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Sep 25, 2013

No one knows you like you do.  Not even your mother.  Not even your husband or wife.  Not your doctor, your therapist, your teacher or anyone else.  The answers to all of your questions lie within YOU.

You just need to learn how to bring those answers accurately out.
Emptying your mind of all that you think you already know is a very good place to start.

"WHAT?!?!?!?  I spent years learning all that I know, and I don't think I know, I KNOW!"  Did I just hear someone say that?

Well, if it's True, then it will still be True even if you put it aside for a moment, and you will rediscover it all over again.  There is no need to fear, for the Truth is always the Truth.

So, put aside all that you think you know, and put away all ideas of judgement of anything or anyone.  There is no good or bad, there just is.  Put away all thoughts of pleasure or pain.  Put away all recognition of senses.  If thoughts come into your mind, just gently brush them aside.  You're looking within to see what is there in the darkness; that which remains when all else is gone.  You are looking for that one point of stillness in which there is perfect peace.  In that stillness you will come to know God.  In that stillness, where seemingly nothing resides, all things actually do, for this is the only place that is real.  Here, all True answers are available to us.

Is this science or is this religious mumbo jumbo?  Well, hmmm...perhaps it is both! Science does not argue the existence of prodigies and prophets who have displayed the ability to access information demonstrate talents and/or knowledge which cannot be explained by current scientific understanding.  Healings, precognitions, speaking in other languages, being able to defy physical laws of gravity and other phenomena which indeed do occur.  There are many scientists who study these things, and their work is not always seen as being as valid by those who might profit from it not being so.  Much more financial support is put into research which says humans cannot heal themselves and must be healed through medication rather than nature, for instanc e, and this is absolutely not true.  How can I say that?  How on earth can one not?! invested....Crystal healings...just the idea get laughs on sit-coms, so they could not be valid so everyone thinks, but science does show that they work....Drug invested....Herbs which grow from the earth...not so much money for that....Sound healing...not much money invested in that even though science validates its incredible usefulness...Aromatherapy...again...from plants...even though science indeed validates its effective use it is publicly ignored while toxic synthetic fragrances go into every household and beauty product, in every public restroom across the country even though science itself shows it's extremely neurotoxic effect on the brain, the entire nervous system, and the endocrine and respiratory systems, as well.  Money invested in controlling the food...millions and millions and millions of dollars invested and political ties on all sides...What's going on here?  Who is the expert?  It by golly better be you!!!  What science shows and what science says do not always match!

Also, your body is self-created.  With God.  Of God.  And yes, your mom and dad were involved, but your body grew from a sperm and an egg!  Isn't that amazing?  Do you think it simply forgot?  It till knows very well how to heal!  When a finger gets cut, it does indeed heal, does it not?  Other things heal equally as well, if we give nature time and use natural ways.

Natural...what does that mean?   That means it's the way that we naturally heal!  Think back to the beginning of time....we intrinsically knew how to heal!  Otherwise we'd be extinct.  There were no drugs other than natural herbs, and there were no fancy doctors nor hospital rooms.  People did heal.  Animals also know how to heal.  Not in every case, because if a crocodile bites off your leg you might bleed to death, but guess what...there are plants which will staunch blood, such as yarrow and many others, and they are very common wherever you go, if allowed to naturally grow.  Earth is our natural healing environment.  All of earth is our emergency room!

So how to turn to the inner takes practice to reconnect with our primal roots.  I would suggest connecting to the root chakra.  This will help to connect to old connections of traditional roots.  Root vegetables help, such as beets, and low notes on the musical scale.  The color red is helpful to visualize.  Use these ideas to help you in your pursuit. we're talking about the higher functions of mind and the higher chakras...such as the third eye.  There is always inner resistance to healing, or else we'd be well.  Work with the third eye to imagine the possibility of healing as being real.  Work with the throat chakra to speak it.  Use the heart chakra to know it deep down....see how it goes?  Work with them all.  Flower remedies and aromatherapy also will help with removing blocks, as will energy work.  If you do not know what I am talking about, please refer to other entries in these messages to you.

Another thing which may help is to observe animals in their natural habitat.  It is amazing how they know what to do.  This should encourage you to realize that deep within you, you also know.  Then study and study and study as if your life depended upon what you learn.  In may ways, it does, unless you want to relinquish control.  But the good news is that it only takes enough study to awaken your inner knowing.  It takes enough to know where to turn and how to distinguish good information from bad.  

