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Aug 29, 2013

En este link se ecuentra la carta en espanol y frances
Letter also in spanish and french on this link

 please copy/paste letter to the attached mail addresses below and invite friends to do the same


To Whom It May Concern, 

This letter is a condemnation of the brutal and so called Spanish 'tradition' bullfighting. It is a direct protest against a cruel event that will soon take place in Spain ('el Toro de viga'). Bulls, even horses, get tortured for the entertainment of a certain group of people; We, the majority of people, are horrified by the pictures and videos we see, and the eyewitness reports we get and we want this to stop. Years of protests, signing petitions, and putting up cyberactions like this ... have taken place; still nothing has changed about the law to protect these animals.

This law allows bullfighting and similiar events that still take place in:
... Spain, Portugal, southern France, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru, the Philippines, the Tamil Nadu practise of jallikattu (India), the Portuguese-influenced mchezo wa ngombe, the Tanzanian islands of Pemba and Zanzibar. 
Types of bullfighting which involve bulls fighting other bulls, rather than humans, are found in: 
Turkey, some countries in the Persian Gulf, Bangladesh, Japan and Korea &Thailand
It also occurs in many parts of the Western United States, various rodeo events like calf roping and bull riding were influenced by the Spanish bullfighting.
Soon there are also bull runs all over the states that will leave many bulls and people injured

Although most of us have seen videos of what goes on in the arena, most people are unaware of the facts behind the bullfights, all the torture that the bulls are exposed to to "prepare" them for the "valiant matador". 

Why we concider bullfights cruel?

To start with, the bullfight bull is not a natural breed, but a crossbreed created especially for this purpose. The bulls are herbivorous, myopic and are released in the bullring only after:
•The animal is kept for a couple of days in a dark room, without water nor food to weaken it
•The animal is hit with a sack of wet sand on his ribs and kidneys. This method is known among the bullfighters as "bajar al toro'' (weaken the bull)
•Vaseline is added into his eyes to cloud the vision
•Cotton is stuck in the bulls nose holes and throat to make it difficult to breathe
•Quite often, the tip of the bull horns get shaved off, so they would not represent a big threat to the "brave" matador
•Laxatives are given to the bulls to make them weaker
•If the bull is too weak after all these "treatments", then thinner (turpentine), is dropped on his hooves and genitals, so when the bull appears on the ring kicking and jumping, it is not because he is "furious" and "brave", but because he feels that his hooves and genitals are burning with pain
•Often these people stab the bull testicles with knitting needles, to make them look "wilder and aggressive"
•To complete their evilness, often has been reported that the wooden door that slides in an upward motion to release the tortured bull into the ring, is released to make it fall onto the bull's head, fissuring their skull just before going into the arena

In the arena, the bull doesn't stand a chance: after being bullyied with lances spit between the shoulders by the matodor, a deathblow is given to kill the bull. It's supposed to hit the heart immediatly, but this rarely happens. The reality is that the matador mostly gets the lungs slashed which results in the bull sufficating in it's own blood and dying a slow, frightening and painful death.

They say that it is a Spanish tradition, but looking at the polls, it is not even backed by the Spaniards. There is not enough interest from the public to keep it running!!! So, how is it even still excisting?

We have come to know that for instance the European Union (EU) supports Spanish bullfighting.
Several members of the European Union (EU) Parliament are demanding an end to the EU system that annually indirectly supports bullfighting in Spain with 130 million Euros!
According to a new report bullfights are annually backed with 129.6 million Euros. The report was prepared by members of the Catalan and Spanish parliaments and was presented in the European Parliament.
It is absolutely crazy that the European Union (EU) provides support for farming in bullfighting through agricultural subsidies. 
Apparently the Danish MEP Dan Jørgensen has, along with other animal rights activists, tried to stop it, but sadly it was voted down.
Support for the Spanish bullfight goes through the agricultural funds given to cattle, and does not differentiate between what animals are used for. In Spain part of the cattle is often used for bullfighting.
In an effort to put an end to the scheme several MPs wrote a letter to Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Ciolos and requires him to intervene. So far, 17 MPs signed the letter – including Dan Jorgensen, who chairs the European Parliament’s animal welfare group.
If it were not for European Union (EU) funds we could certainly stop the phenomenon.
Especially people from the EU should know that money for bullfighting is paid by the EU funds, and not only most of us despise the 'sport', in times of crisis we certainly don't want our money spend on this. More info here
Even Britain is paying through EU-funds

What is our goal with this protest action?
We simply want to stop this barbaric 'tradition' and this for more than one reason:
- 99% of the population doesn't support this cruelty, and they certainly don't want to support this with their money (taxes)
- hence bulls, used for bulfighting, are classified under 'cattle' used in farming, we want a law that makes the difference between these two and therefor we want strickt rules on the welfare of the animals used in the fights ... still our main goal is to stop the bullfights completely!
- Despite the fact bullfighting is not that popular as it used to be, Spain still recrutes young children and teaches them how to use the lances ... this is illegal, there for any act towards this should be punished
- any similiar event hurting the animals needs to be banned, cfr ;.. 
* Pamplona
* El Toro de la Vega (Tordesillas), where the bull gets chased by hundres of people with lances, big knives, by horses and trucks ... many bulls get hurt, break their legs ... often till they fall down in agony..... 
* Correbous....the bulls' horns are covered with a big ball of fat, then set on fire where as the bull goes crazy of fear...even gets blind when drops of burning fat drip into their eyes ...
- In Spain there are no camera's allowed to events like this, most videos found on the net are filmed undercover. This already proofs Spain admits it is doing something cruel and illegal and is even fearing more protest.
People who put this events on film and get cought await a file ... isn't it supposed to be the attacker/killer of the bull who needs to be punished? We are tired of governement and ministeries allowing people getting away with cruel acts and punishing the ones who do right. Stop protecting the ones who attack the bull and the ones who support this cruelty.

We do hope our voice gets heart after all these years of trying to contribute to animal welfare and stopping bullfighting. 
We will keep protesting against this till all lances are put down!

Yours sincerely, 

(Add your name & country)

Videos showing the cruelty of bullfighting:

LIST OF ADDRESSES,,, sté,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dominique,, ,,

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Posted: Thursday August 29, 2013, 8:19 pm
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Past Member (0)
Saturday August 31, 2013, 4:09 am
Thank you Maricruz!

Sun c. (95)
Sunday September 1, 2013, 11:52 am
Done! Thank you Anneke for the forward! Went to the fb page couldn't find the Spanish version.....sent it in English

Shelli S. (365)
Tuesday September 3, 2013, 1:02 pm
Sent emails 2 all, 2 stop BullFighting.

AniMae Chi (436)
Wednesday September 4, 2013, 2:37 am
There was many invalid addresses & i corrected all the spelling errors.


Maricruz Lopez
female , single
El Paso, TX, USA
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