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Dec 5, 2013

Name:Nelson Mandela
Type:Memorial (for the deceased)
To Honor:Individual(s)
Location:, South Africa



        Today we mourn the passing of a great Light in our world

                        Madiba - Nelson Mandela dies at 95



                            Thursday December 5, 2013, 2:58 pm

Madiba, a symbol of hope and reconciliation will forever Light the way within the hearts and minds of humanity. Nelson Mandela's legacy is profound and far reaching. His extraordinary life has touched lives around the world. Madiba will be celebrated by generations to come !


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Posted: Thursday December 5, 2013, 3:05 pm
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Rosemary Rannes (644)
Thursday December 5, 2013, 7:48 pm
Official Statement on the passing of Nelson Mandela

Greeting my relatives, friends, and supporters:

It saddens me to hear that a great man like Nelson Mandela
has departed from this lifetime. He was a man who was truly
inspirational and showed us the possibilities of how a continued
struggle by indigenous people could manifest itself in levels of
freedom that have been marred by centuries of oppression.

Our Native people suffered the same types of oppression many times.
It is not as overt and as easily distinguished as in some places;
however, if you are dead because a policeman shot you, or dead
because you could not stand the racial and cultural genocide, so you
committed suicide-- you are just as dead either away. Nelson Mandela
is known for leading the struggle against apartheid in South Africa.
America talked about ending apartheid and put sanctions on South
Africa. Not being all that adept at the English language, it is
my understanding that (apartheid) means to keep someone apart
from something; my people have been kept apart purposely from
the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota. There was, and still are,
measures that keep us apart from our true history, perpetrated by
an education system that limits the truth of our being. Right now,
here in America, right now in Canada, right now in South America,
there is apartheid that seeks to separate us from our sacred places,
our lands, and our resources. Right now in Canada Native people
are struggling to protect their aboriginal lands from fracking
which destroys the water tables and disturbs the natural balance
of the Earth. Right now with an apartheid mentality, they seek
to build pipelines across Native lands that have the potential of
great ecological destruction. Right now there is an apartheid that
seeks to separate us from the protection of the constitution of
the United States which says treaty law is the supreme law of the
land; which also says you have a right to an unbiased fair trial;
which also says you have a right to a jury of your peers. Right
now our young Native people are tried as adults THREE times more
than other groups and kept apartheid from their families and kept
apartheid from competent legal representation.

I could go on and on, but you can see where I am heading with
this. The struggle from apartheid, I am sure, is not over in South
Africa, nor is the struggle against apartheid and slavery over in
America. We must all consider Nelson Mandela an inspiration, but I
am also inspired by the least of our people who stand up for what
is right, like the young man or young woman who peacefully mans a
roadblock against developers or fracking companies or some factory
that hurts our air. While I am at it, in all this chaos, I also
want to remember a brother by the name of Wanbli Tate who tirelessly
championed the rights of indigenous people through radio programs,
writings, and the internet, to bring attention to the wrongdoers
represented in government and corporations.

We have lost a lot of our people in their last years, and again
I remember my brother Russell Means who was also tireless in his
efforts in trying to bring about an end to this American version
of apartheid that faces Native people.
In the spirit of all those who have gone before us in this struggle,
I would like to say stay strong and NEVER, NEVER give up.

Your friend always,
In the spirit of Crazy Horse,

Leonard Peltier
Mitakuye Oyasin

Join us as we fight for the freedom of Leonard Peltier!

Friday December 6, 2013, 2:31 pm
Today the world has lost one of the finest men it has ever known. Nelson Mandela has died. We shall never see his like again, though his legacy will roll down the centuries for all time. He will live in my heart forever. The greatest Love and Respect to you Madiba; be at peace, for your work is done and the fight is won.



Madiba teaches wisdom, throughout Universe each day.

He teaches personal freedom in his own especial way.

He teaches not to judge, nor bitterness to hold.

His goodness wraps around you, as if a lamb within the fold.

He talks the talk, and walks the walk, each day of his life.

He’s fought the fight, and won his way, throughout all the strife.

He holds his head up high, with dignity his shroud,

And now he holds his hands out, to the ever gathering crowd.

His goodness and his kindness, his unwavering strong belief,

Never falters, never alters; from “his book”, let’s take a leaf.

A shining true example of truth with balance combined,

For his footsteps never falter, as he tutors all mankind.

Now as his steps grow slower, and his sight begins to dim,

Let’s follow his example, for we owe so much to him.

So let us all continue, with the work our hands can do.

Forever walking forward in his shining light so true.

© copyright Rosi Caswell July 2008

Rosemary Rannes (644)
Monday December 9, 2013, 11:29 pm

Ben Oscarsito (344)
Friday December 6, 2013, 6:14 am
Message from The Nelson Mandela Foundation, The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and The Mandela Rhodes Foundation;
It is with the deepest regret that we have learned of the passing of our founder, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela – Madiba. The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa will shortly make further official announcements.
We want to express our sadness at this time. No words can adequately describe this enormous loss to our nation and to the world.
We give thanks for his life, his leadership, his devotion to humanity and humanitarian causes. We salute our friend, colleague and comrade and thank him for his sacrifices for our freedom. The three charitable organisations that he created dedicate ourselves to continue promoting his extraordinary legacy...

To Offer the Nelson Mandela Family Condolences go to>

Rosemary Rannes (644)
Monday December 9, 2013, 11:36 pm
Rosi thank you so much for sharing your poem about Madiba with us. Recognizing his inner Light, his generosity of Spirit, his unconditional Love for humanity and his realization for reconciliation without racism has changed our world forever. South Africans will tell his story for generations to come. Your poem shared here with all of us inspires us to go on, to take up where he left off, moving forward. I am honored you shared your profound expression of love honoring the most amazing man of our time, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Truly Tata was the Father of a Nation - a Global Nation !


Rosemary Rannes
female , married, 2 children
Salem, NH, USA
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