because the odds of having a deformed or stillborn child are close to 100%. 

Depleted uranium is being used around the world by the US military and all of the groups that the US sells DU weapons to. This paper, along with others that show the same result, should prove that using DU weapons is the same as using an illegal weapon of mass destruction. This weapon of mass destruction will kill and harm civilians for the next million years. There has never been a worse genocidal weapon in the history of humankind. Now let us look at the proof of the matter, not meaningless platitudes of 'no harm' from salesperson types who are bought and sold for mouthpieces.

Depleted Uranium Effects In The Human Body; via @AGreenRoad

Beyond Treason: The True Story of Depleted Uranium; via @AGreenRoad

Depleted Uranium - Physicians For Social Responsibility; via @AGreenRoad

Isn't it curious how nuclear bomb tests, uranium mines, uranium recycling/processing facilities and nuclear reactors are ALL looked at in much the same way as depleted uranium weapons by the pro nuclear apologists? For any and all of the above, they always repeat the same mantra; that this radioactive plant or product does 'no harm', even if it blows up, melts down, catches on fire and/or leaks 200 different types of deadly radioactive products/gases and hot particles.

Nuclear Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Weapons/Fuel

Anyone can easily see and hear that the nuclear and military industry keep claiming that no one died as a result of nuclear bomb testing, despite 2,400 nuclear weapons tested in open air. Does that sound even remotely sane or rational? Now let us look at the proof of the matter, not the meaningless platitudes of 'no harm' from salesperson types who are bought and sold for mouthpieces of the nuclear or military industrial complex.

Let's take a closer look at the Fukushima crisis, where nuclear apologists again claim (AGAIN) that no one was killed or harmed due to radiation, despite the fact that at least 3 reactors melted down, and at least 3 spent fuel pools dried out and caught fire MORE THAN ONCE. On top of that, they cannot tell where the melted corium nuclear fuel is, and many people believe three reactors melted through and that 3 coriums are now underground, in the form of raging, out of control nuclear fires.. But the Japanese do not seem interested in finding out if or where this melted fuel went, much less doing anything about it. In their minds, it is all in 'cold shutdown'. 

The Fukushima multi nuclear reactor facility was using highly volatile MOX fuel, which is 10,000 times more TOXIC, deadly and dangerous than just plain old uranium fuel rods. Even a fool with only a 2nd grade education can understand that Fukushima was orders of magnitude worse than Chernobyl, because #3 exploded and the MOX fuel inside was scattered for many miles around the plant and into the Pacific ocean. This small factoid has been completely covered up, except in the blogging world. 

But common sense facts do not stop the 'true believers' from spouting non-sense. At least they are consistent, despite the cancer rate increasing from just about 10 people per million to 1 in 2 today. Yup, they and the medical folks involved with manufacturing, selling and using radiation plus a toxic soup of 1,000's of deadly chemicals need more money to 'study' this Big C issue, because they just cannot seem to find a 'cause'. Certainly it has NOTHING to do with all of this radiation that is being released... nope, NOTHING... 

LDP's Policy Chief Sanae Takaichi Declares "No One Has Died from Fukushima Nuclear Accident, We Have No Choice But To Use Nuclear Plants"

"There are people who committed suicide after the nuclear accident because of radiation contamination ruining their crops and cattle. There are people who died of hunger and thirst inside the 20 kilometer evacuation zone, as officials, being bureaucratic officials, prohibited the family members from entering the zone to rescue their parents, siblings, relatives. (Why these people nonetheless followed the officials' orders is another issue.) That zone wouldn't have been set if there had been no nuclear accident. There are people who died on the way to distant shelters, who died at shelters for lack of food and heat"

Again, none of these people are shown as being 'victims' of the nuclear plant meltdown. They are not counted in ANY nuclear accident death toll, anywhere. Why not? All of these people could have lived normal, productive lives if these nuclear plants had not melted down, if the 2,400 nuclear bombs had not been tested and if the 9 TRILLION Dollars had instead been spent on life affirming things, instead of on life destroying things. Why can TEPCO and these nucleocrats get off scottfree, claiming that NOT ONE PERSON died as a result of their actions and inactions before, during and after this accident? 

As the Fukushima 9.0 earthquake hit; "workers told how the earthquake ripped through the plant, immediately knocking out the main power. A ghastly boom was heard in the suppression chamber of reactor 4, said Kenji Tada, who was there at the time. Cracks started ripping in the asphalt and the sides of the building. The workers fled before the tsunami arrived and did it's worst. As the situation deteriorated, the first explosion, at reactor 3 on March 14, happened at the precise moment that six soldiers from the Japanese Central Nuclear Biological Chemical Weapon Defence Unit arrived at the reactor in two vehicles. The six of them are now dead, buried under flying concrete."

