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Jul 21, 2013

As I sit here writing, I notice how peaceful it is, but yet there are many sounds.  It's a matter of where I put my awareness.  Let's try something together right now.

Take a breath in.  Breath out.  What do you hear in that breath?  I hear the fan.  Next breath.  Focus on someting else.  I hear the lights a they vibrate from the fan.  Okay.  Something less obvious.  Breathe....I hear the cars outside.  Breathe...I hear a bird.  Bring it inward...I hear my breath.  More...I hear the sound of my voice in my head.  In the next breath I hear my stomach gurgle.  Now breathe again, and hear anything you can imagine and conjure an equal sound to any of those.  Imagine the rain.  Listen.  Next breath...imagine the sound of your mother's voice.  Next breath...imagine the sound of peace.  Next breath...imagine listening to the still small voice within.  What does it say?  You can hear what God has to say directly to you!

Here's another exercise you can use to practice your listening skills.  Turn on some music.  Choose a piece or just fine one on the radio.  Listen to one instrument only.  You may choose the vocals and listen intently only to one voice.  Follow it all the way through, paying no attention to the other voices or any instruments that there might be.  Just only that one voice alone.  Then play the song again, or if on the radio, just listen to the next song that plays.  Now pick a different voice or an instrument, and follow it all the way through.  Do this again and again, choosing a different sound to follow each time.  Listen to only the sound of a background instrument, and follow it all the way through.  You can do this even with songs with whichh you are very familiar, and you will hear them in a new way.  This little practice is very helpful for learning to focus your attention.  That's a very good skill to have.

Focusing attention and learning to shut out the world and go within is valuable in being able to hear what God is trying to say to you.  Not that God is a "person" with a voice, but still, it works the same way.  It is your Inner Source of Wisdom and Strength which is connected to the whole world. There is a pace ;within you where ALL answers are known.  It's learning to listen for the sound of that Voice.

How do we recognize it?  How do we know it is "that" Voice and not just any old voice in our head?  How do we know we're not just thinking?  Well, does it feel like it came from you?  Is it good for everybody?  All loving and kind?  God is Love, this we know, so if it is anything less than loving it did not come from God, but instead from your own mind.  Does it feel right in your heart?  Literally...go into your heart in your mind and tune in your awareness to how it physically feels when you hear the words you think might be from God.  Your heart knows if it's True.  So does your gut...check in with gut in your mind.  Listen to the words and see how you feel in your gut. 

Listening exercises are good, though.  I hear a bird now.  I am going to just only listen to that bird, and not the sound of the fan, or the cars, or my stomach or anything else...just the bird.  I'm going to stop typing to do it, because I don't want to hear the sound of the keys, or the sound of my voice as I type.  I want my attention just on the bird....(brb)

It's amazing how good that feels!  Other birds were singing, too, but I listened to only the voice of the one.  Practice this as much as you can, and you will gain control of your mind.

That's what it's all about....gaining control of your mind.  The spiritual part of yourself already knows what to do, but the mind...that's the tricky part.  The mind has to be trained to listen to Spirit, or else it's just like an unruly child. 

An unruly child will make messes and not clean them up.  An unruly child will cause scenes.  An unruly child will make you late.  An unruly child will get in trouble, and you will be in trouble, too, if this child lives in your mind!  You must learn to discipline your mind as you would an unruly chid.  How is that?  As with everything we are to do, it is to be done, always, with love.

Disciple involves teaching, and giving practice.  It is like developing a talent, as in learning to play the piano.  It takes the discipline of sitting down to the keyboard each day and training your fingers how to master the keys.  It is the same as that when disciplining your mind.  (...and also your children!  Spanking should not be involved for children, so when disciplining yourself, give yourself a break and don't beat yourself up if it takes time for you to learn!)

