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Sep 14, 2013

Focus:Animal Welfare
Action Request:Protest
Subject: Romania/the EU
Adapted again, subject: Romania/the EU (so it will not be rejected automatically....) These MEP'ers are best known for being animal friendly  (in Cc) 
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Subject: Romania/the EU

To Whom It May Concern, President, Sir, Madam:
September 10th 2013 the Romanian parlement decided to vote 'yes to kill Dogs'. This means all abandoned, stray animals will be caught by dogcatchers/hunters, and brought to dog pounds. If the dogs are not claimed within 10 days, they will be killed.
'Euthanasia' takes place in the most cruel ways, by poisoning, beating to death, starving, gassing or injecting with cheap liquids causing extreme suffering  ...
Opening the links below, you'll see how Romania is crossing the line/law!

Despite the fact that Romania rarely follows the rules considering hygiene, providing food, causing animals as little pain as possible, they neither feel the urgency to apply a generally accepted, decent policy,  Trap-Neuter-Return, in order to cope with the over-population of abandoned animals.
Although 5 million euro was budgetted by other EU-members (2007) to deal with the problem in a proper manner, spay/neuter-programms, identification of domestic dogs (at least), and building more decent shelters, this budget seems to have ended up in the pockets of the government, doghunters/killers and employees of public dog pounds.

By voting 'yes to kill' Romania is deviding it's country in two: people who take the right in their own hands and started to kill by clubbing trusting, sweet natured dogs to death, and/or poisoning them;  and people who want to protect the dogs against this utmost barbaric, despiccable, evil cruelty.

- to investigate these corrupt actions, we don't want our tax-flow going to a country that uses our money to murder, torture, steal ...
- to make it compulsary to spay/neuter and clip all dogs
- to arrest and convict those who abuse, torture and murder these abandoned sentient beings.

We are also concerned about children witnessing animal abuse, getting traumatised. It's already been proven criminals start their first projection of anger, frustration ... on animals.
This means not only dogs are in danger, but a whole society!

IN THE MEANTIME: we get different stories on the incident, and still there's no decent investigation!!

Romania signed and ratified the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals - Strasbourg, 13.XI.1987 - which became law 60/2004.
This means the responsibility for (pet) animals lies with the Governmental departments.
The law 9/2008 states: ANSVSA - The National Sanitary, Veterinary and Food Safety Authority) is the national authority governing animal protection.
How do the Romanian authorities meet the responsibilities under the European Convention for the Protection of (pet) Animals?
They don't!
Any ‘good’ Romanian citizen is permitted to breed in his backyard & abandon as many litters as he/she likes, as often as possible.
These people are dog users, not owners. Their dogs never get to see a veterinarian.
The dog users show no responsibility whatsoever towards their animals. The dogs are useful as long as they are young and in good health. Accidental litters occur very often. They dump puppies or kittens in public transport stations, on markets, in parks or cemeteries.
The age varies from 4 to 6 weeks.
THE ANIMAL ABANDONMENT IS A FELONY UNDER THE NEW LAW, but how to enforce such provisions, if the dogs are not identified & recorded?
Usually, from a litter, the males are preferred, the females are disposed. These are the street dogs - hated, poisoned, beaten to death, stabbed, shot with fire guns, run over by cars, maimed, burned with tar, dumped in pits to starve to death.
Hundreds of thousands of innocent animals are condemned to horrific, inhumane deaths every year, which will never cease, as long as Romanian authorities do NOT wish to uphold the Law that Animal Abandonment is a felony, and as long as everybody can just go ahead and have dogs breeding as often as possible.
Dog cruelty has a long history in Romania. The state authorities consider just one method appropriate to reduce the street dog population: mass dog culling, in the most gruesome, barbaric ways possible. Done by 'specialist' dogkillers, sadists, without any morals .....

