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Sep 19, 2013

Chat with jf of Account Now on Facebook

AAA  335Madison Avenue, New York,NY 1001

  This is the Parent Company for Account Now. 

Azel, I have received approval so we can allow you access to your funds. I tried calling you but the phone number we have is not a good number. Can you please call me directly at (925)498-1830 so I can ehlp you. jf

Azel Hill Beckner

jF my phone has been canceled due to the shut off of funds. I am at the Graham Drive Community Library accross the street.


          Azel, I'm sorry your phone is shut off. You will need to call (585)456-1405 so we can have one of our representatives open the account just long enough for you to withdraw funds. I have notated your account, so as soon as you call us, we can work out something together so you can access your money. jf

           would my money be available if I can access the account?

If you reactivated my first card I could use it until the new card arrives. That seems the best choice for all concerned.


        You can go to an ATM and get $500 or if you need more money, you can do "cash back" on a purchase at a grocery store or a check cashing place that can run your card as debit using your pin#. You can get "cash back" for the total amount you have because the daily debit limit is $2,000. Simply go to the ATM machine, or the store you are going to do the "cash back" and call the number I provided you. Our rep will open the card while you make your transaction and then close it right back up. jf



There was no need to remove the card I was carrying from the active files.

Since we sent you a reissued card that was not received, the card number is out there "somewhere" so we have to close that card # in case the card is found. I do apologize for this inconvenience, but people go through garbages all the time and retrieve cards that they try to use and we do not want your funds compromised. I hope our solution will work in the meantime for you. jf

        • Representative at the Kroger market? Who is the representative?

        • The original card was not lost and was in my hand when you canceled it.


        • Yes, go to the customer service counter at Kroger and let them know you need to do a "cash back" on a purchase and what is their limit. I have seen some customers use a Walmart for $1,000 cash back, so I know some merchants allow for a large amount. jf

        1. The customer service counter would call you and get permission for me to purchase groceries at the Kroge useing my debit card?

          Can I pay my bills at the Account Now site?

        • Kroger would not need to call us in order for you to get "cash back" on a purchase at their store. If you call the number I provided to get access to your account, our representative can allow you to go online and pay bills. jf

        • Here is the accountnow account details.



    • I would pay bills at the Kroger and buy groceries and get a cash back all if the representtive allows it?

      You can call now while you are at the library and pay the bills needed, and the rep will close the card. If you will go directly to Kroger after you pay your bills, we can leave the card open for a short period of time for you to make your "cash back" transaction. Once you have completed what is necessary, we will close the card. jf



      You could leave the card open until the new card is activated like the normal account works. You do leave a card open until there is a replacement card do you not?

        • Unfortunately no, just long enough for you to access your money today. jf

    • What is preventing the complete function of my account?

      Are you closeing my account forever?


      Why was the BGMU bill not paid on time?

      • We send you a new card with a new expiration date around 3 weeks before your current card is set to expire. Your current card still works until you activate the reissued card we send you. If you do not activate or receive the reissued card, the card# is out there "somewhere" and is considered a compromised card#. We do not want anyone to obtain your card# and access your account, so we close the card# and issue a replacement card#. I hope this answers your question, and please call (585)456-1405 to access you money today. jf

        • I cannot use the card the expiration date is "thru 9/13" it should be active until I get the new card.

        • All of your questions will be answered by our rep when you call in, thx

      • The card you sent should be lacking in usefulness not the original card I possess now.

      • The card is good till the end of September. jf

        Unfortunately it is the same card#.

        • I can then go to Account Now and pay my bills or go to the Kroger and use the card for purchases?

        • Yes . jf

        • The last four digits are not the same number?



          The card will only be available for use while we have it open today for you, you will have to wait for the replacement after today, so you want to make sure you take out enough money to cover in case you do not receive your new card till Monday. You should receive it by Friday. jf



          Why do you have this restriction on my account

        • Please call so we can explain. jf


      • Can't you explain it here and now? It should be simple.


        I'm sorry Azel, I have explained it, your card# is compromised and cannot be left open for use.jf


My phone account was canceled as a result of your failure to allow me to use my account to py the bill.


My card is not compromised it has never left my possession.

How do you know it is compromised?

But since it is set to expire at the end of the month, we sent you a new one with a new expiration date. The card number is the same so since you didn ot activate the new card we sent, we do not know where that card is, so the card# is compromised. jf



        The card # is not the same!!!

        Each card has a unique number.



          The original card we reissued to you was the same card#. That card was never activated, did you receive it? Since it was not activated, we closed that card# and replaced it. jf

    • The original card you issued me is here. That is the card# I wish to use in my account until I receive a new card. That seems to be the standard procedure.

      Reissued card is not here. The original card purchased at the Kroger store is here in my hand.

      • If you could pleas call the number provided for further assistance. jf

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Posted: Thursday September 19, 2013, 9:55 am
Tags: runarroundaccountnowvisadebitcard

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