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Jan 12, 2014

Focus:Consumer Rights
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Location:Wisconsin, United States

Updated 1/12/2014

Yay! We did it! Facebook has finally returnefd to me my Casey Heinzism account, however as agreed it says on the account now Dana Ludeking (Casey Heinzism) so I do not have to go through the whole hoopla of proving my identity again..

Thank you all for your support and helping me!

- Dana Ludeking (Casey Heinzism(


Updated: 11/11/2013

I have waited since last Friday for them to contact me back in regards to my account they said they woulrd restore, after I told them which account to delete permantly. Since they gave me permission in year 2012 or around then to have two facebook accounts, and then someone hacks one so now they want to use the change in Rights and responsibilities as an excuse to not to restore the account or to delete one. So I spent all week archving my other account to delete it and they have still not restored the other one...  So I posted this today on my other account: 

"./c Facebook what you have done to me! You have done to yourselves. This Train don't stop here anymore!  You promised I could have two accounts. Then you said I could not, then you promised to reactivate my other account, if I told you which one I wanted permanently deleted. You did not keep your promise. So since you have now interfered with my business and friendships with your lies. I am done with you and joining boycott lists. This Train don't stop here anymore! I will miss my friends and family.. But I am not putting up with social networks that do not CARE about their members who are making themselves rich with all their little ads. It is official, I am done with facebook unless they restore my Casey Heinzism account.  Otherwise from this point on "DNatureofDTrain Casey Jones Heinzism"  is not pulling into the station and stopping here anymore. I hope and pray all my friends family and fans have a good and blessed journey in life. It's time I move on. I will miss you! Hopefully we will connect elsewhere, or facebook will reconsider and actually take action to restore my other account. Until Then as this song sings.. I am not stopping here anymore. I am moving on. " - Dana Ludeking

Thank you all for trying to help me. .. Just remember and know facebook can not be trusted.. If you aant to save everything from your facebook best way to do it is to copy paste out of your activity log. That is the only successful way I could.  As you do not get everything with their so called download a backup of your facebook data.

Again, thank you all for your time reading this and trying to help me.

As far as facebook goes.. I hope they start to lose sponsors and more members.. Because they like many other social networks forget their members are the lifeblood of their network if everyone leaves, they have no social network at all... iti s hyperactive members like myself that made them rich not only posting and resharing good content for hours a day, but also clicking on good advertisements... they like which in turn pays them.. 

Everyone else worked with me to restore my accounts, but not facebook. They just do not care about their members, or their materials.

- Dana Ludeking aka Casey Heinzism



Update: Facebook claims they will give me back my other account, but they now suddenly do not allow two accounts. So I been trying to save my timeline under my Dana Ludeking account I have everything else saved accept year 2009 and 2010 and since none of my firneds knew how to do the fan pages I have archived and deleted all my fan pages..  This has really been upsetting to me because I have used both accounts since 2012.. and made the Casey Heinzism one with permission of facebook..  So I could seperate personal family postings with business and friends..  After all of this I have come to the conclusion taht their status and timeline is the worse design on the face of this earth and their download archives of this data is false advertising as it does not download a copy of all your timeline or status messages at all.. So you can not trust that..  feature.. I tried it three times and no statuses .. father back than march.. .. So we will see if facebook gives me my other account back or not.. if not will hunt all my friends down elsheere... It is bad enough I was upset about the hacker.. But I am even more upset at facebook at this point. Everyone who values their status and timeline should encourage facebook to have a workable download tool... to save all their posts..

- Dana Ludeking/Casey Heinzism/DNatureofDTrain


Correction: fixed broken links I hope. The action is just to link my two fan pages at this time.


Thank you all for my help for that. Now, I wonder how many other artists that been a victim of a person cracking their password and stealing their accounts is not able to get their archives of their account at least.  This is not the intention to spam or solicit or market before you read any futher. This is intended to get my faceook account "Casey Heinzism" back, so I can at least archive it I lost touch with over 500 friends, and have some important messages I need to retieve from my account.

Now I need your help to help me get my  "Casey Heinzism" Facebook writers pen name account back.

I already had tried to submit my photo id explaining it was my writer's pen name and that a hacker got into my account and changed my information on me. I had just read facebook does allow pseudomyns if a person can prove their enough of a celebrity. So, I want you to all help me prove I am enough of a celebrity....

Facebook Launches Verified Accounts and Pseudonyms

That you all recognized that Im Dana Ludeking "DNatureofDTrain" am publicly known as Casey Heinzism and DNatureofDTrain as an ebook writer, article writer, street performer, and Story teller.

The First easy step to prove this is for everyone to like my Two fan pages:

Casey Heinzism Note if links do not work log into facebook and type Casey Heinzism it has my photo and lightning strike with a big tree on the cover.


DNatureofDTrain Note: if link does not work type in DNatureofDTrain it say it right on the fan page:




MY Article profile:

Where I sell my songs and ebooks:


I accidently deleted the share about name cheap ..I meant to edit it to update it but was tired...

And our Action worked on namecheap they did restore my domain name accounts, thank you for your help!, Hopefully facebook will restore my writers pen name street performers account Casey Heinzism too!..

Next possible Step.. an internet petition.

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Posted: Sunday January 12, 2014, 11:46 pm
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Yay! We did it! Facebook has finally returnefd to me my Casey Heinzism account, however as agreed it says on the account now Dana Ludeking (Casey Heinzism) so I do not have to go through the whole hoopla of proving my identity again..\r\nThank you all f...
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