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Sep 18, 2013

Focus:Animal Welfare
Action Request:Protest

Dear all, 

A brief background of the law regarding the stray’s management for those who are not aware of it or just a remember for all those who have stood besides us all these years and have constantly made efforts to help and support us: 

In 2007 a legislative project (known to you as PL912) which regulated the management of all the dogs (strays and with owners) by neutering and returning (catch and return), which had been approved by the Romanian Senate, was blocked for 5 years by the Lower House of the Romanian Parliament. Further on, this chamber has fully and completely modified the law from „catch, spay and return” to „catch and kill”, version in which the law was voted and approved. Before it was enacted by the Romanian President, the law was contested with the Romanian Constitutional Court. In January 2012 the Constitutional Court ruled such contestation and it issued a Decision whereby it clearly stated that „the mass killing of the strays may not only be applied as a last resort, exclusively when all other solutions have been accordingly implemented by the local authorities, however such solutions have failed to limit or to eradicate this phenomenon”. As a result, PL912 was resent to the Parliament with the purpose of conformation with the Court’s Decision. Another difficult year with considerable lobby actions and projects, materials, meetings regarding the legislative implementation of the dog management program by catch, spay and return. In the hysterical social context presented and created by the media and embraced by the politicians, on  10 September 2013 PL912 was once again transformed in catch and kill all, form in which it was voted by the Lower House of the Parliament. 

On 14 September pl 912 was contested at the Constitutional Court based on the fact that it was voted and passed without it being in accordance with the Court’s Decision from 2012! The contestation was signed by 30 senators, mostly from the political party PP-DD (Dan Diaconescu) and a few senators from the other parties which chose to keep their verticality despite the instructions they were given by their political parties! 

The tragedy of the child was presented blunted: it was claimed that it had occurred on public property (not private as it really was) and the child was found 1 km away from the park where he was with his grandmother. It is unconceivable how the 4 year old child could have arrived in such location by himself considering the extremely difficult and dangerous road he had to walk, which was problematic even for an adult. The shockingly relaxed attitude of the parents, especially the mother’s, is also staggering. 

For nearly 2 weeks a war without precedent was launched against dogs and animal lovers. The people were set in an unbelievable manner against the dogs and animal lovers and the animal welfare NGOs were lynched in the media with the purpose that political objectives are indisputably achieved: the mass killing of the dogs and thus the insurance of the business which brought tens of millions of EURO to the authorities, the media annihilation of the thousands of people who protested in the streets against a cyanide exploitation of gold project in Rosia Montana, the creation of a psychoses in the population in order to ensure that the dogs would be perceived as being the biggest problem in Romania and therefore keeping a blind eye and turning the people’s attention from the real and critical problems of the country, which affect millions of people. 

This mental manipulation produces drama in Romania”: dogs are killed “as a prevention” by people who do “justice” to themselves, the shelters build by animal lover communities are wracked to pieces, the mayors which poison the strays on the streets, the dog catchers who are on the run constantly day and night to catch the strays and overcrowd them in the public extermination camps allowing the dogs to eat each other or simply kill them, the police which fines illegally anything related to a dog – either that you feed a stray, that you own dogs, that you walk a dog and this bothers others. The dog catchers aggress the people, they destroy them mentally, especially the children! The unconscionable amount which the dog catchers receive (50 Euro/per each dog head!!!) in Bucharest only for the catching and transportation of the dogs in the public extermination camps make them fight for each dog, stray or with an owner!  This is how Ecaterina Moraroiu looked like, abused by the dog catchers when she defended her dog when the dog catchers caught her dog just from her side; the dog catchers immobilized her with the cross between her shoulders and she was dragged between the cars: 

People are running with the dogs in their arms in order to hide them from the dog catchers, crowd them in their apartments which are already full of animals. The children who developed depressions because of watching and noticing how their friends are being caught. A 8 year old child almost threw himself from the 2nd floor when he heard that his friend, the stray dog, was caught by the dog catchers. 

The friendly, healthy and protected dogs, all having sad or beautiful stories, which had found a family and shelter in the animal lover communities, where they were loved, nursed and taken care of, are caught and thrown over each other in the public extermination camps.  

Tens of people wait at the doors of the shelters to adopt the dogs which were extorted from the vicinity of their homes or in order to recuperate their dogs, however in many of the cases the gates are closed and access is denied to them! 

I appeal to those of you who are able to find places for the Romanian dogs, to take what you can, helping the animal lovers you already know/help from Romania. Please, help the animal lovers with whom you are in contact to transfer the dogs protected by them from the street to temporary paid fosters, at least untill they are prepared to leave Romania to other places. 

The Romanian stray, abandoned or chased away or racked, grateful for small piece of bread a mat under a window where he can rest, near a human being, which has sadly become a part of the Romanian history, has long become a great business for the authorities. Brutally extorted fron the community which looked after him and cared for him, has now become, more than ever, the prime matter of a great Romanian industry “The Stray Business”. 

EU Commission presentation, Bruxelles, January 2013, “Stray dog situation in Romania” (5 min.):

 Wednesday, 25 September 2013, the CONSTITUTIONAL COURT WILL DEBATE PL912 and will decide between life and death! In an uncorrupted country it would be absolutely normal and predictable that the Court will maintain its position stated in the Decision January 2012. However, we do not know how big the political pressure over the Court really is! 

We ask all of you who have started PETITIONS to urgently send them, in a printed format, together with the signatures you have gathered so far, to the following address:

Curtea Constitutionala, Palatul Parlamentului, Intrarea B1, BucureÅŸti, Calea 13 Septembrie nr.2, sector 5, cod postal 050725 

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Posted: Wednesday September 18, 2013, 6:59 am
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Charlotte V. (0)
Wednesday September 18, 2013, 1:47 pm
Thank you for this information. I do have a few questions though. I have a petition on entitled :"Genocide of Romanian Stray Dogs: VOTE to Ban the Slaughter of 40,000-65,000 Stray Dogs" Can I print it out with all of the signatures and send it to the address you provided? Also, that spelled correctly?

Anneke Andries (266)
Thursday September 19, 2013, 9:52 am
yes, Charlotte, that's correct, a lot to print, but there's no email address anybody can use! The town is Bucuresti ( Bucharest), please don't forget Romania as being the country! Thank you so much , it's the only way we can try to exercise our interest in a positive manner, for the sake of so many innocent sentient beings! Thanks again, Charlotte

desanka s. (404)
Friday September 20, 2013, 11:24 pm
We all expect that Romania make the decision in accordance with European standards and ethics rules, as millions people in the world require!
Thank you so much Anneke.

Elaine Renton (0)
Monday September 23, 2013, 9:09 am
Hi Anneke . I have only just got your message but thank you for the info . My petition has 26,000 signatures so far but due to the lateness of your message , it will not reach Romania by
Weds 25th September !!! Plz would you find me an email address to send it to ?? I will also print and post it to the address you have posted xx


Anneke Andries
female , married, 2 children
Raamsdonksveer, Netherlands
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