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Aug 23, 2013

Several years ago, Tom Shadyac seemed to have it all: a multimillion-dollar career directing Hollywood blockbusters like Bruce Almighty and The Nutty Professor, a 17,000-square-foot mansion, fancy cars, the luxury of flying in private jets, invitations to extravagant parties and more. It was a life many people dream about.

The lesson here is that accumulating money and possessions does not create happiness, freedom or democracy, much less anything else sustainable. Getting more money only creates a feeling of 'not enough'. It seems strange that the richer one is, the more one has a feeling of not enough, but it is true. Why would this be so true among the (1%) richest of the rich especially? 

When one is 'rich', meaning that a person has made more than one million dollars for example, one is expected to keep up with others who are buying ever more expensive toys such as cars, planes, yachts, trips, art, jewelry, clothes and mansions. Once one starts on this road, there is no end to it. The pursuit of lots of money, is like a terminal disease or infection, with no cure. The more money one accumulates the worse the infection or dis-ease becomes, and it is terminal. 

The dis-ease is terminal because there is a need to keep up appearances and fit in within the upper 1% world. This need creates the need to make ever more money, and thus the never ending cycle is created of 'not enough', despite making millions of dollars per year. The need to consume more and accumulate more money cannot ever be satisfied. Tom Shadyac experienced this world and saw the roots of it were unhealthy, so he got out of it, by choice. More money did not buy him more happiness. 

Once a person gets a LOT of money, there is also a separation from the 'others' in community, who look to this person who has more, while they are starving and homeless. This creates the need for the rich person to create laws, build walls, gates and separations from those who have less, because they might take it or ask for some of this money. They may even 'tax' this rich person, so he or she has to resist this and pass laws allowing him to not pay taxes, especially if the money is kept in a 'corporation'. 

The 99% might even try to rob the rich person of their money, possessions or hold them for ransom. This creates the need for security systems, guards, police, jails and armies who can control the unruly mobs who may ask the 1% for a small share of the Billions of dollars being accumulated just for them.   

Laws then need to be created to allow the 1% to control the money, possessions and to force the 99% to buy things ONLY from the 1%, and no one else. Natural herbs, vitamins and free ways of living need to be made illegal, punished by putting people doing that in jail. Living without a home, job or address as Jesus Christ taught his followers to do, has to be made illegal, punishable by jail. 

The American Indians had their first experiences with white 'settlers', and saw that they were almost universally infected with a dis-ease, that we would classify as greed or the love of money. They saw the spiritual roots of this dis-ease as being separate and alone, disconnected from the Oneness that supplied all living things with everything that was needed, and no more. 

Nature is not designed in the grand design to give one species everything, while everyone else plus all other species suffer or die out. Nature is designed so that all humans and other species of life fit together in a huge spider web, each one person and species of life dependent on and giving/receiving from all others. The 1% do not understand this basic principle of Nature or life itself. 

No one person or species has to suffer or die out when this system works in the ideal sense within the 'balance of Nature'. It is possible for all species to work in HARMONY with Nature, following Nature's laws and fitting into the natural systems, rather than fighting or trying to control or unbalance them with money as the motive underneath all of it. The study of Nature and her laws and systems is called the Science Of Sustainable Health. 

What the Indians noticed is that these new immigrants always wanted more, no matter how much was given to them. This was seen as a terminal spiritual dis-ease by the Indians. These immigrants were willing to kill and lie to take whatever they wanted, no matter what was given to them. These immigrants regularly broke even written treaties and forced the Indians to move off of their ancestral lands that they had continuously occupied for tens of thousands of years or more, by claiming it was theirs now, not the Indians or Great Spirits'.  

These new immigrants had strange concepts such as being able to own their own personal God, water, gold, trees, animals, air and land, which the Indians did not understand. They chopped down all of the trees, extracted all of the minerals, and killed all of the animals. Millions of buffalo were wiped out, just to take away the food supply of the Indians. The 'settlers' quickly polluted the air, water and ground, and upset the balance of Nature that Indians had lived within for eons.  

The Indians knew that Great Spirit was in all things and could not be 'owned' or controlled. They knew that other people could not be 'controlled' or made to do things, just so a few people could get 'rich'. The Indian's deep understanding of sustainability was they should only take what was needed, share what they had with others in the village, and be grateful for that. 

Village chiefs were 'elected' by a contest of those wanting this position giving away everything that they owned, and helping those in need. The person who did this the best was elected as chief, or mayor of the village. The new 'settlers' taught the opposite. The person who accumulated the most and who had the most money was elected as leader and then they asked for more money once elected, either through taxes, church, slaves or written 'laws'. 

