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Sep 17, 2013

‘The personal is always political and the political is always personal’ is the pithy phrase coined by Carol Hanisch in the 1970s.

So whilst at GOLDENROOM a considerable amount of content and energy looks at the esteemed recognition and representation of cross cultural identities in public life, we many no distinction or differences from the importance of these issues within our private lives, the domestic domains of our families and even our most inner selves. The questions of having a cross cultural wedding, raising children of dual heritage, how to care for and create a cross cultural family are essentially the same integral questions whether they are asked by policy makers or mothers, or both.

The savviest know that while family can be a refuge, conflict is equally at the heart of family life. Add some aspect of cross cultural relations to the domestic domain, and suddenly global conflicts and historical enmities are being re-enacted in your lounge. Author Aisha Ashraf has joined GOLDENROOM this month to share just how macro politics and cultural stereotypes influences her cross cultural family life and called into question her deeply personal loyalties. Sarah Lee, playwright shares how growing up Mixed-race has influenced her work and her continuing intrigue into the dynamics of family life. Keep an eye out for her latest production, ‘Snakes and Ladders’.

Times have changed for Mixed–race children and most importantly the way in which experts and caregivers think about raising children of Mixed heritage has changed too. We have a short synopsis of the academic views combined with the real expert advice from parents of Mixed heritage children themselves in ‘Raising Mixed Children’.

That is not to leave out those families who may be ‘racially’ or ethnically the same but linguistically and hence culturally mixed too. So, we have explored a few myths about raising bilingual children and expounded on the brain benefits (backed up by the latest medical research) of bilingualism for young and old in our Health, Wholeness and Wellbeing article this month.

We like to back up our information resources with real, material services and so we are sure you will be delighted to learn about Scrapstores UK this month, as well as MOSAIC, both of which are essential to family life, but enriching too.

Take a step back in time and review the life of cross cultural ICON Josephine Baker or bask the resonant vocal beauty of Icelandic- Italian singer-songwriter Emiliano Torrini, whose latest album, ‘Tookah’, we are recommending this month.

Just as family life is richly layered and multi-dimensional, this issue of GOLDENROOM, with its theme of ‘Family and Children’ reflects that potent dynamism at levels both personal and political.

Kind Regards,

Dr. W.J.Tuinstra

Editor in Chief


Online Journal for Cross Cultural Relations

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Posted: Tuesday September 17, 2013, 9:01 am
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W.J. Tuinstra
female, age 43,
Garstang, United Kingdom
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