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Jul 10, 2013

In America we are celebrating Independence Day over the 4th of July weekend.  It is a time of rejoicing when America broke free from the rule of England and became its own ruler, instead.  The story goes that it was for freedom, but it was a selfish freedom, I think, considering it was at the expense of the vast civilization of people who were already here. 

I have also heard stories of religious freedom, which is wonderful, indeed.  Before religious freedom, vast numbers of people were burned at the stake for interpreting the Bible in ways other than sanctioned by the authority of the Church, and for practicing their own religious beliefs.  They wanted desperately to be granted freedom of faith.  But then these same people came to America in pursuit of religious freedom, only to force the people who were already here to lay down their beliefs and take up the Bible instead.  What kind of freedom is this?  It was not an option. Christianity was put forth as the only acceptable way.  This happened to the native population and also to anyone deemed as a witch.  Many, many, many people were killed in hideous ways.  So again, those who were previously persecuted were persecuting others, as well.  Is this freedom?  From whose point of view?

Freedom which is gained through aggressive force is not freedom at all.  It is reliance upon aggression.  Aggression is contrary to peace, and peace is contrary to freedom.  True freedom must be won through peace.  Dependence upon aggression does not bring independence.

We are free here in this country, in many ways.  In many other ways we are not.  Some countries have it far worse of than us, and some have much more freedom than here.  We are grateful for what we have, but if we want to express more of what it is we are grateful for and hoping for, then we need to focus on that.  If we only focus on what is wrong, that is all we will see.  Yes, we have to look at the flaws, but we have to look at what is working for us, and what can bring freedom and peace.

One thing that will never bring peace is expecting it to come from someone else.  It can work through them, but it cannot come from them for us.  Peace must come from within, and that is where true freedom lies.  Peace is much more within our control than we ever dreamed!

Freedom begins in the MIND!!

So long as we give our peace away to somebody else...when we expect it to come from someone else or when we think someone else has destroyed it, then we have no freedom at all.  Freedom comes from being independent in our choices, and inner peace is always a choice.

Are we trapped in fear?  In negative thinking?  Are we trapped in ideas of lack and limitation?  Are we so consumed with illness and aches and pains and worries and woes that we think God has completely left us forgotten and all alone?  We need no judgment, no lecture, just statement of fact...we NEED to get on the positive foot when we are in a state of mind that is ready to give into defeat.  Just STOP!

Stop thinking...for just a moment...stop thinking of all that is wrong and think about that itty bitty bit you can recognize as being alright.  Then build on it from there.  This is how you can start to BUILD a positive future.  This is how to get on the positive foot.  Don't let anything stop you.  Not reality, not what people think, not pain, not diagnosis, not finances, not hunger, not anything!  Find something...anything...that you're grateful for and start building from there.

This is not to sound unsympathetic or to trivialize very difficult problems.  This is meant to incite you to begin establishing a new thought pattern that will change the pattern currently wreaking havoc , or at the very least making it less pleasurable and rewarding than it ought to be.  Life can be very harsh, and the fact is that harsh situations require strong action in order to turn them around.  Hell begins and ends in your mind.  The kingdom of Heaven is within!  You have to start from where you are to find it, so you will not live in torment the rest of your life. 

So perhaps your hell has to do with something you believe you can't help.  Is there nothing within your control at all that will help?  Even a little?  Of course there is, so you have to make up your mind you will find at least one little thing that will help, even if it doesn't seem like it helps very much.  Maybe it's something that just makes you smile.  And then the next day find something more, and then something more and then something more for the rest of your days!  If you are half as committed to this as to the belief that there is nothing at all that will help you will find that you will be doubly blessed!  Keep it up...the effects will build and build.

So, let's say you have a spouse that beats you.  Maybe it's easy for others to say you should leave, but maybe that's too big a step and you feel helpless and hopeless.  Maybe the best thing you can do at this point is to buy a book on the subject, or join a support group, even an online support group, or call an anonymous hotline, or take a bubble bath.  Maybe making a list of your strengths will help fortify you, or a list of your dreams to help motivate you.  Maybe just looking in the mirror and telling yourself  that you deserve to be happy is all you are able to do today.  Maybe all you can do is to pray.  But do something in a positive direction, and then tomorrow do something more!

Maybe the problem is no money for food .  Maybe the best thing you can do for today is to make a call to a food bank, or go to a free giveaway, or go out into your yard and pick herbs to put into a salad, or humble yourself and call someone you know.  Maybe the best thing you can do is to find something you can do to earn money for food, even if it's not a conventional job.  Maybe the best thing you can do today is to learn more about nutrient dense wild plants, or how to grow a stalk of celery from the nub of an old one.  Maybe the best thing today is to only spend whatever food money we have on food that is nutrient dense, fresh and pure FOOD.  Maybe the best thing you can do today is to volunteer to work in a soup kitchen and help others who are also in need. Maybe the best thing you could do is to gather some seeds and plant a kitchen garden.  Maybe the best thing you can do today is to look in your cupboards again and see if there is something...anything at all...for which you can give thanks.  It will get better if you do not give up. 