They also understood on a deep level that what they were given for free when they were born in this world, such as fresh and pure air, water, trees, soil and wild animals, was to be taken care of for seven future generations, not to be used up and sold for the highest possible amount of money which would buy things, just for one person alone, so that person could buy bigger and better things than anyone else. Polluting or spoiling Nature was not even in the realm of possibility for an Indian, it was so foreign to their culture and way of life. 

They also understood that these immigrants suffered enormously, because they were not willing to share or live in harmony overall. These new immigrants seemed to love fighting and using violence to accomplish their goals, in the name of some God that lived far away in Heaven, who was worshipped in boxes called 'church'. 

They forced the Indians to adopt this God system of punishment and reward as well. They punished the Indians for their pagan ways, by taking their children away and indoctrinating them in their 'better' ways of living. They called the Indian's and their way of life sinful and evil, calling them the equivalent of animals, subject to being treated just like an animal, with no rights as human beings. 

These 'settlers' taught the Indians about how they had to use and get money, in order to buy things and to feel valuable or useful. They taught the Indians that without money, they were not considered useful, valuable, necessary or needed. They taught the Indians that a person could be thrown out on the street, left without food, housing or clothing, much less a sense of belonging to the village, if they did not have money to 'pay' for things like housing, food or water. A person who tried to live without money was considered a sinner and/or was called a 'Communist'. 

The Indians did not understand Communism, sin, money or debt, because they did fine without all of these artificial labels and isms. American Indians lived the same way that other aborigine societies have lived around the world, for tens of thousands of years. Housing, food, water, fuel, and clothing was free. The pure air one breathed was free.  There was no need for cars, loans, credit card or debt, much less payment of 'interest' on that debt. Money was unknown for most of the history of humankind, until recently. 

Historically, money was only known in those few societies where the 1% took over, accumulating as much as possible for themselves. This spiritual sickness spread as the 1% wanted more and more, from other continents. 'Settlers' were sent out to gather things that could be sold for money and given to the 1%. 

Even the Bible has a warning about money and the love of money. It said that those who are 'rich' could not enter Heaven, because it was like trying to get a camel through the eye of a needle. The rich cannot get into Heaven, because they are separate from the laws of Nature, separate from the Oneness. The 1% are separate from the sustainable and spiritual ways of living in harmony with other people. Getting into 'Heaven' and being part of the Oneness requires all of these things. When a rich person asked Jesus how to get into Heaven, Jesus told him to give all of his money away and to follow him. 

The example Jesus Christ provided in his life around money was to give away everything away, live in common in a 'village', (with no one owning anything) just like the Indians did, and then learn spiritual truths, while developing a consciousness of divine love. 

Further, Jesus commanded his followers to not judge others, and to love and share things with others who were in need. They were to use only what was needed, and no more. He told his followers to give to those in need, and if someone asked for a coat, (or a house, or food) to give it to them. Jesus taught that love of everyone and everything was the only law that needed to be followed, and money was not to be used or focused on. Anyone who accumulated money or held it for themselves (the 1%) was punished severely.  

Killing or punishing people with death was not allowed for any reason. Taking from others was also not allowed, whether that was land, wife, possessions or other. In essence, the teachings of Jesus Christ mirrored the lifestyle of Indians who had no need of money, possessions or need to accumulate things outside of basic necessities for daily living. It is curious how Christianity these days violates everything that Jesus Christ taught. 

If Jesus Christ returned today, (as many churches teach) with long hair, beard, white dress, and living on the street, wandering around without a home or job, he would be thrown in jail, not recognized or listened to. The Jews also did not recognize their Saviour when he appeared, for the same reason. Will history repeat itself? Time will tell. 

Bottom line, if the new immigrants had truly followed the teachings of Jesus Christ, they would have moved in with the Indian tribes and lived just like them, learning from them, instead of killing them and taking what they had from them, without giving them anything in return except for disease infected blankets. 

In the long term, Nature restores order and harmony by force on any species that gets out of harmony. Any species that violates Nature's laws is eventually eliminated by force of law. Nature's laws cannot be violated without consequences. 

Living or creating a society outside of the system of Nature's laws is an artificial and temporary condition that can only be supported at great cost of money, energy, time and expense plus suffering that increases with each generation. 

The whole system that we call modern society is upside down and backwards. Modern civilization is based on trying to control Nature and/or violate ALL of her laws, so it must eventually collapse and disappear. All great spiritual masters (including Jesus Christ) recognized this basic truth of living in harmony with Nature and taught their followers how to live in harmony with Nature and her laws. 

Tom Shadyac - Lessons From Multimillionaire Who Moved Into A Mobile Home; via @AGreenRoad

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Posted: Friday August 23, 2013, 8:27 am
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