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Nov 15, 2013

*URGENT*:  Tell Your Representatives to Block Dirty Coal

Big Coal lies about black lung.  Make them pay!

Sen. Warren Supports Mandatory GMO Labels!  Now She Needs to Tell the FDA!

Ask Congress to vote against giving Pres. Obama Fast Track Trade Authority and insist that Congress fulfills its constitutional mandate to write the laws and set trade policy  (The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a global trade agreement being secretly negotiated by 600 multinational corporations and industry trade groups)  Don't Fast Track this Disastrous Trade Agreement!

Crush Ivory Trade!  Tell Congress to Save Elephants and End Ivory Trafficking in U.S  

Take Action by clicking here or

Other alerts at Animal Welfare Institute

Tell former Senator Blanche Lincoln:  Stop lobbying for Monsanto.

 I-522 would have required the labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods in Washington State.  The final votes are nearly in and I-522 looks to have been narrowly defeated.  Corporate intersts won in Washington State but we can still win in D.C.

***These are from Kate K,  Barbara V & Sudeshna***


Stop butchering dogs in Serbia

Stop Turkey's dog massacre law

Stop the cruel death of cats in Minsk, Balarus

Stop killing dogs with shovels at the Mihailesti animal shelter, Romania

Stop the man who abuses animals on NY streets for money

This Petition is from Rhonda W

Poor little blind Chihuahua 'Piglet' was left in an extremely hot apartment all alone for 3 days with no food or water by his foster mum - Rachel.  On her return she found the poor little soul dead and what did she do....put him in a garbage bag and dumped him in the neighbours garbage bin!!!!  Please sign the petition below to bring justice for this atrocious crime against him, he is no longer here but this evil woman must be punished for what she did to him!!   Justice for Piglet

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Posted: Friday November 15, 2013, 4:27 am
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