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Jul 9, 2013

Someone told me that he believed we live in a “mad world.” Yet, has the symbolic egocentric world ever been other than “mad”? Has there ever been a time, from the moment homo erectus identified a “self” in his noggin, that the fictionally ordered egocentric world was not absurd to the point of insanity? Has there ever been a century when egocentricity has not slaughtered other egocentrics or destroyed the environment to satisfy its “interests”? Has there ever been a time when superstitiously paranoid belief systems have not been employed to generate and manage egocentric fear? Was there ever a time in which egocentrics had not sought out their own pleasure at the cost of other egocentrics and the world they inhabit? 

Granted, the big brain of egocentric mammalia has afforded him the technology to kill and destroy in enormously statistical numbers, but the basic nature of egocentricity has always been inclined to do so, regardless of the tools at his disposal. 

Yet, for centuries, egocentrics have also sought out ways to moderate their inherent need to consume and destroy everything in sight, but all to no avail. They have invented complex moral codes and laws to reduce death and destruction. But fictional moralities are eventually bent and twisted to support egocentric tendencies and destruction continues on unabated. When you invent, and seek to thrive, through a fictional world, that has absolutely no resemblance to the predetermined causal order of the universe, madness in the form of death and destruction cannot be eliminated from the fictional constructs and must necessarily increase as the perceived world is engaged through imaginary stories claimed to reflect "reality" and “truth.”

Death is a valuable commodity to the egocentric mammalia and this is in direct opposition to the natural world which barely gives it a thought up until the moment it strikes. But egocentrics employ death to achieve imaginary goals, because egocentrics will do anything to survive in an imaginary world.

The need to exist gives death the utmost prominence as collective leverage to motivate egos to engage all manner of absurd actions and behaviors. The threat of physical annihilation provokes individual egocentrics to engage in fictional socio-cultural games as if they were real and necessary to existence. This places egocentricity in a constant state of tension between the belief that what they must do is both patently stupid and absolutely necessary. This state of chronic tension is referred to as “anxiety” and it is endemic to post-modern egocentric society.

Anxiety is the primordial egocentric state of existence and it is directly consequent to the fear of death. It sits heavy upon every mood you experience and even haunts your dreams. Egocentrics will do anything to relieve themselves of this existential weight, even if it means believing in fictional concepts that are laughably ridiculous. 

Egocentric anxiety rises and falls in correlation with the ego’s sense of control. The more control asserted upon one's fictions, the less anxiety and when egocentrics experience a lack of control of their fictional constructs, anxiety increases. Nevertheless, in both situations, anxiety is omnipresent within the brain circuitry and self-enhancing fictional constructs are inadvertently wired up to survival-fear circuitry giving the constructs a reality that is not apparent in the causal reality of the universe egocentrics exist in and through.

Egocentrics require anxiety as a measure of the quality of their existence. Simply examine the numerous conditions in your own life that evoke anxiety symptoms. Hence, all your actions are directed to minimizing intensity, but you are never without anxiety. In fact, your entire existence is modulated and dumbed-down by your valiant attempts to avoid experiencing anxiety. Each and every action you engage in daily is an attempt to modulate the anxiety of social existence.

If you had no experience of anxiety, would you continue to participate in the daily grind of mind-numbing meaningless social games? Of course not, because without anxiety you most likely would find yourself living in the moment, engaging reality in ways that all your needs would be easily met through highly creative methods of being in-reality and allowing the universe to direct that course. But your socio-culturally programmed anxiety will always keep this fact from awareness.

Often you cannot even identify the cause of your chronic daily tension and this is because the cause has settled deep down within dormant neuro-circuits we refer to as the unconscious or subconscious, which itself has been socially programmed. Hence, without the ability to identify causes, you have no idea what methods might be employed to diminish the symptoms, because the programming packed up in your skull has completely preordained every action you take and the anxiety inherent in all social conditioning is pervasive to the very “self” you identify with as incontrovertibly “you.” 

So who are “you”? Are you no more than a victim of a world that you have been taught exists to serve you, but that has beaten you down into manageable pulp, easily shaped by social forces that seem to surround you, suffocate and press in on you? Why does anxiety seem to direct all your actions? 

Anxiety is a product of guilt and egocentric mammalia is essentially a guilt motivated creature. The natural world has absolutely no renditions of good or bad, right or wrong, but the entirety of egocentric existence is anxiously fueled by that dualism as opposed to the mere duality of the material world with its light/dark, up/down, inside/outside, etc, etc. Does nature perform “evil” acts? Does the universe perceive itself as sometimes “right” and sometimes “wrong”? Does the natural world punish itself when it is “bad” and reward itself for being “good”? Does the universe exhibit anxiety symptoms when it fails to complete all the tasks on its “To Do” list?

Only dualism discriminates between these fictional constructs and is the basis of suffering. Duality, as opposed to dualism, is the actual reality you engage with. Dualism is your attempt to conceptualize reality into fictional categories. Hence, rather than fully engage the predetermined causal order, you seek to transcend or transform “what is” to meet your conditioned expectations originating from your socio-cultural indoctrinated programming of good/bad and right/wrong. 

Nevertheless, because you cannot extract your “self” from a causally influenced reality, any effort is pointless, because your encountering the truth of this is predetermined long before your birth. 

So relax…. kick back and just keep doing whatever it is you do, because in a predetermined causal reality, nothing you do is good or bad, right or wrong. How could it be when every choice you make has been causally influenced and, hence, predetermined long before you were even born. 

Nothing is ever out of place or not in sequence. That doesn’t mean some things that happen to you won't royally suck arse, but only because "good" and "bad" neuro-circuits are still directing perception and there has, as of yet, been no cause to redirect that otherwise.

Hence, your madness is predetermined....

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Posted: Tuesday July 9, 2013, 6:16 pm
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