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Jul 16, 2013

According to Nuclear Reader; "Walter Russell, a visionary artist and scientist predicted in his book Atomic Suicide, published in 1957, that due to man-made radioactivity we would suffer a reduction of oxygen in the atmosphere. Like the predictions of Andrei Sakharov in the 1950’s, Walter Russell’s foresight is now coming true.

Our current oxygen levels are down to about 19 percent (BioTech News 1997). The standard reference amount is 21 percent oxygen. Some experts say that we may have originally evolved in an atmosphere of 38 percent oxygen. Now, due to the loss of the two main producers of oxygen, forests and ocean plankton, measurements as low as 12 percent and 15 percent have been made in heavily industrialized areas. This oxygen-depleted condition is a contributing cause of the generalized lack of well-being that many are experiencing. We need oxygen to live and to thrive!

From the description in video above; "At one time, (days of the dinosaur) the air on Earth consisted of about 35% oxygen. I fear that the 20% - 21% of oxygen in the air, we breathe today, is inadequate to insure long term good health. I think there may be a cumulative long term negative impact on our bodies. I observe too many of my friends and family are experiencing a wide range of 'quality of life' issues. (Including death) Rather than being reactive, I have decided to be proactive.

I believe there is potential for using a hyperbaric chamber as a 'wellness / prevention tool'. 

In Russia, China, Cuba, and other countries hyperbaric chambers are used to treat over 60 different conditions

Some background / things I've read, heard, & believe about Oxygen and Oxygen Therapy :

• At one time the oxygen level on earth was around 32%. Today it is just over 20%, and much lower is some places.

• You can eat all the right things, but low oxygen can still make you sick / unhealthy.

• In 1931 Otto Warbug won a Nobel Prize for showing that oxygen was the enemy of the cancer cell -- it kills them without harming the good cells! 

• Bacteria, Fungi, Germs, Viruses, and Cancer cells thrive in an environment where oxygen is depleted. (Oxygen helps all the good cells and normally is not toxic.)

• You can live for 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, but you will die if you go 3 minutes without oxygen.

• If everyone would gargle or spray their throat with Oxygen (in the form of Hydrogen Peroxide) at least twice a day, the flu and cold frequency would be reduced by more than half for just penny's a day. (watch youtube Bill Munro's "How to inhale hydrogen peroxide for good health")

• I personally know of people who claim to have cured their cancer using hydrogen peroxide / oxygen therapy.

• The best way to improve overall health may be to increase oxygenation of every cell. (methods include - stop smoking, lose weight, exercise, & oxygen therapy)

• Even relatively healthy people may have trouble extracting all of the oxygen that they need from the air. In fact, the air itself is becoming more and more polluted, making oxygen extraction more difficult.

• Fidel Castro has 3 Hyperbaric Chambers. (one at home, office, and on his airplane) This may be a primary reason he is still alive.

• Smoking, drug use, alcohol use, and / or obesity will result in less oxygen to cells. (less oxygen is bad) Exercise gets the blood flowing, resulting in more oxygen to cells in your body. (More oxygen is good!)

• Children who suffer from sleep apnea have a higher risk of developing learning disability, behavioral and health related issues. (Less oxygen is bad!)

• Obesity / overweight can be a major contributor to sleep apnea.

• ONE type of stroke occurs when there is a lack of oxygen getting to parts of the brain. The longer there is a oxygen shortage, the more severe / permanent the damage.

• Most people do not realize the risks from cumulative low oxygen absorption, nor the benefits of supplemental oxygen over time in their bodies. (More oxygen is good!)

• The oxygen density jumps by 30% (from 20% to 26%) in a hyperbaric chamber operating at 4 psig with no supplemental oxygen. 

• In other countries including Russia and China Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is widely used. They treat over 60 different conditions with HBOT, with most treatments 45 -- 60 min. long and at pressures below 2 ATA (14.7 psig). 

• In America medical schools, doctors, and the FDA have not embraced Oxygen Therapy due to the influence of the Big Pharmaceuticals. Highly effective and relatively inexpensive therapies are largely ignored. (It's all about the money!) 

• Many pills and medicines are toxic. Some treatments and medicines harm good cells as well as bad cells. Pharmaceuticals want you to take treatments and pills for long periods of time. ($)

• The cost for Oxygen Therapy (and hyperbaric chambers) is much lower in foreign countries (Russia, China, Cuba, Japan, ...) than it is in America. Much of this cost to the consumer is driven by unnecessary government regulations and intervention in America.

• Many arguments supporting these government regulations are no more than a "Red Herring".

• Mild hyperbaric chambers are safe.

4 ways to increase oxygen in your body include:

• Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2 = H2O + O = water + Oxygen)

• Ozone (O3 = 3 molecules of Oxygen) 

• Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Oxygen + increased pressure)

• Ultraviolet Radiation of Blood (UVI (Sun/Light Therapy)

Benefits Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber; How To Build Your Own; via @AGreenRoad

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Posted: Tuesday July 16, 2013, 10:21 pm
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