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Aug 26, 2013

I work terribly hard to survive. But with only a 2-day-a-week job and sometimes merchandising work in town and outside town, it puts a severe strain on my old and ugly 1984 Toyota Tercel. On Wednesday, August 14th, I lost all the oil due to a bad leak.

This oil problem was noticed after I had put more than $800 of work into the vehicle since I bought it in 2008 when my Mitsubishi Montero blew a piston (rendering that beloved vehicle useless). I bought the Tercel from my mechanic since he and his son worked on it as a project. But since I bought it, hoping to get my old job back (it's been 4 years now and now an HR person is looking into why I'm not being hired), other problems came up: wheel bearing, fuel pump, starter, all were replaced at the sacrifice of my rent monies from my 2-day-a-week job and merchandising work. Currently, the radiator is heating up and needs replacing too but I can't keep on sacrificing my rent monies to correct all the problems.

On Monday, August 19th, the oil pan will be looked at but I cannot afford the $79 fee or any other repair on this vehicle which is really stressing me out. I have already sacrificed too much rent (4 months worth at $400/mo) for this car and other things and I cannot move elsewhere since rent around Northern California is expensive. I am lucky to have this place and do not wish to lose it or my car.

I am deeply concerned over my welfare and need to try to financially recover. I cannot rely on family anymore which has already done so much since 2009-2012. I either sink or swim with this. I don't want to lose my apartment, my job, and not be able to get ahead. It hurts to ask for this kind of help since I'm already trying to ask for help in a travel project that I am currently promoting via Go Fund Me - Facebook Travels: The Philippines.

I not only accept help via this page but on PayPal as well. ANY amount is appreciated to cover past rent monies and getting the car fixed until I am able to purchase a better vehicle. If I can somehow get over debt collectors as well hounding me for money (one has already garnished 25% of my meager wages from my 2-day-a-week job to pay a $4,000 judgment)... I am quite upset and uncertain where my life is heading but I have to believe something good is going to happen.

As for reward levels - the only things I am able to offer are free sponsorships to my travel series; if you have a product or service I can advertise those for free. If you're an individual, I can provide a signed copy DVD of the series FOR FREE as well. You would also have unlimited free advertising on my media site, Kingspirit Entertainment (featured on Facebook). I am trying my best to overcome this hardship and I know how difficult it can be to adapt to changing circumstances.

Update:  I got a call from my mechanic over an hour ago - tons of potential problems and, frankly, I'm not one to admit freely that I'm scared of losing everything if I can't fork over more than $500 to get the car fixed this week.  Losing this job, this apartment, this life I barely have right now... I need your help.

Further update:  August 26th I got another summons from Portfolio Recovery Associates -- they're the ones who garnished my wages for a $4,000 judgment against me -- and I have 30 days to respond.  Another gofundme page has been created to raise $1,873 to throw back at in their proverbial faces.  Three times I petitioned them for help and to work WITH me and they ignored my pleas.  Even if I can manage to get $125 somehow I can go through a mediation and paralegal service to file for bankruptcy.  But I need to do this within a 30 day window.

Here's the new link:


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Posted: Monday August 26, 2013, 1:14 pm
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