Romania report, animal welfare laws - containing the main points of animal legislation, the flaws, recommendations for its improvement


According to law no. 205/2004,  for animal protection, completed by law 9/2008 act 7.1 (...), it is NOT allowed to euthanize stray dogs,
cats or other animals, except for the incurably diseased animals, and only after a veterinary examination. Thus 'euthanasia' on healthy dogs/cats is illegal and therefor cruelty to animals has become a criminal offence (law no. 205/2)
Still the reality shows the opposite: Chief of the Sanitary Veterinary Authority (DSV), in Brasov, Doru Enache says: 'The law is conceived badly. It is incoherent and unclear. It has all sorts of references, gaps and ambiguities.'
Despite improvements of animal protection legislation, the stray dog management means the same illegal methods to catch and kill dogs, and the same public death camps where the dogs are killed by starving them to death. (
Most cities don’t want to understand the necessity to implement the Neuter & Return policy,  mainly because of corruption and by exploiting the apparent contradictions and vagueness in the current legislation. They continue to have dogs killed or dumped.
As long as Romanian authorities do nothing to prevent the abandoned dogs problem, fail to address the cause, and hundreds of thousands of innocent animals are condemned to suffer a horrific death, they need to be addressed and held accountable by the EU member states and the decent people who have the power and influence to bring about a change in their 'mentality' !

In 2007 a legislative project (PL 912) for modification and completion of OUG no. 155/2001 regarding the stray dog management program was proposed. At the end of 2007 the Senate of the Romanian Parliament adopted it unanimously, but since then it has been stalled at the Chamber of Deputies within the Committee for Public Administration, Territorial Planning and Ecological Balance.
The main points of the legislative proposal (developed by the initiator, in collaboration with representatives of Romanian animal welfare organizations, the ANSVSA and the College of Veterinarians) are:
- sterilization, vaccination, identification (with ear clip and microchipping), registration in the national data base of strays dogs and return to their territory; keeping the animals that are not returnable in shelters until they are claimed or rehomed;
- sterilization, identification (by microchipping) and registering of pets (excluding pedigree dogs)
But the inexplicable delay in debating the proposed law leads to overcrowded municipal dog pounds, where the dogs are killed, or starved, while other dogs are born and die on the streets. If they survive, they will be incarcerated, the cycle is never ending.
Romanian citizens as well as the government and cities need to understand that their policy of 'catch and kill' is inhumane and barbaric and is even costing them more money than the 'catch/spay/neuter/release'-programms.
In Bucharest alone the stray dog population was 70,000 in 2001. Between 2001 – 2007,  144,339 dogs were killed, at a cost of 9 million Euro's! In 2011 the stray dog population went up again to 40,000,  which means 62,- euro to kill a dog.
Spaying a female dog costs 20,- euro, neutering a male dog costs even less!

The government also uses false numbers of people bitten by dogs. For instance the (false) statistic for Bucharest presented by authorities was: 13,200 people bitten in 2010. In reality, 789 people have been bitten by dogs (owned+stray) in Bucharest, according to the Institute of Infectious Disease “Matei Bals”:
- the number of registered dog bites includes also other animal bites (cats, rats etc.)
- the people are advised by the medical staff/friends/other patients or on their own initiative, to declare that they were bitten by unknown, stray dogs – in order to avoid paying for the related Carmen Arsene © 2011. All Rights Reserved 8/11 treatment costs. About 70% of the citizens bitten by dogs- with -owners declared the problems were caused by street dogs.
- the statistics reported for a town includes actually all cases from the surrounding areas, too.

In fact, according to the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta there are about 4.5 to 4.7 million people bitten by dogs each year in the United States (1 from 60 people). Comparing the statistics of USA (where the bites involved the owned dogs) and Romania 1 from 151 people is bitten each year in Bucharest. This is much lower than in USA where the people hardly get confronted with strays. Therefore,  it becomes evident that most bites in Romania involve the owned, and assumingly, not well trained dogs.