These newfound listening skills will help your interpersonal relationships, too.  The next time you speak with someone...the very next time...listen with all your attention to everything that they say.  Notice their body language, their tone of voice, the look in their eye.  Look them right in the eye as they speak.  Don't just assume that you already know where this exercise is leading and therefore skip the practice part of this lesson.  To know is not the same as to practice.  Even the most accomplished pianist still practices.  Much skill would be lost to not play for an extended per;iod of time.  The fingers may become stiff, or if long enough of a time passes, the notes to the song may be forgotten, for instance.  If a very long time passes, as with me and the violin, then the complete ability may become lost, or nearly so.  So use it or lose it is good advice you should know.

I especially enjoy listening to the sounds of nature.  Meditating in the woods is the absolute best!  Not only birds, but the wind, the frogs, the crickets...all wonderful sounds to focus upon.

Another way to help train your mind to listen is to focus your attention inward and allow yourself to relax.  The more relaxed you become the easier it is to hear the quiet voice of Wisdom within.  Try progressive relaxation.  This will also further increase your focusing skills.  Start with your toes.  Imagine they are relaxed.  Put your attention on each and every toe, imagining that it is completely relaxed.  Imagine how good it feels, and stay with that thought until your toes is in absolute bliss.

I also like to imagine how healthy it is at the same time, and also give thanks for the work that each part of my body does.  Give thanks to your toes for staying in those shoes all day, for giving you balance, for allowing you to reach things, etc.  Imagine them feeling goooood!  Imagine every part of your body this way, imagining that each part is completely relaxed and completely healthy and well.  Move up through the feet, the ankles, each part of the leg and all the way up to the very top of your head, where you imagine fingers massaging your scalp and feeling so good.  Spend as long as you'd like on each spot of your body, but don't hurry.  Give yourself time to enjoy!

When you are in a state of peaceful relaxation you are so much more open to Higher Mind.  All of your worries just slip away and you have an open environment for Good to come in.  (God is Good!) 

Your mind is so receptive at this time, and so that is the basis of self-hypnosis.  Self-hypnosis and meditation can be very much the same thing, witht he distinction being that with meditation there is an implied spiritual credit to your Higher Spiritual Self instead of just to the mind.  That's okay.  The mind is good, and if that's the avenue that works, God is not so jealous as all of that, so long as Love and Peace are what you seek.  That is my opinion on that.  I believe God is Love.

But when your body is in a state of relaxation and your mind is also relaxed, that is a wonderful time to focus on what you want as if it is already there.  The Truth is that your good IS already there!  It simply needs to manifest in physical form or be recognized somehow by you.  Affirmations are a way of bringing this occurrence about.  So speak words of encouragement, and speak to yourself in present-tense.  The subconscious willl pick up on this and assume there must have been changes while it was asleep!  Wake the mind up and tell it that yiou are superb!

I am healthy!  I am a radiant child of God!  I am filled with Wisdom and Light!  Every cell in my body is healthy and vibrant!  I am created in the image and likeness of God.  I know what to do in all situations through the Wisdom of God, and I do it! I am guided by Love and Light.  Thank you, thank you, thank you God, I'm alive!...any such words will do.  Practice  That's all it takes.  Reprogram your mind and reprogram your life!!!  The mind can do wondrous things.  GOD can do wondrous things.  Allow the mind to be guided by Spirit, and the body to be guided by mind.  The body will resp;ond to what the mind tells it.  Set your mind on a higher expression of Good.

Let the God inside of your soul be heard.  Listen.  Listen ad follow its urgings for the good of all.  You will become more acutely aware of all the good in your life, and others will also thank you for being a better listener with them.  Listen with love to others, yourself and God.  Listen.  The answers to any problem will come when you've ears to hear.  Develop this gift of direct communication with the God of your being...the God of Love...the Source of all Wisdom and Light.

"Vibraceous, ND"
Dr.. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Director of Healing Ministries
Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

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Posted: Sunday July 21, 2013, 6:08 am
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