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Aug 25, 2013

Okay.  Maybe your health is currently in a bad way, or not as good as you'd like at any rate.  You're anxious to turn it around.  You want to try everything and everything because you're sick and tired of feeling so sick and tired.  You're full of enthusiasm, or at least willingness, and you want to get started with this.  What a lot of people do at this point is to jump in with both feet, and this is good, but....easy does it!  Forcing a healing won't work!

I've seen so many people load up on supplements, only to have them fill up  their cupboard space and never get used.  Why?  Because they bought too many and don't know how to properly use them, perhaps.  Then when they don't work disappointment ensues, and a misunderstanding about why these supplements didn't do what they hoped they would do occurs.  Many people give up then, thinking they've tried it all, which of course, is never actually the case. 

In regards to herbal remedies and supplements, though, there are many important things to consider regarding their effective use.  Proper cultivation, storage, formulating, processing and other factors enter into the picture.  The very best herbs come from your own yard, naturally grown, such as dandelion, plantain and many other wonderful plants commonly mistaken for weeds.  God made it real easy to always get what we need!  But usually we purchase our herbs for convenience, rather than mixing and making up our own recipes, because today's world is a different place.  I make up formulas, but I've devoted my life to it, so I may not be the best example of how many do this themselves!  I can tell you, not many do.  I teach whoever would like to learn!  In the meanwhile, research the company who supplies your nutritional supplement products.  It matters a great deal how the products are produced, and there is a HUGE quality variance out there on the product shelves.

Nature's Sunshine is a very good company.   Their knowledge, product quality, experience, and integrity cannot be topped.  You can find them at  They have an excellent customer service department, or you can contact  us here, too, if you need help.   This is keeping it much simpler than wondering if this brand or that brand is good, who to ask for help, and also educational support is available through Nature's Sunshine.  Most importantly, you know the quality is good.  I could write a lot about that but I won't in the interest of staying within the scope of what I'm writing today.  What I will say, however, is that it's much easier to decide which supplements to use with the help of experts.  Nature's Sunshine is the company most often recommended by natural health professionals.  They're also easy for the individual to order themselves and they generally arrive at your door the next business day if ordered by noon.  What could be easier than that?  Also, their membership program is the easiest and best that I've seen, accommodating everyone's needs.

Easy does it regarding changes in diet, as well...but DO IT!  I'm sure there are improvements which could be made, as I've met very few with a perfect diet, and there's could probably be tweaked even more.  Making too many changes at once, though, can cause a person to give up all together, or create stress which is also detrimental to heath.

Pick a place to start.  Maybe it's discovering more healthy snacks to replace the ones you currently crave.  (Hint...cravings are due to nutritional deficiencies...using flax seed, for instance, will curb cravings for fat.  Flax seed offers nourishment while potato chips just offer fat!  With sugar cravings, it's chromium the body is looking for, as it has been lost in the refining process.)

The easiest way to curb cravings is to only put real food items into the cupboard.  It's easy to find good things to snack on when good things are readily available.  It's a little more difficult to get in the car and go get something when a craving hits than it is to walk into the kitchen.  So put the healthy foods in the cupboards and make it easier to grab those items first.  (Then, if you do go out, go to a grocery store, not a convenience store or a fast food's easier to resist the temptation when you've made a specific commitment to yourself, first.  Easy does it, you know!  Make good choices as easy to make as you can!)

Perhaps your ready to cut down on meat consumption.  A vegan diet is far superior to one loaded with animal products.  Maybe going straight to a plant-based diet is moving too fast for you, though.  Try changing one meal a day, or one day a week...gradually work your way up exploring new ways of preparing food that you'll like.  It's easier to let go of something you enjoy but which does not serve you well when you have something else you enjoy to replace it with.  Even a 5% reduction in animal products will benefit you, and the animals, of course, at the same time.  Think of what a 10% reduction might do!  Or 20, 25, 50 or 100%!  You pick the goal, but there's nothing wrong with taking it at your own pace.  If you can do 100%, that is great!  But even 5% is better than none.  This is true of every achievement your working to make.

At Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center, we recommend a raw vegan diet, because it is the diet which provides the most nutrients, and also because it is the diet originally provided to us in the beginning.  The body was not designed to consume animal products, and the act of so doing is unnatural to us.  There is violence also involved, and violence is always an unholy act.  There are so many other alternatives to this, which are proven to be the healthier choice. 

In the beginning we didn't have fire, and food was not made to be heated the way that it is today.  Enzymes are destroyed in the heating process, and enzymes are needed to help with the digestive process, so as not to tax the body by using systemic enzymes for the digestion of food.  Food not properly digested is accountable for almost all disease that we know.  There is an absorption and elimination system in the body designed to take nutrients in and move poisons out of the body, but this system is food activated, and we're tampering with how it all works whenever we change food from its original form.  The easiest way for the body to move it through is as it was given by God.  The easiest way to balance weight issues, become strong and clear minded, overcome illness, etc., is by using food as medicine.  We are designed to be healthy and strong with the proper food.