The “Catch & Kill” has failed because:
- Dog removal (Killing) method aims at the effects and not at the cause.
- The reproduction rate of the canine population is larger than authorities capacity to catch and kill the animals.
- The reproduction rate will rise directly with the catching rate (in an area where 50% of the dogs are caught and removed from the territory the rest of the 50% will breed in larger numbers due to the fact that they will use the whole food resources available)
- An empty place after the dogs have been removed will be occupied by other ones in search of food & shelter
- Technically, logistically and financially speaking, it is impossible for the dog catching services to capture (without the help of the population and the animal protection organizations) all the stray dogs.
- There is nothing to prevent the abandonment of new dogs, nothing to hold the irresponsible dog owners responsible for the costs they cause to society and for the suffering they cause to animals.
Most dogs of breeding age on the streets are the offspring of dogs with owners or feeders.
- there is no national programm to educate people in the spirit of responsible pet ownership and compassion towards animals.

- The World Health Organization, OMS Geneva:
"The research conducted by OMS between the years 1981 and 1988 as part of the .G.F.U.N.D./O.M.S. program against human and canine rabies in developing countries revealed the fact that the programs involving the elimination of the dogs by catching and euthanizing are inefficient and expensive.”
Other numbers that prove spaying/neutering programms are more effective:
In Oradea the stray dog population was 4,000 in 2006
In 2011 stray dog population dropped to 270 thanks to the effective and humane programm.
Costs incurred to spay/neuter a dog is 14 euro (program run and funded by Robert Smith - FPCC/Dog Project Oradea, UK, in collaboration with city hall Oradea)

Why “Neuter& Return” is successful:
- Sterilization is aiming at the cause of the problems: animal birth control
- for a period of 4-5 years it is preferable to have in the area known, healthy, gentle dogs instead of an permanent flux of unsterilized, unvaccinated new dogs
- The citizens will collaborate at the catching of the dogs with the purpose of sterilization which implies a reduction of costs and an increase of the speed of the sterilization process.
- Foreign animal protection organizations supports (part) with funds the sterilizations campaigns for dogs with and without owner.
- The World Health Organization, OMS Geneva:
„the dog population control is based with priority on sterilization, vaccinations (involving registering and tagging) plus education programs and control>”, Nr.824, 19

On March 10, 2011 the Intergroup on the welfare and conservation of animals from European Parliament sent an official letter to the Parliament of Romania: “we politely and urgently ask the Romanian
Parliament, to consider the position of the European Parliament, which also represents the Romanian people, and vote in the European spirit, based on your ethical responsibility and for the only sustainable solution, based on the WHO approach of catch neuter, release programmes”.
Due to the corruption of the Romanian government, the attitude of the Romanian people towards the stray dogs is at least to say passive: A legacy of communism is that the most ordinary citizens are afraid to confront the authority and passively accept the removal and killing of their dogs.
Although in general Romanians are tolerant towards stray dogs and most community dogs are fed by compassionate people or kept as guard dogs for businesses, most people lack the money and education to care for dogs.

The corruption continues:
Mass euthanasia, applied in Romania for 10 years, has failed in the street, but has brought instead huge profits to those directly or indirectly involved in the "management" of stray dogs. The stray dogs, that incur the state no costs to live on street, are hunted by another type of mafia. Their killing, starvation, torture in the townhalls extermination camps bring profits to a “fat” business of tens of millions Euro.
The first profiteers are the dog catchers who, to not take the stray dogs protected by the people, require a "protection fee" (around 25 Euro/dog)
The local authorities (and those behind them) allocate huge budgets - just on paper, reporting fictive consumption for sheltering, feeding, sterilization, identification, euthanasia, incineration. ‘Legal’ frauds on
public money, at the expense of animal suffering, are possible by making partnerships or signing service contracts with dubious companies that require exorbitant prices, whose profit from the dog management is shared between the parties involved, and one hand washes the other.
The staff of dog shelters makes its profits by selling the dog food and veterinary medicines, that are supposed to be used for the stray dogs.
Rehoming and adoption of dogs from municipal shelters is expensive, even up to 125 Euro (in the conditions the pension, the income of many people is the same amount). The dogs are nor spayed, neither vaccined.
Such an example of fraud on public money is the NGO APAM Horez in Braila; in 2008-2009, years of budgetary restrictions, the contract with the townhall brought him a profit of over 65,000 euro, each year of contract since 2006 ending with profits, while thousands of dogs were killed, starved to death and let to cannibalize in its dogpound.

