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Nov 11, 2013

Hello too all who take the time too read my project
The true inspiration of my project started about 50 years ago which has transpired over the years that led me here today.
 The greatest achievement through my project that I reach is the meaning that it posses too stop our destruction of earth the sighs are among us  and too reach out and give back through quick response learn the ways it will take too work together as one creating what is present today in our world but most of all there are things of mass per portions that are the beginning of our end of life at a rate that may be slowed too stop the proses the people that I hope too reach and start the project will be not just my own achievement with your help it will be all of ours .
  I am asking for $10.000 cost related towards the projects growth too initiate my cause through the means of a narrative documentary ,  extensive researches, software, equipment,. All other avenues too reach the world through  web pages  and the hopeful recognition within my projects reach. I know through the chance from your help this will grow too reach even bigger projects ahead.
My offer Too be added in the documentary in my project offered too all the supporters if you wish too be implemented.
I would like too ad that if my project is not a success the money will still be for the proses of this campaign  and will try perusing it further if needed.


 posted an announcement3 days ago

10/09/13: Through the process of my project the relative issues directed too the facts that are taking place each day also too direct towards the larger scale of occurrences are the more destructive end result the volcanic movement that is as I described all taking form as I write I have also tried too express that what we have learned through the course I began my project each day forward the movement of volcanos floods earthquakes strong winds excessive rain hurricanes typhoons strange glows the beginning of large amounts of snow only too touch on the true picture if these occurrences continue with this pace and do add too this the things that happened with this almost exact pattern for one this should be alarming too the fact that truth is upon us and most important though you may have not believed me at the start but through only a little time and these issues are not about too stop for us but also understand that I see the biggest danger of all no one has real solutions and no course of action infarct the people in charge of many of these issues put through there findings talk about the year closer towards 2047 I guess the real question I should ask is can it Waite.


 posted an announcement4 days ago

The focus through my project directed towards the time frames and locations only touching on the fact of the many things that have transpired through only one half of the time I conveyed my first messages. Also in addition the larger focus that I am trying too convey not only through proof of the occurrences or locations of the larger scale areas also the fact that we also have began too have proof through other means bye larger scales of proportion. The only thing that I may add is that time has come today for us too try too see more towards the direction of acceptance that we have too take just for this one problem alone  through too slow the proses from excelling at the alarming rate that only will grow stronger for each moment in time that we do not try.

 Though my importance is about this project through the fact that there are many other important issues that also need all of our attention such as the  wars, starvation, poverty just touching on a few of the problems that still have equal conections tied towards the very thing the world that through time and I must add that the time it has taken for our earth too be in this state was in range of 100 years looking at it through any mathematical way sums up towards that as long as it took the creation too the hundred year ago factor = 2 things that 1 yes we have advanced but what are we advancing too and two that over the 100 years the real effect began 20 years ago there is even more too add but most of all the end result right now is we already are waiting too long and need too focus on the changes needed too slow it rather than speed it.

   Thank you all that took the time too read my project this project #1 is the path that led me too my next due too the nature of my project the seting stage was set too follow through with m y journey that led me here and forward until I have reached the true goal that can only be acomplished until my full revalation has reached out with bielief bye the people willing too see and allow the true fact that I have proved two weeks ago that is happening and will be a every day occurance forward the same paths aswell as the places I have not even touched on including my own Country.

 All I can now do is ask too fullfill the messages that are important now as soon as possible bielieve me when I say we will not have too much time too wait before it will be beyond our choice anymore that is why I have been sent too help now because of the dire sittuations that are here today.


 posted an announcement5 days ago

 I would like too take the time too thank every one who took the time too read my project and the thanks for referring it.

 posted an announcement11 days ago

Too further update the importance too the part of the world that may be hardest hit with these catastrophes are within the 60 degree north down towards the equator the possible impact greater within Asia through too Indonesia but through out the rest of the world at these points will also have effect  showing greater signs within the next two weeks.   


 posted an announcement12 days ago

The hardest part of the project is trying too find the way too allow everyone who will read this but must understand that I can not claim too be accurate but have assurances that may allow me too be within close proximity's of these important occurrences that have began within the last two week and these will occur at greater and more powerful devastations and may show even greater impact than in the past  for the next two weeks  through hurricanes flooding earthquakes sink holes and volcanic movement most hardest hit within the western regions. With all this in mind understand that I am trying too help for us too slowly prepare this though it is always happening at alarming speed and rates for us too cope along the ways of these occurrences we need too think safer ahead within the waters and all over the world too prepare for the most inevitable thing too fix the problem that began this stage of disasters and heading towards extinction if we do not exept it and begin the reversal of its direction through the help of the entire world

 posted an announcement13 days ago

Other important things that my project represents are other issues directed towards the health the wars the poverty that plague us with even further damage towards the pre-existent issues of the essence of the evolution but also how life began that brought us here of greater importance the specific things too change too reverse the path set in motion.



 .JAKARTA, Nov 4 (Reuters) - A volcano erupted for the third time in as many months on the western Indonesian island of Sumatra, forcing hundreds of villagers to evacuate, officials said.

Mount Sinabung spewed a 7-km (4.3-mile) column of ash into the air on Sunday, prompting authorities to impose a 3-km evacuation radius.

The military helped evacuate 1,293 people from four villages around the volcano, which is 88 km from the provincial capital, Medan. The number of evacuees was expected to rise.

No casualties were reported.

About 14,000 people were forced the evacuate when the volcano showed signs of activity in September. Sinabung is one of nearly 130 active volcanoes in the world's fourth-most populated country, which straddles the "Pacific Ring of Fire".


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Posted: Monday November 11, 2013, 6:29 am
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