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Oct 20, 2013

We're not all where we want to be, but we're all in the best place for right now to learn, do and serve in whatever way is best for us now; even to include our state of mind, for we are one person in spirit, body and mind.  How else are we to change if we do not start where we are?  How else are we ever to grow?  We have to take roots first and then blossom up to the sky.

So, we are born into a family, in a particular part of the world.  Maybe we're rich or maybe we're poor.  Maybe we have nature as a significant part of our lives, or maybe we're living in the big city.  Maybe we are born into a loving family, or maybe there is tension or even violence within our home.  Maybe we're born physically healthy, or maybe we're born with a huge challenge already begun.  Maybe a whole lot of things.  Everyone has to start from where they begin.

And then life goes on, and we learn about choices.  We are influenced by so many things, and sometimes we may not even be aware we have a choice.  And quite frankly, some choices may just not be a realistic option at this point in time, which might leave us feeling quite high and dry, but we're not.  We always have what we need.  No matter the culture, the family, the education, the income, health, the advantages or disadvantages of life as we view them and the constraints, within what we have, there is what we need.

And thus there is always choice.  Do we use what we have or do we complain that we do not have what we think we need?  Do we trust God or not is one way to say it, but it can also be phrased in a way so as to ask whether or not we trust LIFE?  Do we trust in our own ability to make it through?  Or do we have a defeatist attitude and simply give up?  There is a Power within us that can always win, but a closed mind is not open to guidance which comes from within.  Open your mind up to what you have in your favor right now.  Forget about what you do not have.  If you do not have it, you don't need it for your current objective at hand, which is always your Highest Good.  Perhaps your eye is not on the tools, or perhaps it is not on the right goal. 

So, if we can't see it, then the next best thing is to walk out on trust.  Start where you're at.  Don't try to jump the whole earth in one leap and bound to get to the other side, so to speak.  Simpy take one step at a time. 

First, think of your goals.  Just exactly what are they?  It's important to identify your goals in order to focus on them.  "Let thine eye be single," is very wise advice indeed.  See the God-given power within you to reach your goals.  Look through those eyes at all times.  These are the eyes of all-knowing and all-understanding which comes from a pure heart.  Let Goodness and Love be your guide, and remember that you are the expression of Infinite Goodness and Love.  This is the very essence of Life.  This is what makes everything grow.

And everything living does grow.  The flowers and all the plants grow.  Every creature grows from conception until eventually we all grow old and die.  But we don't really die, we continue on through body, in the form of minerals given back to the earth, and in mind as our soul travels on and as spirit in the love that we carry on to the other side and that which we leave in the hearts of those left behind.  Life is eternal and we are forever progressing toward our eternal goal of realizing our true Oneness again.  We are growing into that which we were created to be.  We are growing into the awareness that we already are One with the Creative Force which lives in us all.  That is when we truly bloom.

But as for now, think about that which you wish to accomplish.  To where in body, mind and spirit do you wish to move?  In what way do you wish to grow?  A plant will turn towards the sun.  Identify your sun and look to the direction in which you wish to grow. 

Change is inevitable in life.  It WILL happen.  The choices we make determine in which way change will occur.  Will it occur for better or worse?  Even if we think we don't choose...we choose. 

So if we want to turn something around in our life, we need to look at the choices we're making.  If it is our health, it is silly to say that we are already following all of the principles of health, because if we were, we would be perfectly healthy instead of wishing for health because we are not happy or feeling good.  People cling to this belief to avoid the guilt they associate with not living up to what they know is best.  It's human nature to do this, but now we are wishing to learn how to use the best of our human nature, not the worst, so it is time to admit we need change.  If we always do what we always did then we'll get what we always got.  Something has to change if we wish to change the direction in which a situation is headed.  For some reason this seems to be difficult regarding health.  Let's think about that for a moment here.

People can easily become afraid when an issue occurs regarding their health.  It's the survival instinct within us all.  But if we would use this instinct with a sense of power we'd be better off, instead of using it to only fuel fear.  Relax.  Health can be easily obtained and you don't necessarily need a fancy degree.

