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Oct 2, 2013

The irony of the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA) is that it is a Republican sponsored bill. It was created and written up in the 1990's by the Heritage Foundation. 

The AHCA was approved by insurance companies and healthcare companies as well as Big Pharma, plus all of their armies of lobbyists. This law only passed and then went into effect because of the broad support it got all the way from the committee level through the House, through the Senate and then from the President. The ONLY reason it passed is because it was supported by huge global corporations that run and control most of the US government politicians.

AHCA was actually implemented on a state level when he was a Republican governor in Massachusets. During the 2010 campaign, President Obama gave Romney credit for putting this law in place.
"Elected Governor of Massachusetts in 2002, Romney helped develop and enact into law the Massachusetts health care reform legislation, the first of its kind in the nation, which provided near-universal health insurance access through state-level subsidies and individual mandates to purchase insurance."  

This law served as the model that the national healthcare plan is based on, which is now called Obamacare. So why is there so much of this heated diatribe about how evil 'Obamacare'  is? How did his name even get into the mix, when AHCA is 100% Republican party created, written, supported, passed and now implemented?

Part of the resistance is political theater, because it was supposed to be implemented by a Republican, not a Democrat. But part of the resistance is also based on a real grass roots resistance to being forced into paying a private for profit corporation, and not having a choice or say in the matter. The Tea Party actual membership is all about not having people give up their rights, if they do not want to, especially directly to a huge for profit corporation. 

If one does not sign up for this healthcare plan, then one is fined, and/or potentially could go to jail eventually, according to some reports. It is one thing to offer a voluntary healthcare plan, but quite another to force someone to pay a private for profit company, no matter what. 

The 1% pass pretty much all laws that they want these days, through ALEC. The 1%, through their 'ownership' of politicians, mass media, military industrial complex and the marketplace of monopolies, are normalizing/legitimizing greed, avarice, and meanness, plus raping the taxpayer financially at every turn. 

This corporate sponsored and ALEC supported law raises the bar to new heights, by extracting more money from every person, not through taxes, but through transfer of wealth directly from private individuals to for profit corporations. This is a good way to maximize profits, while eliminating competition and national contracts or negotiations on behalf of taxpayers for drugs, services or standards. 

The last Medicare drug law was passed the same way, by the same companies. That drug law made it ILLEGAL to negotiate with drug companies on a national level, on behalf of consumers, basically tripling drug prices and ensuring maximum profits for huge corporations, while raping people financially. 

Basically, this law is just another in a long line of get rich quick scheme for corporations and the 1% who control them, by tarketing taxpayers all across the nation. They can now continue to pillage and transfer even more wealth to their coffers with another law that leverages their right to move money out of your wallet and into theirs. Anyone resisting will be fined and thrown in jail down the road, if they refuse to comply with the dictates of the Matrix machine of a few corporations and their minions of politicians that support them.  

A single-payer or universal healthcare plan is what most other civilized nations have and what the USA needs, in order to cover everyone. A single payer universal healthcare plan means that healthcare is treated as a basic 'right' and it covers EVERYONE. It is paid for through basic taxes that are already in place, rather than as an added monthly forced 'fee' to a private for profit corporation. 

In a universal healthcare plan, everyone who is a lawful citizen is covered automatically as a member. All citizens have a right to receive healthcare services, much like everyone has a right to breathe the air just because they are born. 

A single payer plan usually has no deductible, no co-pays, and no chance for people who are covered and get ill to be forced into bankruptcy, even if they have insurance. The poor are treated just like the rich, by the same doctors and facilities.

In the video above, David Himmelstein MD, a medical doctor from Harvard Medical School, shows the deficiencies of a for profit health plan and compares it to the single payer system in Canada. He also specifically addresses the lies and misinformation of the mass media regarding the subject of healthcare in the USA. The US is just about the only civilized country on Earth that does not provide all of it's citizens with healthcare services as a right. Even after Obamacare goes into effect, millions of US citizens still will not be covered. 

Bankruptcy today is very common in the US, and the most common reason for bankruptcy in the USA is due to medical related bills, even for those who have insurance. 

The Obamacare plan is far from reaching the goal of covering everyone. Bankruptcy due to medical bills is still a looming threat, even with this 'insurance', just because of the associated co-pays, deductibles and things not covered. There are also many 'limits' on coverage which are not talked about, that one finds out about after getting into the system and utilizing it, such as limits on the number of surgeries, etc. 

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Posted: Wednesday October 2, 2013, 11:24 am
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