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Sep 25, 2013

To all my dearest friends

I really don't know where to put this or even how to begin.  I am fighting a spiritial battle at the moment and it all started with Romania and its animals.  I stopped praying because I believe that God created all animals, as he did humans, yet He has turned His back on their plight on this earth.  They are without sin, without a voice, defenceless against us humans, yet God does not help them.  You all have a right to your opinions, but in my last prayer I asked God to show me this one miracle in helping these animals in Romania, and then i would believe that He exists.  I have just read that we lost!!!!  Cry, cry, cry - I cannot even begin to tell you how heartbroken and devastated I am, how angry I am at God (if he exists), how angry I am at the sub humans in this country, I am angry beyond belief, and I am being totally consumed by my hatred for them.  I cannot go on after this, I can literally feel the pain and suffering these poor animals feel and will feel at the hands of savage, barbaric rubbish sob who don't deserve to be on earth.  And for my own health's sake, the less I know, the better.  So, I am taking leave of Care2 for a while, until I can gather my thoughts in a rational way again.  None of you will have any idea what impact this whole debacle has had on my life.  I am pretty sure you all feel the same - but in a way I am different, my frustration just rises because I cannot get to these wicked evil bastards and beat them back to hell. Even all our voices did not help them, shame, I just want to cry myself to death. You are all amazing, precious people and I will miss you all but I know you will continue fighting for our precious animals - take care and love all of you!



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Posted: Wednesday September 25, 2013, 6:37 am
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Gina Caracci (230)
Wednesday November 20, 2013, 8:34 pm
I feel the exact same way Leslene.. Thats why I said I missed your scathing comments at the scum who hurt the innocent, because I feel the same way. I know how horrible it hurts though, as I feel like my heart is being crushed to dust with each story and I hate that YOU feel that too. Its just nice to know that there isnt anything wrong with me and that there are others who feel the same. Thats why I sent you a friend request so long ago.. We are the same, across the world, separated by an ocean but bonded by grief for the innocent hurt by evil. In the three years Ive been on here, Ive taken 2 breaks and am ready for a 3rd. I GET IT my friend! Welcome back.


Leslene Dunn
female , single, 1 child
Cape Town, South Africa
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