Herbs should be a part of your daily diet, either in fresh form or in reliable supplement form.  Ideally in this day and age you would be wise use both.  There's nothing so good as fresh, but it is extremely difficult to get what you need in the growing factors involved today and a myriad of issues surrounding today's food production.  It is best to take herbs in supplement form every day...good, pure, quality herbs.  Herbs match our make up. They are perfectly suited to meet all of our physical needs.  Herbs ARE food.  Your body is the best expert on how to use them.  As with all natural foods, their nutrients go where they are needed the most.  They leave no toxic residue whatsoever.  What is not used is excreted qui te simply, cleaning the eliminatory channels on their way out!  Useful to the very end. 

The last and most important thing to do is to practice as many ways as you learn.  Learn to live a life designed to serve your true nature and to keep you naturally healthy, vibrant and well.  I know, that's easier said than it's done.  But remember...the responsibility and the consequences of your choices are yours and yours alone.  

This body that you were born with is the body you will wear until you leave the physical earth.  It would be wise to take care of it.  Don't just give it whatever someone sells you to fuel it.  Make up your mind what you want to use as its fuel!  It really is true that you are what you eat, insofar as the physical make up of your body is concerned.  You may think it an extreme point of view to say natural food is the best.  You may think it's a matter of personal taste.  But you are made of this earth and there is a natural plan of which you and I are a part.  Our bodies respond in certain ways to the food we ingest.  Wisdom should be employed

You may trust the dietitians who are licensed through the State Medical Board to tell you that what they feed people in hospitals and nursing homes will strengthen the body, but do you believe it?  Be your own expert and decide for yourself. Do you think canned is the same thing as fresh?  Hold a canned green bean up next to a fresh one and it's obvious they are no longer the same, and our bodies know the difference, as well.  Where is the vitality?  It is gone.  Our bodies also know the difference between real and synthetic vitamins, organic and inorganic minerals, and it is aware of the absence of nutrients which have been stripped from food in the refining process.  Our bodies know when a foreign substance has been added in.   ;

So, on a physical level, we know.  Do we believe we are one person?  Spirit, 
mind and body connected?  Then we can tap into that knowledge.  Have you heard of Applied Kinesiology?  Some say it's a pseudo-science.  Again, decide for yourself.  It was developed in Chiropractic care and is quite often employed as an indication of the body's internal state.  It has also been used to determine what is true on a deeper level of mind. Sometimes referred to as "muscle testing," it is something which can easily be learned and used as a tool for gaining insight into what your body "knows."

Use whatever means you can to gain insight into yourself.  Study, read, talk, listen, watch, try, observe...but be your own expert.  The body gives signs through body language, symptoms, lines on the face, condition of the nails and tongue...learn some of these ways of reading the body.  Plus you can do energy readings such as in reading cards or the I-Ching.  But take responsibility and pursue your own answers.  There are a lot of people trying to sell you on some idea, often without us even knowing what their agenda may be.  Everyone has an opinion and an agenda. Find yours.  

What we teach at Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center is not often what the common culture will teach.  We teach a much more responsible way of life, which demands that you take responsibility for your own health and your own life.  Our consciousness decides who we are, and our actions.  Every thought matters in creating who you wish to become, as does every word and and every deed.  In order to be happy, healthy and secure we need to develop ourselves in certain ways.  Life becomes a challenge when you forge your own path, but do you just want to be one of the masses?  Seems to me they're having a pretty hard time.  I don't think the current system is working that most people are following.  Make your own path tow ard wellness and think for yourself!  You have a very good mind.

We teach about natural health, but we also teach spiritual principles.  We are a church, afterall.  So are we scientific or pseudo-science?  We don't get hung up on those terms!  We believe that everything was created as perfect from the very beginning, including us and our environment, and that we need to just get back to basics and stop worrying that our needs cannot be fulfilled.  We believe in the goodness of life!  We believe in the unity of spirit, mind and body, and we believe we are one with the whole Universe.  As such, we have access to all wisdom and knowledge.  Be your own expert.  You are created in the image and likeness of God!  Sure, you can turn to other sources for help, but always rely on what y ou know in yourself to be true, and do your own research if it's important to you.  You have access to all you need to know.  All healing comes from within.
Wellness always,
"Vibraceous, ND"
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

Please reference our website as source of all quotes, and please quote in context. Thanks!

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