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Oct 7, 2013

Everyone wants to have naturally gorgeous complexion. But they need to nurture and protect their skin to get amazing looks. You are confident only when your skin is free from the dark spots, acne and other skin issues that make it look darker. To get naturally fair and glowing complexion it is necessary to pamper your skin and treat the skin issues if any.

Here are some steps that will help you to get glowing skin tone:

1. Follow a good skincare routine:

Wash your face at night to remove the dirt, makeup and oil from your skin. You can use a makeup remover to prevent the clogging of pores. This will prevent the bacteria from spreading over your skin. Use gentle soap that help strip off the oils without making your face dry.

Use a toner to remove the excess oil and dirt from your skin. Use the cotton balls and gently swipe them over your skin. Using moisturizer would prevent the skin form getting dry and give you naturally glowing skin.

Exfoliate your skin once a week to remove the dead skin cells. Use a scrub prepared by blending sugar with the honey. Apply this in circular motion this will regulate the blood flow.

Protect your skin from sun by using the sunscreen lotions. Consider buying the cosmetic products having SPF higher than 30.

2. Prevent  Acne:

Prevent acne before it forms change your pillowcase every five days to prevent the eruption of acne caused from bacteria. Keep your hands off from the face to prevent the breakout. Tie your hair back while sleeping and get enough beauty sleep. Avoid taking stress as this might lead to hormonal imbalance and cause breakouts.

Do not prick acne; this can lead to spread of infection which might cause permanent scarring. Visit a dermatologist and get suggestions to treat it. Use face wash containing salicylic acid. Use spot treatments and avoid spreading the cream all over your face.

3. Nutritious eating and drinking water:

You should take six to eight glasses of water a day. This helps to remove the toxins from the skin and make it naturally radiant. Drink herbal tea or non-caffeinated beverages to avoid dehydration. Eat healthy diets rich in proteins, nutrients and veggies to get glowing skin. Consider inclusion of the fish containing omega-3 fatty acids, lemon that consists of vitamin C and fiber rich foods like the fruits. Reduce the intake of sugar and salt from your diet to prevent the bloating of your face. You can consider taking the multivitamins that are beneficial for your skin.

4. Skin care & dietary supplements:

Caring for skin is effective for retaining healthy skin. Avoid using the long hot showers as they strip off the oils from your skin. Smear a thick moisturizing cream that helps to prevent the skin flaking on caused from drying. Using a loofah helps to remove the dead skin cells and prevent the formation of bumps. Spread powder over the skin under arms, thighs and breasts to prevent bacterial growth and itching.

Ensure to take the soy supplements which build the collagen and protect it from damages caused by the free radicals. Take the rose hips supplements which contain vitamin C and help to boost the youthfulness of your skin. Have a nutritious food rich in multivitamins like vitamin B, C and A.

5. Home remedies for glowing skin tone:

Smear the olive oil on dry skin this acts as a natural toner which helps to moisturize your skin. Take a nourishing bath by mixing a cup of powdered milk with grape seed oil in water. Spritz water and essential oil on your skin along with rosewater to get rid of the dry skin. Peel mango and apply the pulp on your face; this helps cleaning the pores and provide you effective results. Apply the egg white to clear the scars and marks of skin if you have oily skin. Using baby oil every night helps to give you smooth and soft skin.

6. Skin Brighteners:

There are many skin brighteners that work to reduce the acne, pimples and dark spots on skin. These products contain all natural ingredients which help treating the marks and provide you effective and radiant skin. It also contains anti-oxidants which help to retain the smoothness of skin thereby provide you a natural glow. The most popular skin lightening products are cosmelan, actifade, lumnaskin and proactiv dark spot corrector.


  • Work out stimulates the blood flow and give you healthy body and skin.
  • Use cleanser, moisturizer that suits your skin type.
  • Cut the fresh papaya and rub it on your skin to get effective glow.
  • Avoid smoking this affects the skin texture and complexion.
  • If you have sensitive skin use castor oil on troubled acne spots once week. Splash with warm water, this helps to open the pores.
  • Use lighter moisturizer during summers and heavier ones during winter
  • Use a facial twice a week


  1. Never bleach without using essential oils
  2. Avoid using toothpaste or lemon juice; this makes your skin dry.
  3. Avoid using products from different brands as this can interact and cause skin infection.

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Posted: Monday October 7, 2013, 11:21 pm
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