The top of iceberg is PROTAN, a controversial company of incineration. The costs of incineration per kg dead body and the transport for dogs is abt 15 euro. The reporting is often fictive so that 1 kg dead body can mean even 10 kg on paper, whith the profit 10 times increased. Therefore, considering the actual number of dogs that are at present in the street, up to 80 million of Euro could be generated only by the incineration of the dogs killed in the extermination camps – and this is only the beginning. Taking into account that the number of stray dogs is 0.5 millions and not 3 millions, as it is reported by authorities, 250 millions Euro could be gained in this first stage.

The authorities responsible with the monitoring, control, enforcing the animal protection law and managing the stray dogs are Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Directorates (DSVSA). But, occasional controls and checks (generally as the result of many complaints by citizens or NGOs) by DSVSA don’t change anything. They are ineffectual and for the most times responsible for animal cruelty.
Even if the abandoning, mistreating, torturing, killing animals are criminal offences since January 2008, the results of official investigations are normally to brush problems under the carpet or to impose symbolic, derisory fines. Such that, cruelties against animals (including those presented by mass media, horrifying the international world), NEVER were punished by the prosecutors, NOBODY has ever paid any criminal fine or has ever been jailed for cruelty to animals

Therefore, in Romania :
- even if in 2004 the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals was ratified in Romania by the law no. 60, 7 years later the article 12 of this Convention is still being ignored in Romania.
Thus dogs and cats are not identified, not registered, and there is no promoting of the neutering of the animals to reduce over-population
- thousands of puppies and kittens continue to be abandoned each year
- stray animals in Romania continue to be beaten, tortured, poisoned or killed by the tens of thousands by more or less barbaric methods in the townhalls dogpounds; Carmen Arsene © 2011. All Rights Reserved 11/11
- the owned dogs continue to be kept for years in chains, beaten, starved, deprived of veterinarian and minimum, basic care, abandoned and sometimes brutally killed by their owners.

Kind Regards,

 VIDEO: (1'30'')

Mirela Gatej , right to the point explaining  says that the abandonment of the dogs is a felony! The first man on this
video is the Mayor of Vatra Dornei asking people to come and bring
their animals to be spayed / neuter during RAR Spayathon and not to abandon them!!! Romanian Orthodox Church  has 53 bishops and 14,578 priests and deacons, of whom 13,787 receive  a stipend from the State. Romanian Orthodox Church Statistics Official  Statistics released in February 2010
Actiune de sterilizare gratuita a cainilor cu si fara stapan
ASPA da hingherilor privati 219 lei pentru prinderea unui singur caine



This dog was beaten to death..human had cut the belly too..((((((
 the certainly most "famous" corrupt Romanian big-style-dog-catcher, Flavius Barbulescu, from Brasov.

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Posted: Saturday September 14, 2013, 1:33 pm
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Marisella Tresiana (0)
Saturday September 14, 2013, 1:56 pm
DISGUSTING, INHUMAN....I am out of words...this cruelty is so uncalled for...and since you opted for it I PREFER TO BOYCOTT YOUR COUNTRY..YOUR PRODUCTS....

Brittany Reed (0)
Saturday September 14, 2013, 2:23 pm
Sickened! Total Scum they are! Poor Poor Animals, May they Rest in Peace, and May we Save the Rest PLEASE! Heartbreaking Beyond Belief.

Esperanza mayorga (0)
Saturday September 14, 2013, 2:29 pm
No a la muerte de tantos perros inocentes!!!!!

Maria Valenzuela (0)
Saturday September 14, 2013, 2:32 pm

Maria Valenzuela (0)
Saturday September 14, 2013, 2:37 pm

Tatiana T. (94)
Saturday September 14, 2013, 3:53 pm
Email sent. This madness has to stop! Thank you Anneke.

