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Sep 28, 2013

I am looking for other animal care/shelter workers and staff who want or need to talk about their experiences, and emotions associated with euthanasia of pets. Let's support each other and share ideas to reduce needless euthansias and deaths of pets in US or other countries. Remember, you matter! You are worthwhile and can become a hero!!!! I used to work at an animal shelter and have PTSD from it. Look forward to connecting with you.

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Posted: Saturday September 28, 2013, 10:18 pm
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Vanessa Fox
female , single
Phoenix, AZ, USA
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Please tell animal shelters in Arizona, Phoenix especially, that killing over 50 percent of pets surrendered to them is UNACCEPTABLE!  The Arizona Humane Society and Maricopa County Care and Control are euthanizing between 50 and 60 percent of pe...
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So many times, shelters mistakenly believe that people will not want to take home a black cat, a senior animal, or a new baby. But there are many of us adopters out there who adore black animals, elderly pets, and babies. There is no reason to euthani...
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Go to your local media-newspaper, radio, word of mouth- find friends who can house each animal. Please don't put them down. You have worked so hard to save them from this very fate!!!!
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Please go to to learn about NathanWinograd's proven no-kill solutions for every shelter!!!

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Hello my C2 Family, First let me say Thank You to those of you who have so sweetly fwd my posts. You are SO AWESOME!! I will never forget your help. Anytime I can repay the favour, please tell me. Second, my Submit button has disappeared leaving ...
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Remove Bengt Holst as Scientific Director or Copenhagen Zoo http://www.thepetitionsit bengt-holst-as-scientific -director-or-copenhagen-z oo/ Fire Bengt Holst from the Copenhagen Zoo for Having Marius the Giraffe Killed http:...
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http://www.thepetitionsit r-bile-farming-in-china/ http://www.thepetitionsit 616/ http://www.thepetitionsit e-family-members-and-not- personal-property/ http://www.thepet...
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http://www.banliveexport. com/take_action/tell-the- PM  And adapt standard letter please au/take_action/4000-sheep -die-at-sea  http://hosted.verticalres 5b/1596501154/c24191372b/ &...
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  http://www.thepetitionsit 656/  Stop Idaho's Wolf-killing Hired Gun! http://www.thepetitionsit enforcement-of-anti-dog-m eat-laws-in-the-philippin es/  More signatures please! ...

Mar 31
Message: what's going on?... by Apolonia P.
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Feb 17
Message: Petitions that stop abuse to the speechless by Aza C.
(0 comments  |  discussions ) — Can someone please tell me why petitions that want to end animal abuse,end the on going pain being inflected on the poor helpless animals. Paim that only ends when the animal dies. Is it that the 23 plus million members don't care or understand that... more
Message: Thanks by Gail B.
(0 comments  |  discussions ) — Thank you all for the warm welcome, still learn how to use the site. May the grounds you set your feet upon be blessed every step of the way. more
Feb 15
Message: My Daughter's Friend Needs Help by Cameron F.
(0 comments  |  discussions ) — This is Venus Marquez's friend, Gina Arellano. Venus is a friend of my daughter Nikka.  She seems to be covered in rashes/sores due to possibly chickenpox and needs to raise at least 200 Euros - about $275 US - to cover medical expenses. If you... more
Feb 13
Message: Free Puppy Ads In Terrifying Abundance! by Karen O.
(0 comments  |  0 discussions ) — I was so upset, when on my homepage, in the news section...there appearred, all sorts of advertisements all over, for free puppies...these are surely going to reappear in the future,  as horrific abuse cases.  What is wrong with people? Do t... more
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