The nuclear industry does not count these worker deaths either, because they died from an EXPLOSION caused by a meltdown of a nuclear plant, not directly and immediately from the radiation that came out WITH the explosion. This is really splitting hairs. Bottom line, the pro nuclear apologists refuse to count ANYONE dying as a result of a nuclear accident, no matter what. How much do you want to bet that these six guys got buried in lead lined coffins, along with the guy who died in the vent stack?

In another article; "a worker at Fukushima Daiichi has died. He is reported to have worked at the plant for a week for one of TEPCO’s first tier subcontractors. The worker began at Fukushima in early August, worked for seven days before becoming extremely ill. He died on August 16th. The worker was 40 years old and was involved in radiation exposure admin and doorway admin. No further details were given about the nature of his work at the plant. The diagnosis of acute leukemia is a PR-speak way of saying radiation poisoning.

Acute leukemia is a direct consequence of radiation exposure and low level radiation contamination. So are all kinds of heart problems, heart attacks and strokes; they are all directly tied to low level radiation contamination. But NONE of the deaths from these and other radiation contamination health issues are being counted as being part of the Fukushima accident. The medical profession is all in with the nuclear industry and the coverup continues on a MASSIVE scale.

Anonymous Interview: Medical doctors working in Fukushima say lots of people are dying — “Bleeding, losing hair, and having a bad health condition” (VIDEO) April 30, 2012

According to the pro nuclear industry and medical folks, NONE of these diseases are causing ANY harmful radiation exposure to ANYONE. Nor are any of the millions of deaths around the world, even those involving people living close to nuclear accident sites that are highly contaminated with radiation, the result of low dose radiation. Basically, no deaths are associated with ANY nuclear accident. Radiation is a pure holy virgin that does not touch or affect anyone, even if it is released during an accident, according to the pro nuclear apologists.

Fukushima workers have been and still are exposed to Cesium. These workers then have negative health effects, including strokes, heart attacks or other problems. Cesium is a known heart seeking and negative health affecting radioactive contaminant, even at low body burden levels of 10-50 Bq/kg, but when the heart attacks and strokes happen, they are NEVER reported, even if they are nuclear workers working inside a highly radioactive environment. 

Source: TEPCO : Press Release - Date: February 28, 2013 
At around 9:20 AM on February 25, at the material storage of cooperative company in Hirono Town, Fukushima Prefecture, a cooperative company worker who was engaged in the preparation for cover installation on Unit 3 Reactor Building reported being sick. The worker was transported to the medical clinic in J-Village. As cardiopulmonary arrest was confirmed at the clinic, an ambulance was called at 9:35 AM. After cardiac massage was performed, the worker’s pulse was recovered at 9:54 AM. At 10:10 AM, the worker was transported to Iwaki Kyoritsu Hospital by ambulance. Later, we received an announcement from the main contractor that he was pronounced dead by a doctor at 11:32 PM on February 27.

Isn't it strange how the pro nuclear apologists keep on claiming that no one died due to radiation at the Fukushima plant, but the Fukushima contract workers are dropping like flies trapped indoors, from what anyone with even a shred of common sense can see is radiation damage? 

Of course, the medical folks and the companies involved and paid off by the nuclear industry NEVER test anyone for INTERNAL radiation after ANY nuclear accident, and if they do, anything less than 300 Bq/Kg does not count for anything. Russian research shows that 50 Bq/kg causes irreversible heart lesions and death due to strokes and heart attacks. As little as 10 Bq/kg causes major negative health issues, but that does not matter to the nuclear industry; they just ignore this research completely. 

The former head doctor of National Cancer Center said that; ”thyroids of Fukushima children look like honeycomb from.. cysts” June 28 2013 "The doctor in Kobe also reported about the “honeycomb looking thyroids”.... It’s no less than the half of the thyroids. The half-life of I-131 is 8 days, but it’s not strange if it causes any thyroid abnormality. Rationally thinking, it has something to do with radiation."

So even after 50% or more of children living around Fukushima are found to have cysts and abnormal honeycomb like thyroids, they are not moved or warned. Instead, they are told this is normal and to stay put and keep drinking milk, rice and other contaminated foods grown in this same radiation contaminated area. And when excessive numbers of cancers started appearing less than 2 years after the accident, the medical and nuclear experts declared it could not have come from the radiation, because after Chernobyl, it took more than 4 years for these cancers to appear. The radiation and MOX fuel products are much more toxic and dangerous around Fukushima, so it makes sense that these children's cancers are appearing faster, and that they will be MUCH more numerous than those found around Chernobyl decades later.

