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Jul 16, 2013

At least 13 neutron beams were seen coming from the Fukushima complex as it melted down, specifically from Units #1 and #3.

For more specifics, listen to Alex Jones talk about this and the huge coverup that started the moment that the Fukushima nuclear plant complex started to melt down... 

What is the effect of excessive neutrons or neutron beams on human health? Bottom line, excess neutrons from any source are not good you, and you definitely do not want to vacation anywhere there are excessive neutrons around.

No information was provided as multiple reactors and spent fuel pools at Fukushima melted down... TEPCO reported that they could NOT measure the radiation coming out of ANY reactors as they melted down, 13 days after the meltdown, so what did they do?

They claimed that they could NOT measure any of the 1,200 radioactive substances coming out of the multiple reactors or spent fuels, despite a whole WORLD full of advanced nuclear experts, with the most advanced, sophisticated, modern scientific instrumentation, both handheld, in vehicles, planes and satellites, as well as drones. 

It seems NOT ONE radiation detector was available from anyone, anywhere in the world, much less at the Fukushima complex, in all of the MONTHS of melt downs and melt throughs, fires and explosions at Fukushima. To make it even more clear what their position was, when other nations sent the Japanese citizens thousands of radiation detectors, so they could measure the radiation for themselves, the government authorities confiscated these shipments and stored them in warehouses, where they are probably sitting to this day. Bottom line, they did NOT WANT ANYONE TO MEASURE ANYTHING. Why not? 

What were they so AFRAID of? Why are the authorities so afraid in every nuclear disaster of measuring and reporting ANYTHING? This is the consistent story every time there is a nuclear disaster. NO measurements are taken, or if they are, the high readings on the working meters are declared 'faulty', broken or frozen, and thus are ignored or denied completely. 

The one reading that was taken at Fukushima was at a vent stack, but the meter only read a maximum of 10 Sieverts, and they meter pegged out. Instead of getting a meter that could read much higher, they ignored this radiation event and went no further. This same type of thing happens at EVERY nuclear accident. Readings are minimized, denied, covered up or not investigated or reported. So what happens instead of true scientific analysis and reporting of things as they happen, using properly calibrated instruments? 

The nuclear experts 'estimated' the radiation that was POURING out of Fukushima, using computers far away from Fukushima. Of course, this pathetic excuse (we cannot measure the radiation) is a complete and absolute lie, because even an amateur can measure radiation with a meter that is battery powered. Meters exist with much higher capabilities both on satellites, planes and hand held that can measure much higher than 10 Sieverts. To say that they cannot get one or do not have one is a pathetic and lame excuse. 

Satellites, planes, helicopters and/or remote control drones can be flown overhead and take EXACT radiation measurements, especially since the radiation plumes go way up into the air, due to all of the heat being released along with the radiation. The US military has multiple ways of measuring radiation moment by moment with planes, drones and/or satellites, and these were used on/over Fukushima. The Japanese more than likely have all of this same equipment.  We just do not get that information, because it is too terrible.

The truth is that they DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO KNOW what was coming out of Fukushima, because it was too horrible.

What they are really saying is that the amount of radiation coming out of Fukushima are so high, that they would panic people, so they are not reporting it.

Instead, they resort to minimizing and then fudging the numbers even further with computer 'models' and 'estimates'. Garbage in = garbage out. A computer will reduce the amounts of radiation artificially, by massaging the numbers, since anyone can make up whatever they want via 'estimates'. A cover up is the order of the day, from the top down, and in all directions at Fukushima.

Excess neutrons are part of every nuclear plant accident and when the reactors get holes in them, neutron beams are the result. Here is an example of a reactor melting down and showing 'excess neutron' readings... Of course, no one wants to admit to a reactor melting down, so 'excess neutrons' is a much more neutral term that will not result in panic.  

Emergency shutdown at nuclear reactor: “Reading for number of neutrons became exceedingly high” after typhoon

More than likely they stopped the nuclear reaction that created these excess neutrons. Excess neutrons are what create nuclear disasters, if they are not stopped in time.

Bottom line, when they are reporting that this plant is emitting 'excess neutrons', what they are really saying is that it is rapidly moving towards a melt down and then leaking radioactive isotopes out of the containment. 

If this process is not stopped by dumping boron on it, putting in the moderation rods, pumping in cooling water, etc., disaster awaits. The Chinese are not known for their transparency. The nuclear industry is secretive and tends to cover up nuclear disasters. Here are some hints as to what might be going on at this nuclear plant...

Cobalt-60, Cesium-137 found by Taiwan researcher on Orchid Island — Cesium-137 exceeds gov’t limit, yet report says it does not November 29, 2011

The six existing nuclear power plants in Taiwan all have spent fuel pools, which are loaded to the gills with highly radioactive waste, like most of the 400+ nuclear plants around the world.  "These six reactors' spent fuel pools now contain almost four times the amount originally planned". Of course, the more spent fuel they contain, the more radioactive they become and the more dangerous they are.

