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Aug 24, 2013

after (presumably intentional) destruction of earlier profile(s) and blog(s) (a while ago) i'm re-posting the 30.05.2012-version (of which i happen to have backup)
NEWER ENTRIES marked bold/blue

as to what prompted me to start these notes, see my comment on "does C2 care to help" down below ! 

-- severe --

(A-00) Fixing bugs or implementing simple, obvious improvements (like A-1, below) take WAY too long => care2's 'workflow' is in dire need of improvement.

(A-0) [ the "accounts-disappear'-bug ought be fixed for good.

(A-1) [since 'forever'] When spammers profiles are deleted their spam-postings ought be deleted, too, (semi-) automatically. This can be implemented with little effort and certainly would discourange spamming. (If there's any difficulty with *deleting* posts, alternatively, these posts could be marked-as-spam-for-every-user, so theey would be loaded, but their display suppressed.) -- 12/2010: There's some improvement with spamming in C2NN. But there's still posts by posters-who(se profile)-have-already-been-deleted. Same so in 03/2012. Same so at end of 04/2012.

SAME SO IN 08/2013: i recently wrote """
spam-C2NN-post still around although spammer's profile got deleted; here, again, it seems.

But when e.g. David B's profile got deleted (for the umteenandeleventh time) his posts also were missing (i couldn't help but notice as i wanted to look up a couple of them (i had bookmarked!) again but they were GONE)"""

(A-2) [12/2010] (many of my) comments-on-C2NN-disappear, repeatedly, some after I had received GreenStars for them. (this happened on at least 3 different occasions(days); while other comments on the same C2NN-posts did not disappear) -- this continues to happen, to several users, e.g. in Jan. 2011 ... and continues to happen, to several users, e.g. in April 2012. And again with many of my comments between 25.-28.04.2012.

This was reported to care2, by different users, again and again; Me alone reported/asked-for-repair at least 10 times (over many months; and quite carefully, precisely, providing accurate details) but never got any reply (other than the " ### AutoReply" msg). e.g., once more,  #734133: C2S: Safety Concerns - Cyberbullying - Wed, Mai 2, 2012 10:25.

(A-3) (2011...) 04/2012 care2-messaging is a mess. Deleted messages sometimes re-appear. Deleted messages do not appear in Trash. "Saved" message does not apear in SAVED-order, etc. etc --- makes me wonder: do care2-programmers know what a "commit" is?

--  medium --

(B-1a) ...2010: Billboard-Editors adds extra, unwanted linebreaks (so that after only [edit]+[save], with NO changes made billboard appears changed.) 

(B-1b) 10/2011 same now with blog-SHARE-Editor: adds extra, unwanted linebreaks -- 12/2011: not only NOT fixed, but seems to be getting worse. -- Bug is alive and thriving in 04/2012   BUG IS ALIVE AND KICKING 08/013.

(B-2) [My Care2 > Personal Messaging > Inbox > Message Detail
>> [REPLY]
sender is NOT used for To:
AND [click here to select names] does not work

(B-3) [when editing a (blog-)share the "Photo" is lost, very reliably.

(a least since 01/2010, well preserved 12/2011) /c2c/photos/view ...
[Make my Profile Photo] => NO all, there ought to be feedback
[Make my Album Cover]   => "Use this photo for the cover of its Album?" = (inconsistent and)superfluous

(B-5) and give different displays, should better be unified.

(B-6) (a least since 01/2010, bug well preserved 12/2011) [credits displayed (on myPage) seems sometimes wrong (despite reloading page); and redeemingcredits often does not work with FM "Sorry, your transaction could not be completed."

(B-7) [
(B-8) [2010,2011] old profile image is still used days after profile image has been changed.

(B-9) tags are not displayed in preview of C2NN-posts

(B-9) 10/2011: This text is mutilated (see e.g. B-7, above; C-2, below)

--  trifles --

(D-1)  04/2012...  the "New" in "New: Video on C2NN!  The little green camer.." ought to have been deleted a couple of years ago.

(D-2) 2010..2012  at  there ought be a hint "NO html" for the Description at "Submit a News Story to C2NN"

Submit a News Story to C2NN

-- nice-2-haves --

(C-1) [News-posts (and comments, too) should be (edit- or) delete-able by their author - so as to enable (retraction and) correction.

(C-2)  [or, even better: use the "Rearrange Album"-display also for "delete photos"

(C-3) [03/2011]  allow [a name="xyx"] in blog-shares

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Posted: Saturday August 24, 2013, 10:56 am
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David D. (15)
Saturday August 24, 2013, 11:08 am
I had written, Tuesday April 17, 2012, 4:07 pm:
here's one of my C2NN-comments, which got deleted, ~yesterday:

> I believe it is a CARE2 GLITCH.
well, IF (caps intended) this would have been a care-2 bug --a BUG which has been devouring (some) comments for many months now, with numerous users reporting/complaining/asking for correction-- this would be a SEVERE BUG -- and the fact that it had not been corrected by care2 (in many months, while e.g. much-lower-priority 'redesign'-work was done) this would show near-unbelievable (for me, as an old mostly-SW-developer by profession) INCOMPETENCE of those responsible.

It's also remarkable, that care2(customer support) hardly ever, if ever, answers help-requests in this matter.

note: I do acknowlege (and applaud) that care is free-of-charge; and thus necessarily runs on a low budget (who doesn't?) . But then, if those responsible are not up to the task (in the time they have) , then, I'm pretty sure, amongst the " 18,929,632 members doing good! " would be enough who could and would be willing to help them out. (here's one potential volunteer writing)

David D. (15)
Saturday August 24, 2013, 11:09 am
I had written (and of course never received a reply:)

similar is also happening to (at least) several to other users (I know of); and this has been happening for years.

plaese let me know what care2 is doing to stop this.

PS: if c2's current staff is not up to fixing this problem care2 ought to request help from it's users -- amongst the "[nearly 20 M] members doing good!" there certainly are a few who are up to it and would be willing to help.

Michael M. (60)
Saturday August 24, 2013, 12:54 pm
Hey, Franck!
Go directly to
to find if he will respond to you. Check for others who seem to be either volunteers or staff.

Gotta, go, Threatened with work. I admit that i fail to pursue a lot of these irritations, knowing they are tech.

Offer them your body and eternal soul. I am sure they will put you Faust in line.


David D.
male, age 115, single
Funafuti, Tuvalu, Tuvalu
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