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Aug 25, 2013

Imagine waking up inside of a dream. Imagine dreaming that the world's supply of man made radioactive elements had all been transmuted to harmless substances like calcium, no matter where they were found:

inside reactors
inside spent fuel pools
laying on the ground
in the ocean
in rivers
in lakes
inside living creatures
in trees and insects
in reprocessing plants
inside nuclear missiles
inside DU weapons/bullets

Does this sound like an impossibility?  What if, instead of a dream, this might be a potential reality that can be created? What if, with the power of love, however many people it took, decided to create this reality? 

Does this sound too far fetched? Please consider the following true life story about Anita Moorjani.. a terminal cancer patient. 

Anita Moorjani's Near Death Experience And Healing Terminal Cancer; via @AGreenRoad

She explains the power of love, as seen from the other side. She died and came back to life, healed of terminal cancer. She shows by her living and loving EXAMPLE, how powerful love can be as a force for change. Her body went from being full of cancer and near death to perfectly healed in an instant. 

Greg Braden shows by example, how powerful a force love can be in the following video. This is another example of how powerful love can be as a force, when used for healing. What if, instead of focusing this power on an individual, a group of conscious, aware and and awake individuals focused on healing the planet, specifically around transmuting dangerous man made elements into a harmless one? Transmutation happens, 

Greg Braden; The Science Behind Miracles And Heart Based Living; via @AGreenRoad

People generally live in fear more than in love. Fear is powerful and can be used to control people's minds, which then controls their hearts, shutting them down. 

However, it is possible to live in love, instead of in fear. Living in love is not limited to easy situations, or pleasant circumstances. Love can have a huge and miraculous effect on any difficult situation, no matter what it is. 

American Indians teach us that there is always hope, and difficult situations can be turned around, sometimes miraculously. There is always hope, even in the darkest of days, in the most difficult situation. Hope is always there for us personally, as well as globally. 

American Indian Prophecy, Living As Soul on Earth; via @AGreenRoad

Some people may say that there is no sense in trying to fight the 1%, or huge corporations, or the government, or the whatever group, because they have all of the power. 

So they have some worldly power. But how does that small miniscule power of one tiny group on a dust mote floating around in space, compare to the unlimited LOVING power outside of this physical world? Imagine a place where infinite, never ending love, peace, joy and light reign, and miracles are the natural order of business. This leads to another question.

How much power do we REALLY have in our day to day existence, and where does that power come from? 

Dr. Emoto teaches that our intention, emotions, and consciousness has an effect on everything around us. We affect our environment with what we are thinking and feeling. So if we focus on healing and love, instead of on fear and negative/destructive thoughts, we can potentially transform our inner and AND our outer world. 

Dr. Emoto On Vibrations, Water, Energy, Consciousness And Healing; via @AGreenRoad

Bottom line, the question is, does the power of love have a limit? Is love limited to performing healing miracles for individuals? It is not a question of performing miracles even.. If individuals would only focus on the solutions, instead of the problem, the answers are all there, ready to go. 

If and when people vote for the Green Party, nuclear power will disappear quickly, because without the corrupting influence of corporations on politicians, there is nothing holding these monsters in power. They can be shut down if voters elect people who do not take corporate money. All it takes is not buying into the fear tactics, which portray anyone not voting for the Dualopoly controlled by corporations as 'wasting' their vote. No votes are wasted. Only people who do not vote are wasting something precious. Bottom line, VOTE, or run for office. 

The Green Party And Green Movement Continues To Grow In Double Digits; via @AGreenRoad

There are many countries without nuclear power plants. We do not have to re-invent the wheel. All it takes is a focus on a specific goal and then moving towards that with a conscious intention. 

No miracles are really needed. All we really need is having enough love inside of us to CARE enough to make a difference by ACTING in some way, shape or form. Get involved and make a difference locally, regionally, nationally or internationally. 

What is your passion? Where can you make a difference? Everyone has a purpose, a reason for living, a destiny to fulfill, and an important part to play. Could it be that part of why you are here is to help usher in a greener way of living? 

List Of Countries/Nations With NO Nuclear Power Plants; via @AGreenRoad 

For example, you could help your city or country to pass a resolution that said; we will produce 100% of our energy within five years from a carbon free renewable energy source. 

This one tiny goal and action will set in motion a series of things that will move the city/county or country to this goal, with the side effect of eliminating all nuclear power. This is also not something new or different. Many communities have set and reached this goal. Click on the link to read about the many communities that have set and reached a goal of getting 100% of their power from a renewable source. 

There are many other methods that can be used to close down existing nuclear facilities, or to prevent new ones from being built. The link below details more methods that can be used, as they have been used successfully in the past. 

How To Prevent Any New Nuclear Power Plants From Being Built, Close Existing ones, And Switch To 100% Renewables; via @AGreenRoad

Now we come back around to the miracle of love. Love is a miracle all by itself without doing anything with it. Just because love is, is a miracle. Imagine a world without love... The world just would not be the same thing without love. 

Would this world be worth living in, without love? Many people TRY to do this, but end up suffering or even dying. Death is possible and even very much a possibility without love. Try raising a child without love, affection and touch; that child will either die or end up being severely damaged. It is not possible to be a healthy, normal, vibrant HUMAN BEING without love. 

What if we use love together with ACTION? Miracles are possible, by combining love with action, beyond the ordinary every day normal world. What is the limit of love? Are there any limits to what we can do with love as our guide and an attitude that ANYTHING is possible, including closing all nuclear power plants? 

What if a GROUP of people got together with the intention of performing a global miracle? There is no difference between a small miracle and a large miracle. One small individual miracle is really no different than a large global miracle. The power of love is UNLIMITED in both scope and scale. 

Do you need an incentive or reason for taking this on? Well, how about seven future generations, who are counting on you? How about doing it for yourself, to learn more about the inner POWER that you have, that everyone has inside of themselves? Explore the infinite power of love that is within. Explore the power of mind/spirit/body/consciousness/love working together in harmony. 

Imagine waking up inside of a dream. Imagine dreaming that the world's supply of man made radioactive elements have all been transmuted to harmless substances like calcium, no matter where they were found:

inside reactors
inside spent fuel pools
laying on the ground
in the ocean
in rivers
in lakes
inside living creatures
in trees and insects
in reprocessing plants
inside nuclear missiles

inside DU weapons/bullets

Do you feel led to making this happen? Read the above daily, and feel the feeling that it creates. Doing this on your own moves this into reality. Doing this in a group moves it faster into reality. Saying this every day as an affirmation moves it faster into reality. Saying it in a group as a verbal prayer that is repeated daily moves it faster into reality. 

Everything starts with a thought. What powers a thought to translate it into reality is LOVE. Use love, the power of intention and your words to make this world free of radiation, free of nuclear power plants. Here is a sample prayer, affirmation or group focus. Change the wording to make it work for you or your group... Help move this into reality. 

All harmful man made radioactive elements globally have been transmuted to calcium by the HIGHER power of AGAPE love within. All nuclear power plants have been closed. The planet and all people are NOW living by the INNER law of AGAPE LOVE and cooperation, rather than by outer laws and force. 

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Posted: Sunday August 25, 2013, 8:53 am
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