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Aug 20, 2013

Ignorance is bliss, so they say, but I choose awareness.  However, awareness comes with responsibility.  That responsibility involves two things.  One of those thing is living up to the awareness the best that I can, and the other is sharing with those who don't always care to know, as they go along blissfully in their ignorance.  That's their prerogative, so long as it doesn't hurt anyone.


Ignorance only seems to be bliss the problems it causes are not perceived, but they're there.  Grace covers us for most of our ignorance..."Father forgive them for they know not what they do."  But still, people pay, lives are lost, illnesses and poverty embarked upon.  Ignorance does not stop wars, it does not stop brutality, it does not stop the world from being unjust.  It just keeps us from seeing the truth.  Do we choose to stay ignorant and remain in our own private bliss, or do we want to work at changing the world?  This is the choice I am posing to you.

People go along in their daily lives, and eat their breakfast, get dressed and rush off to work, or stay at home and do what you do there.  Either way, it's a routine that we get caught up in and it all revolves around our own daily lives.  Do the laundry, feed the kids, get the car fixed, mow the lawn, go to lunch with some friends, see a movie, pay a visit to mom and dad...whatever it is that we do in a day, it's how we choose to spend our time.  We trade a day of our life for each day, so we plan it according to what is important to us.

I guess that's the question I'm posing.  What is important to you?  Is it more important that you have coffee than it is to worry about from where it came or whether or not a child was enslaved?  Is it more important that you have bacon than it is that an animal is raised in miserable conditions and then cruelly slaughtered just so you can have a taste, that actually doesn't even come from the meat, it comes from the additives that are put into the bacon.  I don't think most bacon eaters are aware of that fact.  But is it important to them?  I have to wonder sometimes if people care.  I guess that's harsh, when perhaps they don't even know.

There are so many things in the world we don't know, and so many that we never will know of how things are done.  But sometimes it's important to find out some of these things, and not just let our mind be numbed into a state of ignorant bliss.

What things are important to you?  Is your health important?  I have to wonder if that is even something that most people value at all.  Oh, they make a big hoopla about it, talking about it all the time, worrying, complaining, going to doctor's appointments, knowing all the facts about this or that disease, but do people take time to learn this and that about wellness and how to stay or get well through natural means?  Some do, but I would think it would be higher on more people's list.  If something is as important as health, it should be treated as just about the most important thing!  Think about how to eat healthy...and learn how to do it then do it!  Think about the importance of water....and drink it!  And what about rest?  I don't think many realize the importance of rest!  Everyone seems to have so many other things that are considered more important to "do."  And exercise?  How important is that?  Very!  But how many just don't even give it a thought, or think that they don't have the time? 

It seems like it's more important to do everything else.  Part of it is the pressure of today's society, I know, but there are choices we have to make if we want to live as healthy a life as we can. 

A lot of people seem to think it's enough to pray for a healing and then not change anything.  We need to be active participants in healing.  Spirit is one aspect of being.  The physical is another part.  I'm speaking here to the mind!  It only makes sense that you have to engage all three aspects of being into your healing plan.  You can pray all day for a glass of water, but if you don't get up and get it, you're likely to be thirsty awhile.  Sometimes God will send someone to bring you a glass of water, but then again, sometimes not.  Likewise, healing with prayer and not change of behavior is possible, but if we were that spiritually advanced we would already be well.  Peter walked on the water, but he fell in.  We can do it, but until our faith is strong enough, we'd better take a life-jacket along. 

But still, people are out there falling into the water of serious illness because they refuse to take precautionary measure and just stay ignorantly bliss...until the illness ensues.  Then they're not so bliss, but still ignorant and blaming everyone else.  Ouch.  That did sound harsh, but we need to wake up as a society and become more aware of our role in our own health! It's OUR health!  Not the doctor's.  Not the people on the TV ad or the pharmacist or anyone else's, just ours.  We need to take responsibility for our own health if we want it to be good.  Don't wait until there's a disease and then go running for help.  Help yourself before it gets to that point.

The problem is most definitely a societal problem.  In our modern American society it is common practice to listen to television with all the ads, then wake up, drink coffee, maybe eat something fast like eggs, donuts, toast, bacon, milk, or some combination thereof slammed down, off to the office or other work place, hurry, hurry, kids, traffic, run, run, more coffee, all day in a treadmill type job of some kind or another, deadlines, distractions, coffee, uncomfortable shoes, too much sitting, computer screens are hard on the eyes and brain, fluorescent lights and so many things all day long, fueled by coffee and donuts and maybe a salad from a carry out place if we're health conscious, but after work it's more rushing and hurrying then a glass of alcohol all to often as a means to relax first thing in the door.  Supper is....probably highly guess.  Dessert, TV, more alcohol, bed.  Maybe some prescriptions three times a day.  Water?  Not much.  How does anyone expect to stay healthy on that? 

Or maybe it goes like food, fast food, fast food!  And/or beer?  Chips? 

Soda Pop?  Chemicals in food?  Synthetic fragrances to disrupt our endocrine system all day with more chemicals to deal with, and our immune system, too?  There are so many things which affect us, we need to be more informed and proactive if we want to stay well!  Ignorance is not bliss, it is just, well, ignorant. 

Where to start...get rid of the television ads for one thing.  They are designed to keep people reliant upon  what they are trying to sell.  Hearing the ads over and over the way that they play them allows them to enter into our subconscious mind.   Choose wisely your source of information, be it for the world news, the truth about health or the environment, anything you need to know.  Look it up on the internet, and scrutinize the credibility of the information you find.  Anyone can say anything.  It's up to you to find the truth about things for yourself.

Another thing....I mentioned synthetic fragrances.  Get rid of those, too, right off the bat.  They're not only horrible for health, and research will back me on that, they are also horrid for the brain...keep in mind the location of the nose...fragrance goes right to the brain.  Make it pure essential oils or natural fragrances, not chemicals which have side-effects.

Fragrances, foods, medicines all should be natural for a good reason....WE"RE natural...and healing is natural, too.  It only makes sense.  When you check facts, look to the source.  Are they making a profit?  The chemical industry, food industry and medical industry are verrrrrrrrrrrry profitable, and extremely inter-related if I might add.  THINK for yourself.  What they're saying doesn't make sense when you look at the numbers.  The proof is in the pudding, if you will pardon the pun. 

Food, water, rest, exercise, prayer, a positive mental outlook, friendship, colors, song, aroma, creative expression, love, laughter, tears....all healing...all good....all part of God's plan....rushing, hurrying, artificial substances...are all stressing the body too much, and the spirit and mind.  THINK and then act with wisdom.  Ignorance is not really bliss.  It is the Truth which shall set us free.

Think, too, of the affect your actions have upon others.  The earth.  The animals.  Your neighbors in this country or that.   Don't be ignorant of the effect your choices have upon them.  Make conscious choices in all that you do.  Life consciously.  Life in a state of awareness.  This is where we all will find bliss.

In Truth, Light and the Spirit of Freedom,
"Vibraceous, ND"

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Posted: Tuesday August 20, 2013, 10:08 am
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