Maybe the thought of 100% raw sounds awful to you.  How much of your diet is made up of raw foods right now?  Increase it by 5%.  Then later, you can increase it again.  See how easy it can really be?  Making it simpler still is the truth that the more you eat of the good stuff the less you will want the bad.  There should be no force in diet involved.  Gentle persuasion and slow steady action works best.  Try raw chocolate!  There's a real good reward!  Healthy enough to give the kids for breakfast before they go to school!  That's hard to believe, but it would be the most nutritious meal they've had in awhile!  Raw foods are incredibly packed with the nutrition we need.

Exercise is the same way.  Start slowly, but start!  Or gradually increase the amount if you're already on an exercise program.  Unless you're already pushing too hard.  Exercise is often one of those things that can get out of balance in the other direction, bring about the need for rest.  But most of us, sadly, do not get enough.  Choose what type to start with...anything....walking, hiking, bicycling, going to the gym, yoga, aerobics., dancing...your choice.  Pick something you'll like so you'll do it!  Exercise isn't something you just read or think about, it actually has to be done!  But easy does it.  Doing too much at first will tire you out, make you sore, and most likely you will give up  It's better to start where you are than at where you think you should already be.

Water...add to what you're drinking now and increase the amount every day.  To just think you're going to start drinking a gallon a day when you drink no plain water at all is just silly.  You won't do it, and you know it and I know it, and so just start drinking a little bit more.  Keep track and increase it each day.  A glass an hour is a great goal.

Stopping bad habits?  Sometimes smoking one less cigarette a day is a good way to stop.  It's easier that way.  Ease oftentimes is a good indication of success.  If a person finds something to hard to do, it might be easier to just give up.  Doing a little bit at a time...taking it easy..might be the difference between whether you do it or not.  An easy way to stop smoking is to add lobelia herb to your daily routine, one capsule three times a day, and don't worry at first about quitting.  Take your lobelia, which is a good herb which reduces cravings and helps clean out the lungs.  Meanwhile, instead of saying "I need a cigarette," say that you "want" one, instead.  It implants the idea of choice, making it much easier to stop when you do. 

Doing things the easy way often gets a bad rap, but it gets things done!

Healing takes time.  Patience is very imortant, coupled with perseverance.  Some things you can do right away with no problem, others you should start slowly.  I usually suggest to start with aroma.  Throwing out every single spray, powder, liquid, soap, perfume, air freshener and everything else in your home which contains artificial fragrance will not hurt you a bit!  If you have to start out extreme in an area, that's a really good place to start!  People don't seem to realize how very toxic those chemicals are!  Replace them with fragrance free or pure essential oils.

Getting the toxic fragrances out of the house is a good place to start, but also adding aromatherapy in is real good.  That's where I like to start people at when I work with them as a naturopathic doctor, helping them in improving their health.  Not with thousands of herbs, but with a few drops of well chosen oils every day.  Then we start with adding a good nutritional basis, then with cleansing, then finally with targeted herbs.  Sometimes it might be nearly two months before we even start on the remedies for what the person originally was complaining of.  That's because by going slowly, laying the foundation and removing toxins in a general way, the body often corrects itself without having to directly address the problem.  The slow approach is often the much quicker way to a deeper healing than what at first glance appears to be working much faster than this.  Chemical drugs give the appearance of working quickly, but the symptoms are diverted and show up instead by way of the side-effects.

Nature's system of healing is simple....nourish, cleanse, balance.  Not nearly as complicated as we suppose.  It doesn't matter the name of the disease, these three steps will work every time.  In natural healing we look at body systems and work to support how the body functions,, rather than focusing on the disease. 

"Easy Does It" is a slogan used in 12 Step programs a lot.  It's a slogan that works!

The important thing is to focus on wellness, not on sickness, and just enjoy your life, making every day a new healing adventure.  Start where you are on this journey, and don't worry how long it will take or anything else.  Just put one foot in front of the other and walk on the healing path.  Don't run.  You're liable to fall.  Walking a slow steady pace will get you there, as surely as the tortoise arrived ahead of the hare.  Take time to smell the flowers...that's part of your healing!  Take time for rest...that's part of your healing, as well!  Take time for guessed it...healing!  Take time each day for YOU...and enjoy the process of getting well! 

Healing is meant to be fun, it is meant to be enjoyed, and it is meant to be shared.  Thank you for allowing us to be part of your healing journey.  Please don't give up, we are here healing right with you.  None of us are there totally yet, but we're on our are you.  Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center...A Place to Come Together and GROW!  We're all learning.  Thank you for learning and growing with us.  God meant for healing to be easy!  So let's do it, beginning with this moment right now! 

Healing is a lifelong endeavor.  No one ever "tries it all" or "gets there."  Not until they die away to this earthly life.  There's always more to learn, more to heal, more bad habits to break, more people to forgive, more patterns of thought to revise, new little aches and pains that crop's nothing to feel guilty about or to be judged for.  These are all things to be healed.  Healing is meant to be easy, daily and ongoing.  It's something to be involved in every moment of the day.  Smile!  Smell a flower!  Say something nice to a friend!  Healing is happening NOW. 

Yours in Love, Light and Truth,
"Vibraceous, ND"

Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

Please reference our website as source of all quotes, and please quote in context. Thanks!

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