“In a nuclear reactor, the neutron population at any instant is a function of the rate of neutron production (due to fission processes) and the rate of neutron losses (via non-fission absorption mechanisms and leakage from the system). When a reactor’s neutron population remains steady from one generation to the next (creating as many new neutrons as are lost), the fission chain reaction is self-sustaining and the reactor's condition is referred to as "critical". When the reactor’s neutron production exceeds losses, characterized by increasing power level, it is considered "supercritical", and; when losses dominate, it is considered "subcritical" and exhibits decreasing power….”

So let's translate what is above.... If a nuclear operator can’t control the neutrons in the fissioning slow motion nuclear bomb reaction, and the neutrons become too numerous, then everything starts melting down and going totally out of control. The time between going supercritical and melt down is very short.. At Fukushima, in a matter of 30 minutes, at least one reactor and probably 3 or more were in the process of melting down, after cooling was lost due to the earthquake.

This means that ANY NUCLEAR REACTOR globally, is only 30 minutes away from a meltdown, given the proper set of circumstances, as happened in Fukushima. Of course, the nuclear experts do not like to admit this, and will deny this is possible, but it happened both at Chernobyl, and at Fukushima. At Chernobyl, the reactor melted down in a matter of seconds to minutes. It did not even take 30 minutes to melt down and then explode.

Once the fuel rods inside of a nuclear reactor or a spent fuel pool melt down, holes appear in the bottom or sides of the nuclear reactor vessel or in the spent fuel pool, and/or it explodes, as it did at Chernobyl.  After that, is when neutron beams can appear, as they did at Fukushima, at least 13 times. The next question is, what effect do neutron beams have on human health?

Effect Of Neutrons On Human Health

"Exposure to free neutrons can be hazardous, since the interaction of neutrons with molecules in the body can cause disruption to molecules and atoms…"

"Some particular thought must be given to how to protect from neutron exposure, however. For other types of radiation, e.g. alpha particles, beta particles, or gamma rays, material of a high atomic number and with high density make for good shielding; frequently lead is used. However, this approach will NOT work with neutrons, since the absorption of neutrons does not increase straightforwardly with atomic number, as it does with alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. Instead one needs to look at the particular interactions neutrons have with matter"

According to Wikipedia, excessive neutrons and neutron beams are like disruptor rays. It is not a good idea to be around radioactive substances or reactors as they are melting down. What these neutron rays do to a human body if they hit you direct on full force, is not pretty. Bottom line, you do not want to be disrupted cell by cell with a neutron ray beam weapon.

Let's look at some specifics of what happens when a neutron reaction is in process...

According to; "Beta decay itself comes in two kinds: β+ and β-.

β- emission occurs by the transformation of one of the nucleus’s neutrons into a proton, an electron and an antineutrino. Byproducts of fission from nuclear reactors often undergo β- decay as they are likely to have an excess of neutrons.

β+ decays is a similar process, but involves a proton changing into a neutron, a positron and a neutrino.

"Only about 8% of all known nuclides are stable; the remainder plot in a region above the curve known as the “neutron excessive region”... In other words, just about all radioactive isotopes have excessive neutron emissions.

What causes atoms to be radioactive?

According to the EPA: "Atoms found in nature are either stable or unstable. An atom is stable if the forces among the particles that make up the nucleus are balanced. (not radioactive)

An atom is unstable (radioactive) if these forces are unbalanced if the nucleus has an excess of internal energy. Unstable atoms are called radionuclides. The instability of a radionuclide's nucleus may result from an excess of either neutrons or protons. An unstable nucleus will continually vibrate and contort and, sooner or later, attempt to reach stability by some combination of means: ejecting neutrons, and protons converting one to the other with the ejection of a beta particle or positron the release of additional energy by photon (i.e., gamma ray) emission.

"The clinical role of fast neutron therapy has been limited by excessive late normal tissue damage" Translation? Are they saying that excess neutrons kill patients cells?

Zinc apparently can absorb and/or block excess neutrons; via an experiment they did in a sodium cooled reactor experiment in Los Angeles..

Conclusion; all radioactive isotopes have 'excess neutrons' and excess neutrons cause cell disruption in the human body or any other life form that they happen to come in contact with. Do not get near any fissioning nuclear reaction or criticality. It is VERY dangerous to your health.

Excessive Neutron/Neutrino Emissions From Nuclear Power Plants, Mines, Recycling Facilities And Their Effect On Human Health; via @AGreenRoad

More articles like this at;

Individual Radioactive Elements/Isotopes, USA Radiation Exposure Prevention and Reversal, Music

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Posted: Tuesday July 16, 2013, 1:44 pm
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