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Nov 14, 2013

I know the economy is REALLY rough right now and that funding is very low but I would appreciate ANY help you might offer us.

I am the mother of 4 children (and 7 shelter rescue dogs). All of my children have various disabilities and delays. I survived a husband who was physically, mentally, sexually, emotionally and verbally abusive.

My oldest son, Daniel is 22 although mentally he is only about 16. He has Mild/Moderate Mental Retardation, Anxiety, Depression, Expressive/Receptive Language Disorder and Combined Type ADHD. He has hyper distended wrists, an extremely toed-in walk and slack muscle tone (hypotonia). He takes 2 medications for the psychiatric conditions.

My younger son, Damian (18) has Pervasive Developmental Disorder (Autism Spectrum), Depression, Aggression, Combined Type ADHD and Expressive/Receptive Language Disorder. He takes 4 medications for his psychiatric conditions. He attends a special education program where he receives Speech, Occupational and Physical therapies as well as Adaptive Phys Ed and Counseling.

My older daughter, Dakota (14) has Aggression, Depression, Anxiety, Combined Type ADHDand Bipolar Disorder as well as a mild hearing impairment. She has had tubes placed in her ears to improve her hearing, is in a small class and she receives Counseling in school.

My younger daughter, Amanda (13) has had delays in all aspects of her development since she was born. Her fine motor, gross motor, speech, social and educational skills have been significantly delayed. She attends a small class setting (10 students) in a school for children with behavioral problems where she receives Speech therapy as well as Counseling. She was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (Autism Spectrum), Combined Type ADHD, Aggression,  and Oppositional Defiant Disorder and has been put on 2 medications. 

I am also the "parent" of 7 rescue dogs. All were rescued from high kill shelters. These dogs are not only "therapists" for myself and my children but they provide tactile stimulation for my 2 with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Three of the four children receive SSI and so do I. I do NOT receive any cash assistance from Public Assistance for my 4th child.

We often have to go to food pantries to make up the difference in food for the month and any additional clothing the children need (and dog food) we can usually get there (when they have it to give).

I am doing the best that I can but it is a constant struggle and I myself am not well. I suffer from debilitating Migraines and take medication daily to control them. I also take medication to sleep as I suffer from Insomnia and I suffer from Depression, Agoraphobia, Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety and Panic Attacks. I take 4 medications for these as well.

My children are MY LIFE and there is NOTHING I wouldn't do for them! They have been very good this year in school and at home. They deserve So much more than I can give them right now.

I assist a social worker in th Department Of Education here in NY. I am an outreach worker for her clients who are in need of services outside the realm of her agency. I do this on a voluntary basis. However rewarding, this activity does not increase my income and so, I am coming to you for assistance.

I have fallen behind on our rent and we are facing eviction.While I am making every effort to "catch up",this means there is NO money for anything having to do with the holidays. 

Also, I am having a bit of a predicament here. My 2 year old twin niece and nephew (06/29/2010) moved in with me. Their mom and dad split up and neither has the room for them right now. 

Twins are a size 5T in clothes and they like Phineas and Ferb, Scooby Doo, Yo Gabba Gabba, Playdoh, pretend play sets, Care Bears, Barbie Fairytopia and anything musical.

My oldest son, Daniel Jr., is a size Men's 3XLT in shirts and pants (38) and a size 13 in shoes or sneakers.

My younger son, Damian, is a size Men's 4XLT in pants (42) and in shirts and a size 13W in shoes or sneakers.

My oldest daughter, Dakota, is a Women's S or M in shirts and pants (Women's 3 or 4) and a size 9 in shoes and sneakers.

My baby daughter, Amanda, is a Women's 1x in shirts and pants and size 9W in shoes and sneakers.

As far as toys go, they would love anything they received. They love arts and crafts sets, hand held video games, card games and building sets. They love WWE Wrestlers, Monster High, Pokemon, Teen Disney, anything that will play music (like portable radios), educational PC games, kids DVD movies or kids CDs. They would love new quilts and sheets (Queen and Twin size) for their rooms too. 

We recently had a sewer backup in the basement where my boys sleep and where we stored our bedding and winter clothes. Most of the kids' winter clothes and bed linens (blankets, pillows, sheets, quilts, etc.) were damaged by water containing feces and urine. On top of this we have had mold and mildew on the boys' bedroom walls. So we could also use clothing or bedding gift certificates. 

Also food gift certificates and any dog food would be GREAT!!!

Anything at all would be great and REALLY appreciated!!!

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Posted: Thursday November 14, 2013, 5:53 am
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