Kathy White (0)
Saturday September 14, 2013, 4:34 pm
you people are a bunch of asses,,, u really need ,, in your next life to come back as a dog,, so YOU can experience this shit,,, or maybe someone should take your sorry ass into a dark spot and do to u as u do to these,,, PUKES,

Maggy g. (46)
Sunday September 15, 2013, 3:33 am
Afschuwelijk !!!! Wat voor duivel moet je zijn om dit toe te laten !!!!!

AGLAIA vlassopoulou (0)
Sunday September 15, 2013, 3:35 am

Karen Gyles (0)
Sunday September 15, 2013, 5:25 am
ROMANIA should be kicked out of the EU for this atrocity, loosing all the benefits they gain from EU membership, until they stop this abuse and deal with the street dogs in a humane way

Donna Lober (0)
Sunday September 15, 2013, 6:14 am
Any human who has no compassion toward animals, such as this has displayed, does not deserve life or compassion for themselves either! Shame on you, savages! Treat others as you wish to be treated! You are nasty beyond compare! SHAME!! SHAME!! SHAME!! on you for torturing and killing God's creatures! GOD IS WATCHING YOU!! CHANGE YOUR WAYS NOW! This is DESPICABLE!

Sunday September 15, 2013, 8:55 am
Only if u all die all u criminals..killers of true angels-dogs...only them i will feel the justise...

Sunday September 15, 2013, 8:56 am
i want u andyour whole family to burn and eaten by my dogs...i want u to become what u really are...shit

Sunday September 15, 2013, 8:58 am
kill Flavius Barbulescu and all his friends...

Anthony Roberts (0)
Sunday September 15, 2013, 10:25 am
Kill humans..too many of them anyway

Cecilia Deutsch (0)
Sunday September 15, 2013, 10:38 am
This atrocity must be stopped immediately! We will boycott your country and Romania will be known and remembered for their barbaric acts against defenseless animals. Shame on you !

Robbert de Rouw (0)
Sunday September 15, 2013, 12:26 pm
I am outraged and tell as many people as possible how the situation in Romania is and that everybody should boycot everything and everyone from Romania.
What kind of a sick society are you anyway???
By the way, our second stray dog from Romania will arive the 7th of October, that is if your fellow country men don't kill him firtst!!!!

Robbert de Rouw (0)
Sunday September 15, 2013, 12:30 pm
Sick bastards, what kind of a sick devil are you if you are cappable of doing this to men's best friend.
Boycot Romania and kick them out if the EU!

Robbert de Rouw (0)
Sunday September 15, 2013, 12:33 pm
If you come to Holland, don't use Romanian license plates on your car, it will be torched!!!!

Theodore Z. (0)
Sunday September 15, 2013, 3:52 pm
Just like Nazi genocide.
Romania had a chance to be humane but sadly shows the true colors, a heartless, barbarous government with too many people like sheep. I realize there is a problem but there are other ays of handling it-less cruel

Past Member (0)
Sunday September 15, 2013, 5:44 pm
spay and neuter, trap and neuter, love and respect and the situation will come under control. Spend some time and money on this and it will come into balance.

Emily Rogge (0)
Monday September 16, 2013, 11:00 am
It's terrible, :s, i am out of words

if you don't love animals you don't have a heart

Sun c. (95)
Monday September 16, 2013, 11:16 am
sent emails!

Jane B. (29)
Wednesday September 18, 2013, 1:52 pm
Sent emails, thanks

zita Fogarty (0)
Monday September 23, 2013, 3:40 pm
when the human race cannot show humanity to all living things it is us who suffer and the world is a less kind place to live

Pat Savill (0)
Wednesday October 9, 2013, 4:22 am
I just cant find the words. I dont understand why in this day and age this type of treatment and behaviour is tolerated.


Anneke Andries
female , married, 2 children
Raamsdonksveer, Netherlands
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