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Aug 31, 2013

We are ALL meant to be healers.  Let's get that straight right from the start.  We were created in the image and likeness of GOD.  

Our bodies are magnificently and intricately designed to stay well and to function perfectly for us to be able to accomplish our purpose on earth.  The earth was perfectly designed to meet all of our physical needs.  Our spiritual needs can all be met through Love, both given and also received.  Our mind is the connecting link, and the home of free will.  If the body is cared for in the manner which is directed by spirit, there would be no problem, but sometimes the mind gets in the way.  If all of our physical affairs and concerns of life o this earth were directed by spirit, there would be no problems at all.  It takes great discipline being a human, because we succumb to so many temptations each day.  It is in harnessing the mind and using it to direct our actions as guided by spirit that our problems begin to disappear one by one.

Oh, but there are more.  Always more problems to deal with!  Even the most astute healers have issues with which they (we) are faced.  Nobody's "perfect" again in expression until they leave this world.  Until then, there is always more improvement which can be done. ; There is always one more heart that person can touch, one more step closer to pure thoughts and intentions that can be taken, one more action of every day life which can be taken to bring us closer to our intended expression of God.  

We were designed in such a way as to be self-healing, when provided the daily necessities we need.  When today's lifestyle is so different that it was in the beginning of man's time on this earth, adjustments need to be made.  For instance, we used to walk barefoot on the earth, giving us herbs through our feet intering into our bloodstream according to original design, plus we also got the benefit of being connected to the magnetic forces of the earth, balancing us through our own electro-magnetic energy system.  We walked naked under the sun, openly receiving it's healing rays.  There are light receptors on our skin, and also our pineal gland receives light through the eyes and sends it to receptor sites throughout the entire system.  There is SO much to our design!  

A sperm meets an egg and an entire human is made, and when a finger is cut, it will heal.  There are so many examples of this!  Organs growing back, even limbs have grown back...sight restored, hearing restored, hearts that have begun beating again after long pronounced dead.  The body is divinely created and it has been given the innate power to heal!

How much of our body's design are we aware of?  There is so much to learn!  We can all teach each other so many things...things that the ancients knew.  But learning is not enough.  We have to apply what we learn into practical terms in our every day lives.  There is so much to be done!

No one can do it all alone, well not many, and surely not I.  I do much better in groups.  "When two or more are gathered together in my name, there am I also." (Matthew 18:20)  That says a lot to me right there in those words, with the name being that of All-Mighty Goodness and Love.

So, yes, healing can definitely occur on one's own, with no one but the person who is healing and God acting together, as One.  But to heal in a group is a much easier route, and we can learn so much more together that way!  

The more one becomes aware of the healing power and how to direct it towards helping others, the more our own healing awareness increases more and more and we, ourselves become healed.  But as our awareness increases, so do our challenges, for we are being primed for the Divine.  To heal ourselves is one thing, but to heal the whole world takes enough cooperation of healing energies to be able to lift others up.  As we look around and see so much suffering, cruelty and war, we know there is much healing yet to be done.  It is not enough to heal ourselves, our own families and even our friends.  It is not enough to heal our clients.  We, as healers, cannot stop until everyone in the whole world is healed.  Then there will be peace on earth as in heaven again.  With awareness comes responsibility.  We are becoming more aware how to heal.

Wow.  That's a tall order!  Don't stop learning to heal until the whole world is healed?  Well, yes!  That's what we're called to do.  Did I hear someone cry that we're only human?  No, we are not!  We are created in the image and likeness of God!  

We are human, though, yes, and our human nature has its limitations.  That's why all healers are in need of a healer.  We get tired trying to heal the whole world!  We need others to teach us and heal us.  We need others to  lend new perspectives to us.  We need others to give us massages and do energy work on us, too!  We need to allow ourselves to be continually healed, just like we ask those we're helping to do.

We no longer live in that world of Eden, when everyone drew herbs up through their feet and had a multitude of food at our fingertips every day.  We live in a world where we wear shoes, sit in front of computers that scramble our brainwaves, and horrible food choices are what's readily available to us.  We have to go outside of the norm to even be properly fed!  It is extremely important at this time in history to be conscious of reconnecting to our energy Source.  We need to spend time in prayer, make a point of walking barefoot sometimes, and possibly buying a magnetic mattress pad to put on our bed!  Herbal supplements are very important, and taking care to eat foods which carry the active healing vibration of nature.  Ridding our homes of toxic fragrances and replacing them with natural healing fragrances is also more important than most people know!  Do everything possible to make your own Garden of Eden in which to live.  

And then, invite in your friends, and help them to heal, and allow them to help you heal, too!

Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center is an interfaith church based on healing.  We teach others that they're healers, too.  We focus on healing each other and then taking our renewed sense of wellness out into the world, coming back to center here in support of each other again.  Everyone needs to be healed!

God gives us challenges to match our willingness, so when a person is willing, sometimes it seems like they have so much against them, and this doesn't always seem fair.  The idea is to strengthen, however, not become weaker, which is what doubt will do.  There are always more challenges to face, giving us the opportunity to become stronger each day.  In healing, we need to be strong.  Again, we are working to uplift the whole world!  It takes perseverance, discipline, willingness, humility, gratitude, and focus.  It takes a whole village.  That's what we are.  Join us and let us all be the healers to each other we need as we go out to spread healing joy to the world!  

Every teacher needs a teacher, every counselor needs a counselor, every minister needs a minister...healers are all of those things, so are you.  It is easy for helpers to get so busy helping that they forget they also need help.  But we do.  Everyone does and especially those extending so much energy to others.  If we allow our own needs to go unmet, though, our own reserves will run dry.  That's how healers can easily become burned out, so to speak, callous, or disconnected from the work that we do.  Then it's simply rote, at best, and can actually turn harmful to not only ourselves, but those whom we would wish to serve.  We need to serve each other and hold each other up in our healing work, remembering always, that God is the Healer of All.  We are but servants, and it is our DUTY to keep our instrument tuned.  Allow yourself to be healed.  Please join us in the spirit of healing Love.  We are a church full of healers!  Let's heal ourselves, each other and the whole world, through the power given to each one of us.

May your week be filled with peace and joy,
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

Please reference our website as source of all quotes, and please quote in context. Thanks!

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Posted: Saturday August 31, 2013, 10:08 pm
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