Focus on health.  Focus on the goal.  Do not focus on the sickness or lack.  Now think.  How do healthy people live?  What do they eat?  What habits do they embrace?  We all know the sayings about early to bed and early to rise, do we not?  We know so much of this already.  We need to focus upon the goal and then start to behave in a manner congruent with that.  What do healthy people drink?  Is it healthier to drink water or soda pop?  See?!  We KNOW!  Is exercise healthy?  How about posture?  Do we not know that our structure hurts less when we use it as it was intended to be used, kept in proper alignment?  Did our mother not tell us to stand up straight?  It's the simple little things like these which work in the end to bring about health.  Think about the air that you breathe?  Is it free from chemicals as much as possible?  Take off the synthetic perfumes and go for a walk in the woods!  Focus on health and health will improve.  Think about which herbs bring about health.  That's different from which drugs are given to manage disease.  Think about the solution and cling to that.  Trying to get over an addiction to drugs or food?  Stay out of bars, drug stores, doctor's offices, street corners, smoke-filled lounges, bakeries or the restaurants serving what you're trying not to dish up on your plate.  Instead look to the new habits that support you in reaching and maintaining your goals.  For example, instead of worrying about what not to eat focus on ways to prepare your new diet choices.  Stay out of the canned and boxed food sections and shop the produce section of the grocery store.

Money.  Instead of thinking so much about debt, give thanks when you pay every bill.  Give thanks for the services that were provided.  Think, too, about whether or not some things could go.  Perhaps the cable TV might be a good place to start.  If you have internet, you have access to all the entertainment and information you need.  What if you don't have internet?  Well, then, I think board games are very interactive and fun, as well as walks in the woods, spending time with family and friends, and going to the library to get the information I need.  I spent many years in the library and many people would be surprised at all they've got going on!  They even rent movies for free.  What if you don't have a car to get to the library?  That's a very good way to make friends.  I went for many years of my life with no car.  What if you don't have any friends?  Hmmmm....I've been there, too.  I built a church.  I don't know what you might do!

The point is to look to what you do have and start from there.  Also, as mentioned earlier, this also relates to state of mind.  Maybe you're not aware of certain things.  Maybe you are aware but you can only grow in so many areas at once.  Maybe you have different ideas about where you want to head than does anyone else, and so maybe your growth might look different from theirs.  It doesn't mean anyone's wrong.  Just start where you are and go from there.  Again, what is the goal?

Perhaps you don't have an income.  Look to the plenty instead of the lack.  Difficult at times when there's no food on the table, but then again, look to what you have.  Is there really nothing in the cupboard enough for just today or even out in the yard?  Look to the solution.  What are your skills?  What do you have you could sell?  Do you have any talent at all?  There is always work to be done in the world.  What if you are disabled and poor?  These are tough questions, I know.  I, too, though, was disabled, alone and poor, and now today I am here writing this, telling you I know that it's hard but it can be done.

In mental and spiritual realms the goals may be ones such as wishing to be more loving or to be more successful in relationships.  Again, look to the goal.  BE an expression of LOVE.  To yourself, to others...all others...and directly to your perception of God.  Love attracts love and love always starts in your own heart.  Find ways of expressing love rather than ways of finding it and it will find you.

Perhaps the goal is spiritual development and enlightenment.  Well, what do enlightened folks do?  They pray, they meditate, they help others, they tend to use sound in ceremonious and sacred ways.  Enlightened people also look to the Light and use light in their healing works.  Enlightened people are healers, if you will notice.  So I would think to become more enlightened we would need to focus our eye upon the Light.  Practice these things.  This is what spiritual development is all about.  It is also about practicing it in the world, and developing ourselves spiritually in relation to others.  It's not all about going to a mountain and living alone.  It's about bringing heaven to earth, by focusing on our spirituality while walking in a physical world.  The physical world is, after all, where we have all been planted together in this life on earth.

We're all trying to figure out how to live here together in this physical world.  We all have different ideas about why we are here and how to get by in the best way we can.  Some of us may be focused on family, some on health, and some on money and power.  But if we are to live happily together, the power needs to be used for good and money needs to be a tool for that end.

We're all at different places and we all have different priorities.  What to one may seem urgent is way down the list to someone dealing with something else.  We have issues of love, of integrity, of focus, of disability, addiction, food issues, healing challenges, relationships and many things.  Start where you are.  It's okay.  Look around, with the idea in mind that you already have what you need, and focus on the solution instead of the perceived lack.  In this way you will tap into the Unlimited Power of the Universe, God, Life, Love to help you grow towards your Highest Good.

Blessings to all for an enjoyable week of increased growth and joy!
"Vibraceous, ND"
Rev. Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

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