The people living around the Fukushima plant were never warned or evacuated, even when INTENSE HIGH LEVEL radiation clouds were passing over them. The medical profession refused to pass out iodine pills even when they were asked for them. 

The Japanese government refused to evacuate people until well after they were exposed to high levels of radiation. Finally, when the citizens were told to move, they were moved right into an even more intensely contaminated radiation zone, because apparently, no one knew where the radiation was going. 

This seemingly isolated examples are THE NORM. This is what happens after EVERY nuclear accident. These nuclear 'experts' ALWAYS try to cover up their messes and harm caused by radiation for as long as possible, using a playbook of 30 lies. Meanwhile, citizens for many miles around are exposed needlessly to dangerous radiation contamination. 

Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%
Isn't it curious how even when Fukushima nuclear accident evacuees die of heart or other low level radiation induced health consequences, these cases are also ignored and not counted?  The earthquake plus the nuclear accident killed quite a few people at the plant, with at least one worker killed inside a crane apparatus near the venting stacks, plus these six military specialist guys who just arrived when #3 exploded due to a nuclear reactor meltdown.

Again, ANY AND ALL workers who die while they are employed as subcontractors or even as direct employees or supervisors at TEPCO and are killed while trying to clean up radiation or deal with the accident are NEVER counted as being caused by radiation, NEVER.

The pro nuclear folks have to keep up a virgin like appearance you understand. If the nuclear industry cannot be kept pure, holy and virgin like, then it violates a basic and fundament taboo in the industry. THOU SHALT NOT DIE OF RADIATION INDUCED CAUSES.

This is kind of like letting the wild fox into the henhouse by leaving the door open. When chickens and eggs disappear, the fox says; "Nope, not me, I had nothing to do with it". Never mind the feathers hanging from his quivering lips and the chicken bones his young pups are playing with around the den. Nope, the fox NEVER eats chickens or eggs, NOPE, NEVER. That is taboo. Everyone knows foxes NEVER eat chickens nor fresh chicken eggs, much less some oh so tender young chicks. 

Could it be that MILLIONS of people are dying of low level radiation contamination stemming from Fukushima, Chernobyl, TMI  accidents and nuclear plants in general? Could it be that there is a MASSIVE global coverup going on?

Effects Of Internal Low Level Nuclear Radiation

Scientists that have nothing to do with the nuclear industry have published tons of studies at great personal peril and cost to their professional careers, and concluded that Chernobyl to date has resulted in 1,000,000 deaths, plus untold mental,  emotional and physical suffering beyond that for millions more.  Of course, all that the pro nuclear apologists can do is to attack the messengers, calling the studies flawed, and labeling all of the scientists and medical professionals involved as quacks, charlatans and frauds. 

If Chernobyl resulted in 1 MILLION deaths to date, and  if common sense tells us that Fukushima is orders of magnitude worse, how many more deaths will result from Fukushima than from Chernobyl? Chernobyl was done in 10 days. Fukushima is still going today, with no stop at all. 

Chernobyl Coverup And Denial Of 1 Million + Casualties;  via @AGreenRoad 

The Chernobyl Sacrifice; 1 MILLION Liquidators;  via @AGreenRoad 

The Battle Of Chernobyl Movie; 
 via @AGreenRoad

Chernobyl Heart Movie; How Children Are Affected; 
 via @AGreenRoad 

Gorbachev; Chernobyl Nuclear Accident Was Real Cause Of The Collapse of Soviet Union; 
 via @AGreenRoad

Could it be that the death toll from Fukushima will be more than 10 million people? Could it be even worse than that? 

The answer is more than likely yes, but you will have to dive into the articles below to understand how and why. 

One Million + Fukushima Worker And Civilian Radiation Contamination Deaths Totally Covered Up?

Additional information available at;

Nuclear Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Weapons/Fuel

Individual Radioactive Elements/Isotopes, USA Radiation Exposure Prevention and Reversal, Music

Uranium Mining and Enrichment - Nuclear Bomb -Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing

Low Level Nuclear Radiation In Food And Water

Animals and Low Level Radiation Effects

Nuclear Reactor Recertification

Long Term Storage Of Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear Waste

Why All Nuclear Power Plants Must Be Shut Down

Drugs, Medicine and GMO's

Spiritual, Interfaith, Consciousness; How To Create Heaven On Earth

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