Maybe you're in chronic pain.  Maybe the best thing you can do today is to take an epsom salt bath or just sit quietly and pray.  Maybe the best thing you can do is to allow yourself to relax.  Or maybe the best thing you can do is to move!  Maybe putting some music on will help.  Maybe stretching or taking a walk.  Maybe a self-massage or asking a friend to give you a massage.  Maybe make an appointment and see a professional masseuse or physical therapist.    Maybe today having a good attitude will make a difference.  Maybe today the answer is helping someone who is worse off.  Maybe today the best thing to do is to try aromatherapy.  Maybe the best thing to do is to learn about herbs and start to use some in your daily regime.  Maybe the best thing today would be to find out more about how food and pain are related, which they often are.  Maybe today is the day to start a new plan.  Maybe the best thing today is to concentrate on what is left to be grateful for!  Maybe the best thing to do today is to cry and stop holding it in.   The important thing is do not give up all hope.

There are many situations in life in which we can feel trapped.   I do not mean to make it sound like it's easy, but taking little steps forward may be the only thing that will keep a person sane when going through some of these things.  Taking one little step at a time will bring freedom because it's empowering.  You are no longer a total victim once you realize there are things you can do to positively impact the situation you're in, and there always are.  I, myself, have been the victim of the same exact situations exampled above and much more.  Freedom lies on the other side of not giving up, and of continuing to realize your connection to God and making your mind up to do what it takes. 

Spirit, Mind, Body.  This is where true healing lies.  First comes the Spirit...the inspiration...the willingness...the intent...the faith that it can be doen...then comes the Mind...the decision...the discipline of thought...the commitment...then comes the Body...the action...the physical part of carrying it out....the demonstration...the manifestation.

Freedom comes from knowing you have a choice and that you can make a difference in your own life.  You may be destitute, miserable, living in pain, lonely and forgotten, but there is a Power in you that is much greater than any problem you could ever encounter.  There is a freedom in just knowing that!  Nothing can bind you except that to which you give more power inside your own mind than the Power you attribute to God.

Keep looking for ways.  They are there  God always gives a way out.  Freedom is truly ours!

What about those who are dealing with much harder situations than ours?  What about children in impoverished or war-ridden countries?  Everyone has their own path, and it is true, some paths are much harder.  Perhaps these children are the more advanced souls.  I do not know the answer to that, except to say that they, too, could improve their day if they looked to what was right instead of staring into the face of what's wrong.  Surely there is a place inside of themselves they can go to find peace.  May they find that place now, and also perhaps that weed which grows at the edge of their yard.  I have to believe these people have answers, too.  I think it is a perversion of society that these situations occur.  These problems are not part of God's natural and perfect plan.  Resources have been stripped, wars gave been fought and lost, and the merciless prey on the weak.  Perhaps the best that these people can do for today is simply to ask for our prayers. 

Maybe the best thing we can do is to help be the answer to some of their prayers by becoming more aware of our part in it all and doing what we can to help.  For just one example, look up information on products which are produced through Fair Trade.  Many product choices frequently made by individuals not meaning harm are actually keeping people, including children, enslaved.  Many people say God is unfair to allow people to suffer.  I think perhaps it is more to the point that people and societal norms are often unfair.

So, freedom.  Freedom to think, to feel, to make decisions which affect our lives and the lives of others...Are we making decisions which are good and right? 

Something else to consider...Prayer works when we work it.  Are we behaving in ways which are supportive of what it is that we're praying for?  If we're praying for health, are we acting in ways conducive to health?  Are we doing the work in the flesh or just expecting the spirit to poof us with some big magic and taking away all our strife?    

Freedom from that which enslaves us bears the responsibility to take care of ourselves.  Freedom comes with a cost.  We must participate in our own well-being if we expect to be well.  We can stay in the proverbial slave-master's house and not have to pay our own costs, but is this really free?  I am sure we see the folly in this, but do we see how this applies in our lives?

People enslave themselves every day out of a fear of taking responsibility on for themselves.  In the instance of health, rather than to take the responsibility of learning how to live right and take care of the precious gift of health we've been given, many would rather just remain ignorant and eat what the world sells them and do what the world tells them instead of finding out for themselves and acting in their own best interest in this regard.  People make gods out of doctors and government boards (such as the FDA) and the erroneously believe that money is not a part of the motivation for what they advise.  Of course, sometimes it is.  Who is the responsibility one? 

Well, by attempting to avoid the responsibility of making one's one health decisions, now the responsibility of sickness is upon you, if you have fallen into the trap of giving authority for your own health away.  Look up the's there.  Fake food is bad for you.  The medical system has side effects which can kill.  It's silly to not find out the risks, and to find out what your options are.  By not taking responsibility for your own health in this way, you have actually given your freedom away.  Food addictions and dependency on synthetic medications takes freedom away.

God created us all free and equal.  Society is what brings inequality upon us, not God.  Do not believe it is true.  There is a Power in you that is Greater than any negative power on earth.  You are created in the image and likeness of God.  Set yourself free from the chains that bind you.  Set yourself free in your mind.  Realize your Oneness with God, and bring it about in your life.  Do what you can spiritually,  mentally, and physically to align yourself with this Strength.  You can be lazy.  You can be negative.  You can eat horrible food and use whatever form of medicine you'd like.  You have that freedom.  But realize the choice is your own, and the responsibility of the consequences lies squarely on you. 

Freedom means you are no longer a victim, but it also means you have to act in accordance with maintaining your freedom.  If you become weak in the spirit, the body, or mind, freedom gradually slips through your fingers as do the choices you seem to have.  Bur remember, you always have the Power of God within your make-up.  You can always choose to do something in a more positive direction today.  There is a new hope and freedom in that!!

Happy Independence Day...the choice is yours.  Free yourself in your mind.  Free yourself from the bondage of physical cravings, addictions, sickness and pain.  Fee your spirit to be who you truly are.
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Much Love,
"Vibraceous, ND"
Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.

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